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Light Up the City With Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Street Lights


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Many of us have experienced walking alone at night on a dark street, thinking that it would really be helpful and comforting if there were street lights to illuminate our path. During times like these, we realize how essential lights are and how oblivious we’ve been to the benefits of these lighting products.

However, despite how useful street lights are, they are not efficient because they consume more energy. Traditional street lights will increase your electricity bill as they do not use renewable energy. Instead, they draw power from the main power grid. On the other hand, solar street lights gather energy from the sun while providing the same level of illumination.

Over the years, people and organizations slowly realized the bad effects of traditional street lights. This made them switch to solar powered street lights, whether for their own use or in public areas like building facades and parks. The ultimate reason behind this is that these solar powered street lights are more environmentally friendly than those that use energy from power grids to provide illumination.

Ecoshift Corporation is your partner in building a brighter and safer world for all of us. We are one of the most complete lighting suppliers in the Philippines, and we offer highly efficient solar powered street lights and other solar lighting products that give the same bright illumination while reducing environmental harm.

Integrated Solar Street Lights vs. Traditional Solar Street Lights

Before making the switch to solar powered outdoor lights, you must be aware that there are two types—the integrated solar street light and traditional solar street light.

Integrated solar street lights are more modernized and innovated. They have been gaining popularity nowadays because of their compact, stylish, and lightweight design, which allows them to be easily installed on poles or walls.

These solar powered street lights contain all the components in one single unit, and some of them have motion sensors, as well. This motion sensor helps reduce light pollution as it automatically dims the light when no activity is detected. Compared to traditional street lights, which provide bright illumination even when there’s no movement, integrated solar street lights are much safer for the environment.

Traditional solar street lights, on the other hand, use similar components as integrated ones. However, their parts come in separate pieces. Since the solar panel has a separate unit and controller from the LED and battery, it can easily be adjusted depending on the direction of sunlight to absorb maximum energy.

Another difference is these lights are equipped with lead acid batteries. This type of battery requires a battery box attached to the pole or buried underground near the pole to prevent it from overheating.

In traditional solar street lights, the light and solar panel are placed on top, and the battery is at the bottom. This type of build requires the use of long cables to connect both parts. In the end, the overall installation cost of this is 40 to 60% higher than the integrated ones.

Philippine Lamp Posts and Other Components of Solar Street Lights

You will notice different kinds of lamp posts in the Philippines, especially on highways and bigger national roads. While these are all in compliance with the roadway lighting guidelines of the Department of Energy, some smaller streets, especially private ones, are allowed to install their own lighting system.

If you are planning to do so, it is best to have some knowledge of Philippine lamp posts and the other components of solar street lights.

A common solar street light has five parts. First, it has a solar panel assembly. This is where the raw solar panel is attached, and it is comprised of a mounting bracket and hardware. This part has to be durable in order to withstand extreme weather conditions and other external factors.

The second part, the battery assembly, only applies to traditional solar street lights. It is a battery box attached at the bottom of the pole or buried underground. This holds the battery used to power the light.

The third part is the light control. This component ensures that your solar street light is working properly and the battery never goes down to zero. It also detects the charging voltage and output to the solar street light.

The fourth part is the fixture mounting bracket, a piece of metal that places your light a few feet away from the pole. This can be straight or have an upsweep, depending on where you want to direct the light.

The last part is the pole itself. It holds all the parts and acts as the foundation of the whole lamp post. This can be made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass composite, or concrete.

When buying a solar powered street light, be aware of the materials used for each part to know if the product you are purchasing is worth your investment. Better yet, connect with a trusted supplier like Ecoshift to ensure that you install the best and most efficient lighting product for your street.

How Much Are Solar Lamp Post Prices in the Philippines?

Solar street lights will never be complete without lamp posts. They are fundamental components of a reliable light source, and many factors affect the price of solar lamp posts in the Philippines.

The first factor is the size and height of the pole. This affects the price since more materials are used to create higher and thicker poles. It is also good to note that a pole’s height is important as it alters how light is distributed. For roads with a higher speed limit, taller poles are required to disperse light adequately.

The second factor depends on the style and whether the pole has a lifter. Commonly, lamp post styles are straight, double-armed, or single-armed. Some customers also request special designs like ornamental poles, which are, of course, pricier compared to generic styles offered.

The third factor is the type of solar powered street light you will be using. For integrated ones, poles are expected to be sleek and compact. Meanwhile, if you are using traditional ones, the poles you ought to use can be a bit bulkier since they will contain long cables to connect different parts.

Lastly, the brand of the pole used will also affect the price. However, it is best to consult with an experienced lighting supplier when choosing products since not all branded poles are better than generic, affordable ones.

Types of Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Powering different lighting products using solar energy is indeed a big game changer for the lighting industry. With this technology, many manufacturers created eco-friendly versions of essential products.

Aside from solar street lights, there are other solar powered outdoor lights that people rely on every day. Here are some of them:

Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are often installed in sports fields, concert grounds, and other big outdoor spaces. They basically flood a vast area with artificial light, making them your best option for enhancing building facades.

This type of solar powered outdoor light is also a good source of illumination in parking lots since it can provide comfort and security to those walking to their cars alone at night.

Solar Lanterns

Solar lanterns are efficient emergency lights. They are composed of three parts: the photovoltaic (PV) panel, storage battery, and lamp itself.

A solar lantern operates by converting solar energy into electrical energy through the PV panel. Afterward, this energy is stored in a sealed battery and can run the lamp for about four to five hours.

Solar Pathway Lighting

Aside from streets, pathways along commercial and residential buildings must be lit to prevent accidents. Solar pathway lighting is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way of illuminating your surroundings.

You can also place small solar lights in your garden to create a welcoming and cozy ambiance. Other people even use them in landscape design to add beautiful accents to their outdoor areas. Through solar energy, you can freely add decorative lighting anywhere without worrying about your energy bill shooting up.

The Many Benefits of Solar Powered Street Lights

Using solar powered street lights to light up the whole city will create a good impact on the environment, as well as the people and wildlife living in it.

The first benefit solar street lights give is they allow you to save money. Because of solar technology, solar products are cost effective and only require an initial investment. Afterward, you will no longer worry about paying for extra energy consumption. They might be pricier at first, but in the long run, their performance and reduced need for maintenance will spare you from wasting cash. Moreover, setting up electric poles for traditional street lights is quite expensive compared to integrated solar powered street lights that can be bought from your trusted supplier.

The second benefit of using solar street lights is you can depend on them even during blackouts. Because these products store energy from the sun, they do not require electricity from the power grid to operate. On top of that, they are also considered a safer choice because they won’t easily catch on fire since they do not have electrical wiring inside.

The third and most important benefit of solar street lights is they help reduce your carbon footprint. Since they use renewable energy from the sun, they only consume what’s already there and do not need to generate electricity from nonrenewable fossil fuels.

How To Find the Best Solar Powered LED Lights

If you are wondering how to find the best solar powered LED lights, there are some things you need to do.

First, make sure you properly research the solar LED lights you want to buy. Consider learning about their technical specifications to determine what best suits your lighting needs. This includes researching battery capacities, solar panel types, and kinds of motion sensors.

Second, avoid settling for cheap solar powered products. Remember that you are investing in the technology itself and the benefits that come from it in the long run. Thus, it would only be appropriate to spend more upfront. Cheap products may save you money at first, but they will cost you more when they malfunction.

Third, always consider partnering with a trusted and experienced lighting supplier. With them on your side, you are confident that you are getting the right specifications. Furthermore, some suppliers like Ecoshift offer free installation to their customers when they buy in bulk from them.

Partner With The Most Complete Solar Powered Street Light Supplier

Ecoshift Corporation is a lighting fixture supplier in the Philippines with over 70 product categories to choose from. You can rely on us whenever you have lighting projects as we have our products in stock 24/7.

On top of that, we offer free delivery services to customers located within Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, and Davao. If you reside outside these areas, a minimal shipping fee will be charged.

When you buy solar powered street lights from us, you can also expect superior warranty policies and 24-hour after-sales service, where you can connect with an Ecoshift representative who will address your questions and concerns.


The world we live in will be a much better place once we start investing in solar powered products—from lights to gadgets.

If you are a part of an organization assigned to light up different streets, highways, and roads in the country, consider using solar powered street lights from Ecoshift. Feel free to contact us today, and we’ll gladly assist you!


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