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Lighting can make or break the whole appearance and atmosphere of an area. It can affect its mood, and in some cases, it can even create an illusion, making a room appear bigger or smaller. So, whether you’re decorating your home or office space, it is important to consider the lighting fixtures you should use.

There is also a thing called lighting ergonomics which pertains to the relationship of a person and the source of light in the area they inhabit. This greatly affects the productivity and well-being of people. Thus, it is vital for everyone to learn about it before looking for electrical fixtures to install or use for their next project.

For interior lighting, fixtures that emit bright light can liven up any space. They are best used for places like shopping centers, kitchens, living rooms, gyms, and office spaces. Meanwhile, if you want to establish a calming aura in particular areas, dimmable light fixtures are your best option.

Moving on to exterior lighting, picking a proper lighting fixture can make a big difference. More than adding beauty to your façade, it also brings safety and security to the environment. Direct lighting fixtures like tube lights illuminate dark places well, helping prevent accidents and add security.

With that said, if you’re looking for lighting fixture and housing ideas, feel free to browse Ecoshift Corporation’s previous designs. We are a leading lighting fixture and housing supplier in the Philippines, and we can provide you with superior lighting products, depending on your needs.

Why You Should Invest in Lighting Fixtures and Housings

Believe it or not, lighting fixtures and housings are worth investing in. They are often overlooked when you set a budget for your residential or commercial renovation. However, they give benefits that you can appreciate in the long run.


Establishments that are equipped with hundreds of lights consume a lot of power every day. Thus, their energy bill eats up a huge chunk of their money monthly. LED lighting fixtures are energy-efficient and consume less than the typical incandescent and fluorescent lights. Those who opt to use the former will definitely save more.


Places with little to no lighting are prone to accidents and danger. Investing in quality lighting fixtures and housings can prevent these things from occurring. A simple LED bulb placed in a housing cage can brighten up the entryways of houses and business establishments, saving you a trip to the emergency room when accidents happen.


Encasing light bulbs in durable housings is without a doubt a good investment. You can rely on these metal sheets and domes to protect your light bulbs from any temperature changes, outside debris, and other external circumstances. Furthermore, these housings require little to no maintenance aside from the usual dusting and cleaning.

What Makes Ecoshift Different From Other Electrical Fixtures Suppliers

There are a lot of electrical fixtures suppliers that can help you with your lighting needs. Here at Ecoshift, our partnership does not stop once we deliver your products. It goes beyond that. We value our customers and the projects they are building.

24-Hour After-Sales Service

Making an exceptional product is good, but providing excellent after-sales service is just as important. Ecoshift offers round-the-clock after-sales service just in case our customers have queries or if they need to verify certain things. This gives us the opportunity to ensure customer satisfaction when they purchase any lighting fixture or housing from us.

Wholesale LED Prices

Unlike other companies, Ecoshift is a direct-to-source wholesale manufacturer. Meaning, we sell our products in bulk with various discounts. Customers who are building or renovating houses or other spaces that may need a supply of electrical fixtures can definitely save up when they buy more from us.

Nationwide Free Delivery

When you buy your lighting fixtures and housings from us, you can get free shipping as long as you’re located within Metro Manila and Calabarzon. A minimal shipping fee will be charged for locations outside those two, but, of course, you can always contact our sales representatives for shipping discounts.

Superior Warranty Policy

Once a customer accepts their order, the warranty starts. Ecoshift offers one to five years of warranty, depending on the item. If the customer is not satisfied or has specific complaints, they may submit a warranty claim to an Ecoshift Representative, and we’ll look into it to address their concerns.

High-Quality Products

Here at Ecoshift, we take lighting seriously. With our experience, you can be sure that we will offer superior lighting products suitable for your lighting needs. We have over 1,000 products you can choose from, so you can rely on us if you have big projects coming up.

Ecoshift’s Lighting Fixture Projects

Ecoshift has worked on successful lighting fixture projects with different companies and facilities. Get ideas from these previous designs and let them inspire you to partner up with us so we can make your dream lighting projects come true. Here are some of them:

PLDT Head Office


PLDT, one of the leading telecom companies in the Philippines, entrusts its lighting fixture and housing needs to Ecoshift.

We have supplied them with over 500 units of LED Linear Light 24W, 200 units of Beehive Housing 6” with LED Bulb 12W, 10 units of LED Spotlight 2x3W, 10 units of LED Spotlight 3W, and 15 units of LED T5 Tube Light 18W. These were used to light their training rooms and lobby.

Mang Inasal Fast Food Chain


Mang Inasal is a popular fast-food chain in the Philippines. They have several branches nationwide, and they tapped Ecoshift to supply and install their fixtures, housings, and other lighting products.

They ordered 75 pieces of fixtures with 12W LED Bulb, 18 pieces of LED Panel Lights 18W, 6 LED Flood Light 50W, and 6,000 pieces of LED Module Light to brighten up their restaurants.

Ansaldo Logistics Incorporated 

When Ansaldo Logistics Incorporated built their new office, they brought in Ecoshift to take care of their lighting fixture and housing needs. We provided them with end-to-end services—from supplying and installation to support and after-sales service. Several LED panel lights and louver housings were used to light their offices, conference rooms, lobby, and warehouse.

Robinson’s Land Warehouse Project

 robinsons warehouse project

Robinsons Malls is owned and operated by Robinsons Land Corporation. It has been considered one of the most popular and successful malls in the Philippines.

Each of their shopping centers is built by accomplished architects, engineers, and construction firms. And to make sure they are equipped with high-quality, durable, and efficient lighting, they partnered with Ecoshift. We supplied them with 165 Industrial LED T8 Tube Light 18W Daylight units and another 165 units of 1×40 Industrial Housing Aluminum Reflector for one of their warehouses.

Wellington Flour Mills Warehouse


To improve their work environment and increase productivity, Wellington Flour Mills, one of the largest flour producers in the country, hired Ecoshift to supply them with 6,800 units of LED tube lights and 500 units of LED flood lights for their new product warehouse.

Since 2012, we only had a 2% annual replacement rate, proving that we have provided them with the highest-quality products and services.

Lighting Fixture Types for Your Next Project

Before ordering lighting fixtures for your next project, it is best to know all your options. Some are used for ambient lighting to illuminate majority of the area where they are placed. There are also accent lighting fixtures that are used to bring out certain focal points of a room. Moreover, task lights assist people in finishing chores, and they are used in areas where people usually work or do activities.

These are a few reasons you shouldn’t only consider the aesthetic value electrical fixtures add to your space. They come in different shapes and sizes, and each one has its own function.


If you want to make a statement, you can never go wrong with chandeliers. These fixtures are often large and glamorous and can be modified according to the design you are going for. They are used to highlight the focal point of an area and are commonly installed in living rooms, dining rooms, lobbies, and patios.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights mainly consist of a light source, a suspension from the ceiling, and a light bulb. They add an extra accent to any space and are also a good choice if you want to have just the right amount of illumination. Usually, they are hung from the ceiling using a cord, rod, or chain and are placed in kitchens, living rooms, and office spaces.

Solar LED Lights

These types of lighting fixtures are eco-friendly and are often used for exterior lighting projects. Since they generate energy from the sun, you wouldn’t have to think about where to plug them. They are fairly easy to install, and they add a nice touch of illumination to landscapes, pathways, decks, and pool areas.

Track Lights

When entering establishments, you often see a series of light fixtures mounted in a metal rod structure illuminating signage. These are called track lights. They are highly customizable and can be pointed in different directions all at once, depending on what you want to illuminate. Oftentimes, they are also used in museums and art galleries since the track heads can be angled to highlight each piece.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are permanently mounted into walls and are often seen in corridors, stairways, and ramps. Every establishment should have one just in case of a power outage or other unforeseen event. These lighting fixtures are rechargeable, and they automatically turn on when the power goes out, providing enough light for people who are leaving or walking around the area.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are the most common lighting fixtures used. This is because they can be installed directly into the ceiling without any cord or suspension. They give out soft ambient lighting that can be used to illuminate a portion of a room properly. As for the placement, they are spaced throughout the ceiling and can be arranged depending on what pattern you want. They are simple and versatile enough to give your space a minimalistic and modern look.


Spotlights create a pool of bright light that can be focused on a single spot. They are commonly used as a task light since they directly light up an area where someone is working or doing activities. Spotlights are commonly confused with flood lights. To differentiate the two, always remember that spotlights form a narrower beam of light that cannot exceed 45 degrees. On the other hand, floodlights can make a beam of light up to 120 degrees.

Why You Should Work With a Lighting Fixture Supplier

Adding the finishing touches, like lights, to your house or commercial space by yourself is indeed exciting. However, it is best to work with a lighting fixture supplier like Ecoshift so you can get professional advice for your project. We are here to make sure that behind the beautiful lighting fixture and housing you have is an effective lighting system.

Turn to a Trusted Lighting Fixture Supplier

Ecoshift Corporation is a credible and dependable company that can help you with your lighting fixture and housing needs. You can easily contact us by visiting our website, and we’ll gladly assist you with your next lighting project. Rest assured that we will give you high-quality products that can serve you for years.


Consider everything we listed above before starting your next lighting project. Most people may overlook them, but you now have the key points to look for when shopping for your lighting needs.

If you are still unsure of what lighting fixture and housing you want to use, you can always turn to Ecoshift for our expert opinion. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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