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Solar Road Lights: Helping You Increase Driver Visibility and Enhance Pedestrian Safety


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The streets are relatively safe at night for both drivers and pedestrians. However, this only became possible because roads are now properly illuminated with high-quality lighting fixtures. Along the sides of streets and highways, there are streetlamps with beams shining downward to increase visibility. In the middle of major roads, there are also studs that guide motorists and help keep them within their respective lanes.

Installing road lights on public roads is the duty of the local government. That, however, might not be the case in private areas, such as subdivisions and business complexes. If you own commercial spaces like these, be sure to install an adequate number of street lights around your perimeter. Buy these fixtures from us at Ecoshift Corporation. We are a trusted lighting store, so you can rest assured that we will provide you with the highest-quality products. Contact us today for more information.

What Are Solar Road Lights?

As the name suggests, solar street lights are installed to keep roads illuminated. They are essential to helping people feel safe from harm within a community. Without these fixtures, there’s a high possibility for road users to experience accidents or become victims of crimes. By increasing the visibility in the surrounding area, road lights can help everyone have peace of mind. Drivers can rest assured they won’t crash into another car. Meanwhile, passersby can feel at ease, knowing they won’t get hit by a vehicle.

The grinding of road highways, a crucial maintenance procedure, ensures the upkeep of smooth and safe driving surfaces, promoting optimal road conditions for motorists. Simultaneously, the installation of road lights further enhances visibility and safety, particularly during nighttime travel, providing essential illumination to guide drivers and reduce the risk of accidents.

There are at least two major types of solar road lights in the Philippines, and both serve a unique purpose. Here’s how they differ from each other:

Road Studs

Also called “markers,” road studs are tiny light fixtures affixed in the middle of major highways and wide two-lane streets. They are composed of various parts, which usually include an LED light source, two-way reflectors, and a solar panel. Since they protrude on the road, there’s a high chance they can get rolled over by cars passing by. To prevent them from getting crushed by the weight of the vehicles, they are often encased in a hard shell made of aluminum.

These markers are essential, especially at night. When it’s dark outside, these fixtures illuminate the middle of the road and guide vehicles to stay in their lane. In a way, they help prevent collisions, crashes, and other car-related accidents.

Street Lights

The lamps you see on the sides of the roads are called street lights. At night, they are switched on to improve the visibility in the area. As a result, pedestrians can see the path they’re walking on, so they don’t trip or get caught in accidents. In many cases, these fixtures also help deter crimes because they help enhance surveillance in a place. People who are up to no good will now think twice about committing anything illegal because there’s a high chance someone might see them.

Of course, street lights are essential for motorists as well. These fixtures help illuminate the surroundings, so drivers have a clear view of the roadsides. As a result, they can avoid accidentally going out of their lane and crashing into someone or something.

Why Are Solar Road Lights Preferable Over Traditional Ones?

If you are purchasing road lights in the Philippines, it’s wise to choose solar-powered options. They have a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Eco-Friendly – The best thing about solar lights in the Philippines is they don’t cause any harm to the environment. They use renewable energy to keep the bulbs switched on. If you’re conscious about nature, it’s a good idea to use solar-powered fixtures.
  • Cost-Effective – Solar street light prices might be quite high compared to other options. However, you can rest assured you’ll incur some returns on investment in the long run. Fixtures with solar panels don’t need to be connected to a power source, so you don’t have to pay high energy bills every month.
  • Long-Lasting – Solar road lights are both durable and long-lasting. They can function for many years without sustaining any damage, provided that you perform proper maintenance on them. Since you can use them for a long time, you don’t have to worry about purchasing replacement bulbs every now and then. In the end, you get to save a lot, too, because you use solar-powered lighting fixtures.
  • Widely Available – Fixtures that use solar power are no longer hard to find. Today, you can buy them at any trusted lighting store, such as Ecoshift Corporation. If you ever need solar lights, be sure to contact our team.

Where Can You Find Top-of-the-Line Solar Road Lights in the Philippines?

Solar street light prices in the Philippines vary depending on several factors, such as size, brand, and brightness. If you wish to get your money’s worth, be sure to purchase your fixtures from trusted lighting stores like Ecoshift Corporation.

Our company offers top-of-the-line solar road lights in the Philippines. By choosing us, you can rest assured you’re only getting high-quality fixtures that meet the strict standards of the industry. Do not hesitate to browse through our wide range of products to see if anything piques your interest.

What Solar Road Light Products Can You Purchase?

If you get in touch with us at Ecoshift, we can offer you a wide range of solar road light fixtures to choose from. Here are just a few of the items available at our lighting store:

LED Road Stud (Solar-Powered)

This product is powered by a super-bright anti-fog LED chip, so it’s visible for at least an 800-meter distance despite its size. The light source gets energy from a single crystal silicon solar panel. If you purchase this item, you can affix it onto roads to help guide motorists as they travel at night. Because it’s made of cast aluminum, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged even when it gets rolled over by heavy vehicles.


Solar road lights are installed along the streets to increase visibility at night. In a way, these fixtures are essential in keeping the community safe and secure. After all, they are crucial in helping both motorists and pedestrians see their surroundings more clearly at night. As a result, they don’t get into accidents or become victims of crimes while they’re driving or walking.

If you wish to purchase solar street lights, it’s best to partner with reliable shops, such as Ecoshift Corporation. Our company is a trusted store, and we have had numerous clients in the past that can attest to the quality of the products we offer. We can provide you with different kinds of solar lights in the Philippines, so feel free to get in touch with our team if you wish to place an order.


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