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The Importance of Lamp Poles for Your Street Lighting Project


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Adequate street lighting provides communities with a wide range of benefits. Drivers and pedestrians can take advantage of increased visibility, which allows them to navigate streets better. They can also see possible hazards in front of them and avoid accidents, injuries, or property damages.

Street lights also provide a greater sense of security in public areas, such as parks and shopping centers. Establishments in the area can ensure the safety of their employees and attract customers even after dark. Some studies have shown that good lighting can even help reduce crimes, such as vandalism and theft.

If you want a good street lighting system, you need the proper materials for your project. You must remember that the durability of the lamp pole is just as important as the quality of the light fixture. By installing structurally sound poles, you can ensure that your street lights will last a long time.

Whether you need large lamp poles for your industrial facility or decorative poles for your garden, you can rely on Ecoshift Corporation to provide you with the highest-quality products. Our lamp poles are made of the finest materials, which allows them to withstand the weather conditions in Manila, Philippines and other parts of the country.

What Is a Lamp Pole?

A lamp pole serves as the base of your street light fixture. It is typically composed of three main parts.


This component is buried underground to ensure the stability of the entire structure.


The body typically refers to the base and the entire length of the pole. This section supports the weight of the lighting fixture and other attached components.


The top half of the lamp pole is where the lighting fixture is attached. Depending on its style, it can also include a mounting arm and various decorative elements.

What Are Lamp Poles Used For?

Lamp poles are used wherever street lights are required. These two products always work hand in hand to provide outdoor spaces with adequate illumination at night.


The most common application of lamp poles is for road lighting systems. These lights are spaced evenly along small roads and large highways to ensure proper visibility for motorists. Lamp poles used in these areas must have appropriate heights to provide the right amount of brightness for all kinds of weather conditions.


Lamp poles are essential for intersection lighting so that motorists on all sides can easily see what’s ahead of them. These lights are typically installed at intersecting roads and roundabouts to make road features visible. With adequate lighting in these areas, drivers will be able to see turning vehicles, oncoming traffic, and pedestrians who may be crossing the street.


Street lamp poles are also used to mount lights that illuminate crosswalks and mid-block crossings. These lights make pedestrians and the crosswalk itself visible to motorists. Proper lighting in these areas also allows people walking at night to find safe crossing points around them.

Bike Lanes

For paths that are specifically for cyclists, shorter lamp poles are needed. According to Brandon Industries, fixtures in these areas must be mounted closer to the ground so that the light is more directed on the path. Proper placement of these street lights reduces glare and allows cyclists to see better at night.


Street lights used for sidewalks and footpaths need highly durable lamp poles because these fixtures ensure the safety of pedestrians. With the right kind of lighting, individuals can see and avoid possible hazards on the ground, such as loose stones or holes and cracks in the pavement.

Transit Stops

Lamp poles can be used to mount lights above designated transit stops. People waiting at the stop can feel more secure because of the added visibility. The lights can also draw the attention of people who may not know where to find these transit stops.


Street lights don’t necessarily have to be used along roads. They are also utilized as functional design elements in commercial and residential spaces. Some lamp poles even have intricate designs to beautify areas, such as parks and gardens.


Lamp poles can be used to mount lights around building entrances. These can help make doorways more visible to people on the property and increase the safety of the area.


Street lamp poles are used around the perimeters of private properties to mount security lighting. For community spaces, such as plazas, these lights can be used to highlight the boundaries of the property and bring attention to areas beyond the space.


Large outdoor areas that are difficult to navigate can benefit from lights mounted above maps and directional signages. Fixtures mounted on short lamp poles can provide enough illumination for these information boards.

Focal Points

Lights mounted on lamp poles can help illuminate focal points around a certain space. These street lights are perfect for bringing attention to sculptures, fountains, bridges, and other structures that may serve as landmarks for pedestrians exploring the area.

Architectural Details

For places with a lot of history, street lights can help accentuate unique aspects of a building or space. The lamp poles used for the lighting system can also add character to the area if its design matches the structures around it.

What Are Lamp Poles Made Of?

Lamp poles are made of various materials depending on their applications. Commonly used materials include concrete, wood, brass, iron, copper, ceramic, and glass. At Ecoshift, we only offer lamp poles made of the highest-quality aluminum and steel.


This metal has several characteristics that make it ideal for lamp poles. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions. If it is manufactured with a protective coating, it can even last up to 50 years without damages. Another unique feature of this metal is its recyclability, which makes it perfect for those looking for eco-friendly options.


Steel is a popular metal to use for lamp poles because of its durability and strength. This material is often galvanized to further increase its resistance against rust, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. The zinc coating used in the galvanization process also allows the steel to have a much longer life span.

What Are the Types of Lamp Poles?

Lamp poles come in a variety of styles to meet the requirements of any street lighting project. Some products are specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing, while others serve a more functional purpose. At Ecoshift, we offer various types of lamp poles, such as the following:


The first step to finding the perfect source of illumination for your indoor or outdoor space is selecting a reliable lighting company that offers the items you need. Everything else will eventually fall into place as these organizations usually have professionals who can provide you with advice regarding your purchase. They may offer installation services.

Fortunately for you, Ecoshift Corporation offers all of these and more. Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding what we can do for your upcoming lighting project. Feel free to get in touch with us today for more information.


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