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LED lights have come a long way, revolutionizing the lighting industry and continuously improving over time. In fact, switching now from your conventional lights to LED lights can provide you with numerous advantages. These include saving up on energy costs, helping the environment, reducing bulb maintenance, and enjoying high-quality lighting in every part of your home.

There are various LED light providers to partner with, and you must choose a reputable one among them. This will save you time and effort, as well as money since you can trust that their items are not fake or prone to damage.

Ecoshift Corporation is one of the top lighting suppliers in the Philippines. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality LED lights nationwide. As such, we thrive on establishing open and clear communication with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.

What Products Do Top Lighting Brands in the Philippines Offer?

Leading LED light companies in the Philippines often provide the following lighting products to their customers:

Ceiling Fan With Lights Philippines

In need of both a ceiling fan and a lighting fixture in your space? There is no need to buy these two separately when you can have a ceiling fan with light. Aside from cooling down a room, it provides a striking accent feature that can attract your guests.

Here are other benefits you can get with a ceiling fan with light:

  • Excellent Light Distribution – By hanging this product in the center of the room, it becomes the primary light source and evenly distributes the light.
  • Energy Efficiency – Because it has a built-in LED light, you can save more money as it uses at least 75% less energy than its incandescent counterpart.
  • Decorative Appearance – Many prefer a ceiling fan with light due to its modern look and feel, creating a striking and welcoming appeal, especially when placed in an open-concept main room.

Ceiling Lights Philippines

Ceiling lights are luminaires directly fixed on the ceiling and provide overall illumination for the space. When installing these products, keep in mind that the ceiling is a vast expanse of space with great potential when used for your lighting plan. It’s more than just a reflective surface in your room; it’s a creative canvas onto which you can add another layer of visual interest.

Because of this, it’s more effective if you use ceiling lights in different ways. The key to perfectly utilizing them to your advantage is understanding the three main lighting types: ambient, accent, and task. This way, you determine their purpose and where they should be placed.

These are the various types of LED ceiling lights in the Philippines that you can install for your home:

  • Panel Lights – Because they provide smooth and faultless illumination with no apparent spots, these lighting fixtures are ideal for installation on suspended grid ceilings.
  • Pendant Lights – These lighting fixtures, also known as drop lights, hang down on a rod or chain from the ceiling. They give off a look as if they’re suspended like a pendant on a necklace.
  • Chandeliers – Are you aiming for sophistication? This attractive hanging lamp is made of intricately carved branches and several LED light bulbs that add a hint of elegance to every environment.
  • Recessed Lights – These lighting products are wonderful choices for those who prefer softer lighting in their homes. Recessed lights are often installed in a hole in the ceiling, so they don’t protrude when they’re properly mounted.
  • Track Lights – Do you want to show off your exquisite artworks to your guests? It would help if you considered track lights for your lighting plan as they add a decorative ambiance to a section of your home.

LED Downlights Philippines

The light source of this product is directed downwards to illuminate the area below. Because of the design, a downlight is often recessed into the ceiling, showing only a small part of the fitting.

downlight is also ideal if versatility is your top priority in your lighting design. You can install downlights in all parts of the home to provide ambient lighting, highlight artwork pieces, and serve as an in-fill light over a kitchen island. When layered strategically with other lighting fixtures, they help add illumination.

Ecoshift Corporation has collaborated with different companies to provide them with LED downlights. Here are some of our projects that highlighted these items:

Acienda Designer Outlet Mall


The Acienda Designer Outlet Mall offers a terrific shopping experience as well as excellent selfie possibilities for anyone interested in taking a picture at any of their renowned spots.

Ecoshift Corporation has signed a partnership with Acienda Designer Outlet Mall to supply them with LED lights that showcase all of the prominent brands they sell at discounted prices. We also included warm lights in the design plan to create a nice ambiance within the mall.

Top Shopping Mall in Manila


Creating a lighting plan for a shopping mall is very important because the luminaires must create an environment suitable for retail and leisure.

Ecoshift Corporation has partnered with one of the top shopping malls in Manila and offered approximately 12,000 LED downlights and 5,000 T8 LED fluorescent tube lights. All the LED lighting fixtures used for the project were approved by famous lighting designers and architects to meet the mall’s objective of constantly serving its increasing customer base.

Street Lights Philippines

Did you know that lighting is also advantageous to people’s safety, particularly at night? Street lights are one example of this. They provide several major benefits, such as strengthening security and helping increase an individual’s quality of life by improving their safety.

Driving at night has been proven to be riskier, especially between 7 PM and 8 AM. In fact, 40% are believed to have had serious and fatal injuries while driving during these hours.

National Highway


The safety of pedestrians, drivers, and other individuals on the streets was one of the main priorities of Ecoshift Corporation’s project for one of the national highways of the Philippines. As such, we decided to showcase our 120W LED Street Light and install it at different road sections.

The 120W LED Street Light (6500K Thick Module Type) was designed to outshine its popular high-pressure sodium-based (HPS) counterpart for outdoor lighting applications. It has a 3-layer light source of high brightness LED SMD with a built-in die-cast aluminum alloy material and a color temperature of around 6000 to 6500 K.

Explosion Proof Lights Philippines

If your company operates in hazardous environments, particularly with explosive gases and vapor, you must install explosion proof lights. These lighting fixtures are designed to contain sparks, which can ignite flammable and combustible gases. However, they are not impervious to explosives; rather, they can prevent external explosions from occurring.

An explosion proof light is often encased in a thick frame, usually constructed with a sturdy material like steel or aluminum. It can also be equipped with highly durable lenses to withstand harsh working conditions and prevent cracks.

Shopping Mall Project


Because Ecoshift Corporation provides LED lights that are safe, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, a top shopping mall in the Philippines asked us to supply them with lighting fixtures. Their newly constructed building was made to provide more places to hang out and offer entertainment.

Aside from the installed ceiling lights, the company included LED explosion proof lights in their plan to make sure that the shopping mall and the people gathering there will be safe from potential harm.

Common Factors To Consider When Choosing a Lighting Store in the Philippines

Warranty Policy

A proper warranty policy is one approach to assure product quality. This demonstrates that an LED lighting provider is completely confident in its products and will aid consumers if the items they receive are damaged.


Consistency is key! That is why if you’re looking for an affordable LED lights supplier, make sure that they treat all their customers fairly and deliver quality products. One way to know this is to search for customer testimonials and product reviews. This way, you get to see if they live up to their name and services.

Years of Experience

Verify how long the company has been working in the industry. If they have been providing LED lighting products for five to ten years, it means that they already have experience assisting customers with their lighting needs.

Installation Process

One way to know how they get things done is to contact them and ask for a quote. Doing this can help you determine how they develop strategies for your lighting plan. Additionally, this will give you an idea about their processes and work ethics.

Maintenance Services

What if the LED fixture you bought from a light company suddenly got damaged when you’ve only been using it for five days? Can you still ask for a replacement or repair? Although a supplier might offer a warranty policy, you must still check if they provide maintenance services to quickly resolve this kind of issue.

Top Lighting Brands

Do your research on the top lighting brands in the Philippines. Once you have listed all of them down, determine how much every product costs and calculate if the total fits your budget. Don’t forget to consider the quality so you don’t end up underspending.

However, if you’re still undecided, turn to Ecoshift Corporation today! Whether you’re just researching ceiling light prices in the Philippines or looking for potential lighting products for your project, you can contact us to assist you.

What Sets Ecoshift Apart From Other Lighting Stores in the Philippines?

Superior Customer Service

We always establish open communication with our clients and business partners to correctly determine their lighting needs and meet their requirements for the project.

Prompt Delivery Services

We offer free delivery services for all customers residing in Metro Manila, Calabarzon, and Davao. Additionally, we have a warehouse pickup option available if you’re nearby.

High-Quality Products

All our LED lighting fixtures are made of high-quality and durable materials. We also consistently inspect every item before packing them for delivery to assure our clients.

Knowledgeable Staff

Ecoshift Corporation has a team of lighting designers and professionals who can assist you in choosing what looks suitable for your space.

Wholesale Prices

Our products are always sold at wholesale prices, and we assure you that you get the most out of your money when you buy them for your lighting project.

Rely on Ecoshift Today When Looking for Top Lighting Brands in the Philippines

Ecoshift Corporation is your go-to company for your LED lighting needs. Wherever you are in the Philippines, we can surely provide you with a wide range of LED products for your home, office, or business establishment. Aside from that, we have a team of experts to turn to if you have inquiries about your lighting plan.

Feel free to get in touch with us today! We look forward to hearing from you.


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