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Where Can You Get High-Quality Steel Poles in Manila, Philippines


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In one way or another, streets would look incomplete without the steel poles installed along their sides. At night, the lighting fixtures attached to them illuminate the way and improve security in the whole area. In the morning, the lamps are turned off, but the poles themselves still serve as a lovely backdrop and provide some sense of aesthetic appeal to the place.

High-quality steel poles, as well as the lights that are attached to them, are necessary to keep streets safer, especially at night. After all, walking or driving alone on a dark road with the only illumination coming from your phone or your car’s headlights can make anyone feel anxious. If you are looking for a steel pole supplier, contact us at EcoShift Corporation. We offer lamp posts and other lighting fixtures in Manila, Philippines.

What Do Steel Pole Suppliers in Manila, Philippines Do?

Wooden poles used to dominate the streets many years back. However, even though they were made of durable timber, they still suffer from deterioration and bug infestation. In the long run, they caused accidents and sometimes even harmed people when they started reclining because they were not strong enough. Soon, they were replaced by more robust alternatives, such as steel poles.

Steel poles are, without a doubt, more robust and longer-lasting. They also require less maintenance because they cannot be infested by termites, weevils, and other wood-boring insects. Government officials, as well as private individuals who want to install streetlamps in a certain area, only have to speak with a lighting company and a steel pole supplier to get the material that they need.

The role of the steel pole supplier is to provide you with the right option that suits your needs. Based on the information that you provide them, they can recommend which among the products that they offer is the best for you to install. In many cases, they can suggest the right height, shape, and even the color of the steel pole that you may want to erect on a particular area.

If you are searching for a steel pole supplier in Manila, Philippines, EcoShift Corporation can help. We can provide you with top-of-the-line products that fit your requirements. Contact us today to learn about the items that we offer.

What Do Steel Pole Suppliers in Manila, Philippines Do?

By speaking with a steel pole supplier in Manila, Philippines, you can choose from the wide range of products they offer. Some of the options that you will be presented would be:


LED Lamp Post/Pole (Bracket Type – Single Arm)

This lamp post has a 10-feet steel pole. Its height can be adjusted to up to 25 feet, depending on your needs. It has a 10-inch base plate that is attached to the ground using anchor bolts and hex nuts. If you wish to purchase this product, feel free to get in touch with us at EcoShift Corporation.


How Do Steel Poles and Street Lamps Work?

Many people wonder where streetlamps get their power when the cables are not visible at all. It is not hard to understand how this happens, though. The wires that supply electricity to the bulb run underground. The steel poles where the lamps are mounted are hollow, so the cables can be inserted inside and attached to the bulb’s receptacle.

This kind of setup is beneficial because it protects the cables from outside elements. If they are visible, they might get damaged and cause problems when somebody touches them accidentally. The wire might be live, so the person who gets in contact with them might be electrocuted.

You might also be wondering if there is a master switch that can be flicked to turn the lamps on and off. In many cases, there is none. Instead, the bulbs automatically turn themselves on at night and then off again in the morning. A light-sensitive photocell is installed on each lamp. The photocell detects whether light around the area is low. If so, the lamp will turn on.

Are There Any Alternatives to Steel Poles

Aside from steel, there are other materials that can be used for poles where streetlamps are installed. Here are some of the most common examples:


Cement poles are undoubtedly strong. They are pretty heavy, however, and they take a while to erect compared to other options. Additionally, they are mostly not hollow inside, so overhead cable lines are the only way to bring power to the lamps attached to them.


For low-cost alternatives, fiberglass is an excellent option. They offer plenty of benefits too, such as resistance to corrosion and insect infestation. If properly maintained, they can last for about 15 to 20 years. The problem, however, with fiberglass poles is that they are too light. They cannot be too tall because they might fall down with a strong gust of wind.


If you want a long-lasting option, aluminum poles are a good choice. Given proper maintenance, they can last for up to 50 years. They are not entirely rust-proof, but they will not decay if they are cleaned every once in a while. Like fiberglass and steel poles, they are hollow, so the power cables can be inserted inside and attached to the bulb.

Advantages of Steel Poles Over Other Options

Steel poles have become one of the sought-after options when it comes to installing lamp posts in a particular area. This is because of the fact that this material, compared to its alternatives, offer plenty of benefits, such as:

They Can Last for Many Decades

Steel is made by combining carbon and iron, so it can be inferred that it is robust and cannot easily be damaged. Poles made of this material are incredibly long-lasting, too, because they can last for up to 80 years if they are properly maintained.

The main problem with this material is its tendency to decay and rust, especially when they are exposed to some elements, like water and dust. This becomes a huge issue for poles because they can only be installed outside. However, steel poles do not decay because they are made of galvanized steel, which prevents them from corroding.

Here at EcoShift, the poles that we offer are made of galvanized steel. This means you can rest assured that the products you will buy from us will not decay even if they are exposed to rain and sunshine all day long. Contact us today if you wish to check out the items that we offer in our company.

They Are Not Too Heavy and Not Too Light

What many people do not know is that steel poles actually weigh less than their wooden counterparts. The primary reason for this is the fact that they are hollow inside, unlike wooden poles, which are solid. Because they are lightweight, steel poles are easier to install compared to other options. However, even though they are not too heavy, they are still not too light that they can easily be toppled down by a gust of wind.

If you are searching for a steel pole supplier in Manila, Philippines, contact us at EcoShift Corporation. We are a company that offers high-quality lamp posts and other lighting fixtures. Get in touch with our team today if you wish to learn more about the products that we offer.

They Can Be Adjusted

Lamp posts need to be tall enough to prevent them from getting hit by vehicles that are passing by. However, they should not be too high that they no longer illuminate the area that they are supposed to light up. To solve this problem, these lamps should be attached to steel poles that are adjustable.

We have a wide range of steel pole products here at EcoShift Corporation. All of them have adjustable heights that start at 10 feet and can be extended to up to 25 feet. For more information about the adjustable steel poles that we offer here at our company, do not hesitate to contact us today.

They Are Environment-Friendly 

The other materials used to make poles can cause damage to the environment. After all, plenty of trees need to be cut down in order to install wooden poles around a wide area. Fiberglass poles are not environment-friendly either because they are primarily made of plastic. When they start to wear out after 15 to 20 years, there is a high possibility that they will just end up in the dump.

No trees need to be cut when making steel poles. They also last for more than a few decades, which means they do not contribute a lot to the local waste production. Additionally, even if they start to wear after about 70 or 80 years, the material used in making them can still be recycled and reused.

EcoShift Corporation is your trusted steel pole supplier in Manila, Philippines. We can provide you with high-quality products that you can install around a particular area. Contact us today to learn more about the items that we can offer you.

Guidelines for Installing Steel Poles

Check with your local government for specific rules that may apply regarding installing lamp posts around your property. In the absence of such guidelines, you can simply follow these tips:

  • If you are illuminating sidewalks and bike lanes, the height of your pole should just be around 15 to 19 feet. For main roads and wider streets, taller steel poles are needed.
  • The poles should not be too far apart but not too near either. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the distance from one pole to another should be about three times its height. If you have a 10 feet pole in place, the next one should be about 30 feet away.
  • Focus your lights down to the ground to avoid light pollution, which harms wildlife and people. As much as possible, use steel poles with arms because they can be used to direct the beam downwards and prevent light from scattering.


Steel poles offer a wide range of benefits, so they are among the most common options when installing lamp posts. Additionally, there are specific guidelines that you must follow when erecting these poles to maximize their potential and prevent them from causing problems. If you are searching for high-quality steel poles, be sure to get in touch with a reliable supplier.

EcoShift Corporation offers top-of-the-line lamp posts and steel poles in Manila, Philippines. If you need any of our products, be sure to get in touch with us. Contact us today to learn more about the items that we can provide.


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