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Airport Apron Lighting Project

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Clark International Airport is one of our loyal clients. We have completed several lighting projects for them, and this time, they requested our assistance once again for their new phase’s airport apron lighting needs. And since Ecoshift Corporation is an expert in providing exceptional lighting services, we have provided Clark International Airport with the best airport apron lighting solutions to help them become a premier gateway for Central and Northern Luzon.

An airport apron is where aircraft are parked, refueled, boarded, and maintained. Also, it is where passengers and their baggage are loaded and unloaded. Due to those purposes, an airport apron necessitates adequate lighting to help the apron staff do their tasks correctly and assist pilots when taking the aircraft in and out of the desired parking position. Furthermore, having sufficient airport apron lighting gives the passengers waiting at the gate a feeling of safety and security. With all of that importance, we have recommended Clark International Airport to use our airport apron floodlighting products, specifically our industrial LED floodlights in 400W.  

Our LED floodlights are ultra-bright luminaires suitable for wide outdoor spaces. They are broad-beamed and can emit extensive illumination needed for airport aprons. Also, their high-intensity artificial lights can fill up a whole space uniformly and ensure an even flow of light essential for the apron of Clark International Airport’s new phase.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Airport Apron Lighting

Ecoshift Corporation’s eco-friendly airport apron lighting products are made with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. We use LED technology for all our airport apron lights. That is why they have different benefits that our clients can enjoy. Here are some of them:


Ecoshift Corporations’ LED lights for airport aprons are worth the investment as they provide sufficient and excellent illumination without consuming so much energy. Unlike the traditional options and other brands, our airport apron lighting solutions emit high-intensity lights while only requiring lesser electrical consumption, thanks to the LED technology! Because of their cost-efficiency feature, Clark International Airport can save on electrical costs!

Durable and Long-Lasting

We built our airport apron lighting fixtures with aluminum housing and tempered glass. They are also rated IP65 and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, such as torrential rains and extreme heat, making them the most functional and suitable lighting solutions for the apron of Clark International Airport’s new phase. Aside from that, our products allow users to cut costs on their maintenance bills because they do not need regular replacements as they can last for over 50,000 hours!

Extensive and Premium Light Quality

Our airport apron lighting products have extensive and premium light quality. They have a 120° beam angle, enough to light a wide area like airport aprons. Additionally, even though our airport apron lights produce high-intensity lights, they are still comfortable for the users. And with their top-notch illumination performance, visibility, safety, and security are now guaranteed in the apron of Clark International Airport’s new phase.


We at Ecoshift Corporation are committed to providing every Filipino with nothing but the best LED lighting products! So if you are looking for high-quality airport apron lighting solutions or working on an airport apron lighting project, go straight to the source, Ecoshift Corporation! And if you want to learn more about our exceptional services, check out our other lighting projects. Contact us and request a quote today to get the best deals on our airport apron lighting products. Switch to Ecoshift Corporation now!

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