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Taxiway Lighting Solutions for Clark International Airport

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 taxiway is a path that connects runways with aprons, hangars, terminals, and other facilities. Aircraft use taxiways to travel from one place to another, and because of that, they require sufficient lighting. Additionally, taxiway lighting helps ensure that both flight crew and pilots follow the correct taxiway routings, especially at night and with low visibility. But just like in any lighting application, a taxiway lighting implementation also requires a reliable lighting supplier and installer like Ecoshift Corporation!

For over 11 years now, we have been manufacturing, supplying, and installing various LED lights for industries in the Philippines. And one of our favorite clients is Clark International Airport which requested our assistance for their taxiway lighting needs. Clark International Airport aims to become a premier airport in the Philippines by constantly improving its facilities. Because of that, we provided them with our premium taxiway lighting solutions and completed the application in July 2022. Here are the different taxiway lighting products we have supplied and installed for Clark International Airport:

LED High-Mast Lights

One of the best taxiway lighting solutions we suggested to Clark International Airport is our LED high-mast lights. We have supplied and installed them with 324 units of LED high-mast lights that can emit broad illumination for large open areas such as taxiways. With the high-intensity lights of our LED high-mast lights, airports can prevent taxiway accidents! Additionally, to complete the installation of LED high-mast lights, we also supplied them with 26 sets of motorized poles.

LED Obstruction Lights

Ecoshift Corporation supplied and installed 52 units of LED obstruction lights for Clark International Airport. LED obstruction lights are essential in airports as they eliminate traffic accidents by alerting pilots to potential danger. Because of their bright lights, our obstruction lights for taxiways can ensure safety during flight and taxiway parking. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Taxiway Lighting

Ecoshift Corporation’s eco-friendly taxiway lighting products are made with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. We use LED technology for all our taxiway lights. That is why they have different benefits that our clients can enjoy. Here are some of them:


Our LED taxiway lights provide high-quality and sufficient lighting without consuming too much electricity. Because of LED technology, our taxiway lighting solutions perform much better than other brands. But above all, our LED taxiway lights allow aviation industries to save on their electrical costs!

Durable and Long-Lasting

Our taxiway lighting fixtures are meticulously supplied and built with high-quality standards. They are dust-tight and protected against water jets from any angle because they are rated IP65, making them suitable for outdoor applications! Also, our taxiway lights can last up to over 50,000 hours, allowing aviation industries to cut costs on their maintenance bills. 

Expansive Lighting Coverage

Ecoshift Corporation’s taxiway lighting solutions provide expansive lighting coverage needed in taxiways. Also, they can reduce shadows, making taxiways more convenient to navigate by pilots. And with their energy efficiency, durability, and premium light performance, our taxiway lights are definitely worth the investment!

We at Ecoshift Corporation are committed to providing every Filipino with nothing but the best LED lighting products! So if you are looking for high-quality taxiway lighting solutions or working on a taxiway lighting project, go straight to the source, Ecoshift Corporation! And if you want to learn more about our exceptional services, check out our other lighting projects. Contact us and request a quote today to get the best deals on our taxiway lighting products. Switch to Ecoshift Corporation now!

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