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30th SEA Games: Sports Event Lighting Project.

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Aside from lighting residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects, we at Ecoshift Corporation also deliver high-quality LED lighting solutions to monumental events in the country like the 2019 SEA Games! Ecoshift Corporation was granted the opportunity to be the official sports event lighting partner of this much-awaited event. This partnership allowed us to showcase our top-notch LED products. Additionally, this sports event exhibited our country’s economic prowess and global competitiveness.

The 2019 SEA Games, officially known as the 30th Southeast Asian Games with the theme “Philippines 2019: We Win as One”, is a biennial regional multi-sport event held in the country from November 30 to December 11, 2019. This edition of SEA Games is historic as it is the first major decentralization, with competition venues being spread in 23 cities across the country, divided into 4 clusters, all located in Luzon. Ecoshift Corporation supplied sports event lighting solutions to the Rizal Memorial Basketball Coliseum in Metro Manila, one of the venues of the 2019 SEA Games. Here are the different LED lights for sports events that we installed for the 2019 SEA Games. 

LED Floodlights

LED floodlights are high-intensity sports event lighting fixtures. They are broad-beamed and can emit extensive illumination to large sports venues. Additionally, these high-density luminaries can ensure an even flow of light. They also filled up the whole space of the Rizal Memorial Basketball Coliseum uniformly, allowing athletes to have adequate visibility during competitions.

LED High-Mast Lights

As part of the sports event lighting needs of the 2019 SEA Games, we have supplied them with high-quality LED high-mast lights. These sports event lights are like LED floodlights. They are ultra-bright and can provide extended lights while reducing shadows. Furthermore, our LED high-mast lights are the best indoor sports event lights for indoor venues like Rizal Memorial Basketball Coliseum since they can be elevated above ground level. With that, these luminaires can reduce ground-level obstructions and provide consistent lighting needed by the athletes. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Sports Event Lighting

Ecoshift Corporation’s eco-friendly sports event lighting products are made with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. We use LED technology for all our sports event lights. That is why they have different benefits that our clients can enjoy. Here are some of them:


Our sports event lighting solutions helped the country save operational costs for the 2019 SEA Games! Unlike the traditional options and other brands, these sports event lights can function more efficiently without consuming much electricity. Moreover, these luminaries can provide uninterrupted illumination to sports venues as they have a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours!

Highly Durable

Our sports event lighting products are highly durable since they are meticulously manufactured and built with high-quality standards. They also have high IP ratings, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor sports venues. Additionally, since they do not consume too much energy, they are more likely free from breakage, making them the safest sports event lighting solutions!

Impressive Illumination Power

One of the best features of our sports event lighting fixtures is their impressive illumination power. These luminaires can provide sufficient visibility and even distribution of lights in any indoor or outdoor sports venue. And even though they emit high-intensity illumination, they are still comfortable for the eyes of the athletes, juries, and audience!

We at Ecoshift Corporation are committed to providing every Filipino with nothing but the best LED lighting products! So if you are looking for high-quality sports event lighting solutions or working on a sports event lighting project, go straight to the source, Ecoshift Corporation! And if you want to learn more about our exceptional services, check out our other lighting projects. Contact us and request a quote today to get the best deals on our sports event lighting products. Switch to Ecoshift Corporation now!

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