10 Types of Solar Powered Outdoor Lights You Should Invest In


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The invention of something as simple as a light bulb has been revolutionary for everyone. With a single light bulb, a lot of tasks can be done even at nighttime and in places that natural sunlight cannot penetrate.

Traditional lights like halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent are capable of giving illumination through consuming energy from power grids. Although this is good enough, there are some disadvantages when using traditional lights. The main one is that they increase your utility bill because they convert electrical energy into light.

Since people have the constant eagerness to innovate things, they saw a better way to improve traditional lights by using solar energy. With solar powered outdoor lights, people are able to enjoy the benefits of having proper illumination without worrying about paying high electricity bills.

If you are planning to switch to lighting products that use renewable energy, Ecoshift Corporation can provide you with superior solar powered outdoor lights. We are a reliable lighting supplier based in the Philippines, and we have experience in delivering bulks of lighting supplies to big and small companies.

What Are Solar Powered Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor solar lights use solar cells or panels that convert the energy from the sun into electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery box and is used to produce light at night. Some solar lights have motion sensors that are helpful in preserving energy as they only trigger the light to produce illumination when there is movement in the area.

Solar powered outdoor lights are best placed in spaces where the sun can reach the panels. For those located in shaded areas, the solar cells operate for fewer hours. Furthermore, during colder seasons, it is recorded that outdoor solar lights’ operating times may vary from 30 to 50%.

Outdoor Solar Lights Available in the Market

Here are some solar lights that you can use to add illumination or security and even design outdoor spaces at your home, community, office, and more.

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights come in two types; the traditional and the integrated one. Both are highly efficient when it comes to illuminating streets, highways, and big national roads. However,  if you want something more stylish, compact, and modern-looking, it is best to choose integrated solar street lights as they do not use lead acid batteries, which are kept in boxes or buried underground.

Solar Floodlights

Solar energy is more powerful than you think. It is capable of powering bright solar floodlights for outdoor areas like game fields, building facades, and parking lots. Ecoshift offers solar floodlights made of aluminum alloy, which is good for combating outdoor elements. Furthermore, our floodlights are built with cost-efficient polycrystalline solar panels.

Solar Sensor Wall Lights

Sensor wall lights powered by solar energy are advantageous as they do not waste energy when there is no movement or activity near the space where they are installed. These are great to place around your house or on your wall fences as they can also serve as motion detectors, thereby adding security to your home. In addition, these solar sensor wall lights are wireless, easy to install, and practically maintenance-free.

Solar Bollard Lights

Solar bollard lights are accent fixtures that give off adequate illumination to beautify and highlight landscapes, facades, and other areas. Because they are solar-powered, they need not use wires to function. They are installed seamlessly along with floral and plant arrangements, as well as other ornaments used for garden or façade landscapes.

Solar LED Wall Lamps

Solar LED wall lamps are energy-efficient lighting solutions for both closed and open areas. They can be attached to your garage walls to provide illumination while parking your car. Furthermore, they can be used as a subtle accent lighting for your whole property by installing them strategically around your house’s exterior. They come in warm white and daylight color temperatures so they can match the mood you want to establish.

Solar Spotlights

Solar spotlights are versatile lighting options for your home and different establishments. Retail stores usually use these to highlight their store’s name as well as give bright illumination to the front of their shop. This is effective in driving more customers inside. Meanwhile, homeowners use solar spotlights to brighten up their decks or garden at night.

Solar Pathway Lights

Solar pathway lights are composed of small light bulbs enclosed in tiny fixtures. They are installed in pathways such as outdoor stairs or pavements to provide additional assistance to those who will be walking there at night.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are decorative lights that give an accent and serve as ambient lighting in gardens or backyards. They are placed in a pattern, and each light has at least two photovoltaic cells on top, which allow it to use renewable energy.

Solar Bulb String Lights

Solar bulb string lights are usually seen in porches to make them look cozy and inviting even at night. Usually, they come in warm color temperatures to add a romantic and intimate ambiance. Coffee shops also use them to create layered lighting inside for customers who are staying there to read or work while sipping hot or iced beverages.

Solar Ground Lights

Solar ground lights and pathway lights are very much alike. However, solar ground lights are installed underground to create a streamlined look and reduce the risk of tripping or tangling up hoses or leashes.


Save money and contribute less light pollution by using solar powered outdoor lights. Ecoshift Corporation is a trusted lighting supplier here in the Philippines. We offer wholesale prices for our products, free shipping nationwide, 24/7 after-sales services, as well as superior warranty policies.

Just visit our website and browse through our 70 lighting categories and over a thousand lighting products. Feel free to contact our team of experts today if you have questions or concerns.


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