A Homeowner’s Guide to Lighting Fixtures


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As homeowners, we often spend a great deal of time perfecting the design and ambiance of our living spaces. One crucial aspect of home design is lighting. The right lighting fixtures can enhance the atmosphere of any room, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we’ll explore different types of lighting fixtures and provide tips for selecting the right ones to suit your needs.

Concave Lighting Fixtures

Concave or recessed lighting fixtures are directly installed into the ceiling, making them good for smaller modern or contemporary rooms. Spaces and rooms with low ceilings are a perfect match for this kind of lighting fixture, as it can help add style and design to the room’s height.

Track Lighting Fixtures

This kind of fixture has a series of lights located on a ceiling-mounted area that are usually made of metal. Track lighting describes itself as sophisticated and perfectly suited for modern kitchens. Moreover, it allows for angling to provide additional illumination to targeted areas.


Drop Lighting Fixtures

Drop lighting or pendant lighting are lone lighting fixtures that hang from the room’s ceiling, suspended by a rod, cord, metal, or chain. You can place Pendant Lights above bedrooms, kitchen tops, or dining areas.

It has a wide range of lighting styles, making it one of the main focal points of any area or space. 


Chandeliers are one of the common lighting fixtures that have a big effect on any area.

Commonly, chandeliers are located above the dining room table or living room area. They are usually located and hung above any grand spiral staircase. Before purchasing, ensure that the chandelier fits your space and aligns with your room’s design by carefully measuring and considering its dimensions and style.

Wall Lanterns

Wall lanterns, or scones, are wall-mounted lighting fixtures that are small, giving any space an accent. You can place it alongside any artwork, near a fireplace, to help draw attention. Alternatively, it can enhance the accent and style of your room when positioned beside your bed.

Lighting fixtures are a big part of anyone’s home. It has the power to set your room’s mood, create a quiet ambiance, and give comfort and peace. 

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