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Behind Every Solar Lamp Post’s Price in the Philippines: Factors and Features


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Solar lamp posts are an essential aspect of any city’s road network. They provide light to the citizens at night and help people see where they’re going. Aside from being a simple source of illumination, they help reduce traffic accidents by serving as a warning sign for drivers.

Furthermore, solar lamp posts help resolve the issue of lack of access to electric power in rural areas since they provide a light source that is not dependent on grid power. They are even environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the city, reducing the amount of energy consumption in a particular area.

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Traditional Lamp Posts vs. Solar Lamp Posts

One can say traditional lamp posts are pretty common as a street lighting solution worldwide. These items have been in use since the 1800s and are typically mounted on a metal post attached to a concrete base.

The main advantage of traditional lamp posts is their affordability and low maintenance costs. They can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or oil. However, they do not produce any light during nighttime hours when no power is available. Moreover, these lamps are usually only found in developed countries because of their high installation and maintenance costs.

On the other hand, solar lamp posts provide an alternative to traditional street lamps by harnessing solar energy and converting it into electric power that can be used to illuminate streets at night. Although solar street light pole prices are a bit higher than other models, they are certainly worth the investment in the long run. They last longer and only require minimal routine maintenance, reducing the cost and effort necessary for upkeep.

Factors Affecting Solar Lamp Post Prices in the Philippines

Solar lamp post prices have a variety of factors that affect them, including:

Size and Height

The size and height of the product you purchase will ultimately determine the solar street light costs you’ll have to pay. Lamp posts come in different heights and diameters. The height of a lamp post is measured from the ground to the top of the post, while the diameter is measured by the size of the post’s circular base.

The taller a lamp post is, the more expensive it becomes because it needs to be stronger to support its own weight and withstand weather conditions like wind and rain. Furthermore, it would require more material because they have a larger base as well as need more material for their construction because they are heavier than shorter lamp posts.


A lamp post can be made from different materials, but aluminum, wood, and copper are the most common. Its design can affect its price, too. Lamp posts can be created in a variety of different ways. Some of them are made with a simple, basic design, while others are more ornate and detailed. Different models have different prices attached to them as well.

Some people may think the design of the lamp post does not affect its price, but this is not true at all. The more detailed and ornate the product’s appearance is, the higher the price will be on average since these items take more time to create than those with simpler designs.

Type of Solar Street Lights Used

There are four primary types of street lighting systems. Each one is considerably different from the other even, but they can all help illuminate a specific area of your property. Make sure to understand the intricacies of the following to ensure that you are making the right purchase:

  • Off-Grid Type Solar Street Lighting System – Each pole has an independent unit that contains a power source, battery, light controller, and LED light. However, installing this system requires a lot of manpower and money.
  • Grid-Tie Solar Street Lighting System – Available with either a single or micro inverter, this system is the best option if you need a more sunlight-based arrangement.
  • Solar and Wind Hybrid Solar Street Lighting System – As the name states, this system has street lights that utilize both wind and solar energy. Since there is more wind during wintertime and more sunlight in the summer, this arrangement can ensure that you have a constant flow of electricity all year round.
  • All-In-One Solar Street Lighting System – Lastly, this system has automatic motion sensors as well as dimmer options to help each unit further conserve energy.

How To Purchase the Best-Priced Solar Lamp Post

If you’re planning to buy solar lamp posts in the Philippines, make sure to do the following before you pay for the products that caught your eye:

Research About Lamp Post Specifications

In order to avoid making a wrong purchase, it is important to research about the product before purchasing it. Doing so helps you make a more informed decision and avoid getting duped by false advertising.

There are several ways that you can research products before buying them. You can read reviews on the product, go through what people have to say about the quality of service they received, and watch videos that show how an item works in real life.

Contact a Reliable Lighting Supplier

It is essential to be careful when choosing a supplier for your solar lamp poles. If you are not, you might end up with a product that does not work for your needs. This can lead to a whole load of problems, such as finding another seller and waiting for your product to be delivered again.


In the Philippines, there is an increasing demand for solar lamp posts due to the country’s goal to shift towards cleaner and more renewable sources of power. Many factors contribute to the price of a solar lamp post, including size and height, design, and type of solar street light used. When you choose to work with Ecoshift, you can be sure you’ll be getting some of the best deals in the market. Contact us today to learn more.


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