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Emergency Pin Lights: Illuminate Your Way Through Power Interruptions


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We all wake up every day unaware of what’s going to happen in the next 24 hours. Most people are lucky enough to go through their typical day without any hassle. However, emergencies occur daily to different people, and although some are easy enough to solve, there are unforeseen events that are drastic enough to change someone’s life.

According to recent statistics, from 1989 to 2019, we have experienced a total of 9,923 cumulative major natural disasters worldwide. That’s about 320 emergency situations per year.

With this in mind, it is only right for building owners and managers to establish a proper emergency escape plan as well as equip their properties with reliable emergency lights, such as LED exit signs and emergency pin lights.

Ecoshift Corporation is a trusted emergency lights supplier in the Philippines. Over the years, we have supplied numerous business facilities with durable LED products. If you want to work with us, simply contact our team of experts so we can start our partnership.

Emergency Situations That Can Disrupt Business Operations

Businesses usually function from 9AM to 5PM daily, which is why most people spend a huge chunk of their week staying at offices or company buildings. It is vital to keep these spaces safe for when the following kinds of emergencies occur:


These incidents happen when an underground rock breaks, causing a sudden release of seismic waves, which is felt by people through the continuous shaking of the ground.

During earthquakes, people are often instructed to duck, find cover, and wait for the shaking to stop. If the shaking is relatively mild, you may notice swaying and/or flickering of lights. However, for earthquakes with higher magnitudes, blackouts may occur.

Emergency pin lights and exit signs are vital in this situation. These luminaires are efficient in giving visibility to trapped civilians, helping people find and navigate the escape routes quickly. Without them, some mcould get lost and even possibly injured while evacuating the premises.


Emergencies related to fire can happen for different reasons—faulty electric wiring, unattended candles, gas explosions, and so on. No matter the cause, however, fires are incredibly fatal as they can burn and suffocate people at the same time.

When fires happen in a workplace, it is crucial for employees to evacuate immediately. According to experts, the ideal evacuation time is two and a half minutes. Within this window, people must find their way to emergency exits.

With fire and smoke filling up the hallways, people must crawl their way out. Your best chance of navigating the escape route is by using LED exit signs and emergency lights as your guide.


If you live in a tropical country, chances are, you have already experienced numerous thunderstorms that have caused major blackouts. Some of these storms have even gotten so bad that people were forced to evacuate from their homes or offices.

Flash floods and typhoons can easily knock down electrical posts and other sources of electricity because of the strong winds that usually come with it. Given that it’s already hard to evacuate when there’s a downpour, complete darkness doesn’t help. However, having LED emergency signs to provide you with illumination is additional help for people caught in disasters.

Preparing for Emergency Situations

Here are some life-saving tips for when you are faced with emergency situations:

Have a Sound Evacuation Plan

Preparation is the key to surviving even the most unforeseen disasters. As building owners, you are responsible for creating a sound evacuation plan with the help of experts. This will enable you to map out the possible exit routes for each floor.

An effective evacuation plan includes ideas on what to do during and after disasters, as well as what the chain of command is during the situation.

Train Employees Well

It only takes a few hours to train and educate employees about what they should do during emergencies. Employers should keep their workers safe while each one is on the job. Thus, quarterly seminars or evacuation plan updates must be given.

Don’t Panic Even When the Power Gets Cut Off

Most of the time, when power interruptions occur, people’s first reaction is to panic. In this case, it is a must to instruct others to stay calm, ground themselves, and look for emergency pin lights or any exit signs that can guide them to safety.

Causing panic will only do more harm as it can result in a stampede. It is also advisable to invest in reasonably priced rechargeable lights and other emergency lights from suppliers in the Philippines so that people can have handheld luminaires that they can use as they move out of rooms or go down the stairs.

Make Sure Your Emergency Lights Are Fully Charged

Emergency lights are useless if they are not fully charged. Even with no forecasted typhoons or disasters, keep your emergency kits ready. Ecoshift’s emergency lights can burn up to 90 minutes when charged correctly.

Help Everyone Evacuate Safely

It is only right to keep yourself away from any harm during disasters. After all, you can only extend a helping hand if you are not injured. Try to help everyone evacuate quickly only after you’ve ensured your own safety.

You can guide people by telling them the direction to the exit way and pointing them to emergency exit signs. Moreover, if there are injured individuals, you can assist or give them first aid while waiting for rescuers.

Buy Emergency Pin Lights From Us!

Do you need to equip your building with high-quality and efficient emergency lights? Partner with Ecoshift Corporation now. As one of the leading lighting suppliers in the Philippines, we are confident that we can provide you with top-tier lighting products that you can rely on during emergencies.


We can never prevent emergencies and disasters. The most we can do is prepare emergency kits and lighting supplies that can increase our chances of survival during calamities and power outages. At Ecoshift Corporation, we can provide you with these items. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about our products and services.


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