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How Ecoshift Illuminated Roads Around the Country With LED Solar Street Lights


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Proper illumination in the streets is essential to providing safety to pedestrians, drivers, and other road users. Accidents and other unfortunate circumstances are likely to happen if there’s not enough lighting in the streets at night. People walking on the sidewalks might trip, fall, and get injured. On the other hand, even though they have headlights on their own, cars and other vehicles are not entirely safe from causing crashes if there are no lights to illuminate the road.

Indeed, the importance of street lights in boosting security and safety should not be undervalued. That’s why many businesses and some local governments requested services from us at Ecoshift Corporation to install street lights at certain locations all over the country.

Contact us today at Ecoshift if you wish to check out our lighting products. We can provide you with solar street lights in the Philippines, along with other state-of-the-art fixtures. Get in touch with our team today to learn about the items we sell. If you’re still in a dilemma about whether you should request our services, feel free to view some of our past projects below. This way, you can get an idea of the quality of the work we offer our clients.

3-Kilometer National Road Installation in Carmona, Cavite

Around 40 km south of Manila lies Carmona, Cavite. As a first-class municipality, Carmona is a prosperous place known for allocating funds to sports and other fruitful investments that will benefit the townspeople. In 2021, the town partnered with us at Ecoshift to illuminate the roads and help keep Carmona residents and motorists safe when traveling at night.

Ecoshift supplied the Carmona government with lighting fixtures and also helped with their installation. The project involved setting up the solar-powered street lights along the 3-kilometer national road. Solar street light prices in the Philippines aren’t too low, but buying them is extremely beneficial in the long run. They are durable, so they don’t get damaged easily. Apart from that, they’re extremely energy-efficient, which means they help save a lot of funds because they don’t consume too much electricity.

Shopping Mall Project

shopping mall project

Shopping malls, like any other commercial establishment, require adequate lighting both for aesthetic and security purposes. Inside the building, ample illumination brightens the whole interior and creates a cozy ambiance that entices people. Outdoors, proper illumination is necessary, too, to make the facade visible and provide safety to people walking around the perimeter. That’s why a shopping mall in the country requested services from us at Ecoshift to install street lights to surround their building.

Ecoshift provided them with LED integrated solar street lights, which are perfect for outdoor use. Most of these fixtures have a high IP rating, so they’re basically protected from the ingress of dust and moisture. Additionally, since the lights are LED-powered, they don’t use up too much energy, which means the mall’s management can save quite a lot of funds from their electric bills.

Top Poultry Facility

Ecoshift Project Top Poultry Facility Wholesale Prices and Discount LED Lighting Store in Philippines

Many people fail to realize that inadequate lighting can have detrimental effects on chickens and other domesticated birds on the poultry farm. Like any other animals, most avian creatures follow the day-and-night cycle to always keep themselves healthy and alert. That’s why installing the right fixtures is necessary if the poultry farm wants to raise strong poultry animals, like chickens and ducks.

A top poultry facility in the Philippines partnered with us at Ecoshift to install high-quality fixtures in their facility. The solar street lights and lamp posts we provided them will not only keep their raised animals healthy and strong. More importantly, these luminaires will improve the safety and security in the whole area, especially at night.

Solar-powered street lamps were chosen because of their many benefits. In a nutshell, the solar street light costs in the Philippines are not necessarily low. However, since they don’t consume too much energy to run, they can help the facility save on their electric bills in the long run.

Factory Lighting Project

A lot of people work in large factories to make different types of goods. To keep everyone safe on their way to and from the facility, street lamps are very much needed to illuminate the roads. Doing so prevents employees from slipping and getting injured while walking, which might cause the company to pay for their hospital expenses. Additionally, adequate lighting improves the security of the whole area. They help prevent unauthorized people from roaming around the premises without getting caught.

Ecoshift has once completed a project for a large factory in the Philippines. We provided the company with LED solar street lights, which are perfect for them if they want a cost-effective option. LED fixtures are extremely durable and can last for about 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them even after a few years. Additionally, since they’re solar-powered, you can save up a lot on your electric bills.

Car Manufacturer Lighting Project

Like any other commercial facility, car manufacturing companies require plenty of lights in and out of their buildings for specific purposes. Inside the establishment, lights are needed, so employees can do their tasks properly and more efficiently. Outdoors, meanwhile, sufficient illumination is necessary for the safety of everyone, which includes workers, managers, clients, and even the company owners.

A leading car manufacturing company in the Philippines partnered with us at Ecoshift to install street lamps in their perimeter. We used industrial aluminum alloy street lights for the project because these products offer a wide range of benefits. They are much more durable than traditional street lamps. More than that, though, they are more energy-efficient and environment-friendly compared to other options.

Chicken Dressing Plant

Chicken Dressing Manufacturing Facility

Reliable light sources are needed at chicken dressing plants to prevent accidents and essentially keep everyone safe. Without proper lighting, employees walking to and from the facility might trip, fall, and get injured. This causes loss for the company because they will have less production because of one missing worker.

To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to install street lights around the facility. Illuminating the roads toward the building is a great way to avoid accidents and other unfortunate circumstances. If you’re worried about the total costs you’ll spend in setting up the fixtures, don’t worry because there are many affordable options.

For example, a checking dressing facility in the Philippines contacted us at Ecoshift and requested us to install street lights for them. We put up the posts and used solar LED street lights. These fixtures are extremely energy-efficient, so they help the company save up on their electric bills every month.

Davao Main Road 2021

Installing street lights on main highways helps prevent car crashes and other vehicular accidents. With proper illumination, drivers can easily see the lines on the road that can guide them to stay on their lanes, so they don’t bump into other vehicles. Additionally, the barriers on the sides of the highways become more visible, which means there’s very little chance for them to get hit by passing cars.

Ecoshift has been instrumental in illuminating a major road network in Davao. In 2021, our company was chosen to set up a total of 248 street lamps on Davao’s main road. We supplied the local government with premium industrial LED solar street lights, which will be used for the project. These fixtures are built to last for many years while withstanding harsh environments. After all, they have a durable casing and a high IP rating, so they are pretty much protected from being penetrated by water and dust.

Lighting Project in Central Luzon

Small streets, especially in semi-urban and rural towns, need to be illuminated at night. Doing so is essential in reducing crime incidents and motor vehicle accidents. That’s why local governments invest in high-quality street lamps to be installed on their roads for the benefit of their residents.

Here at Ecoshift, we completed a project that involved supplying and installing street lights in a rural area in Central Luzon. A total of 300 solar-powered fixtured were used because they’re extremely beneficial for the place. In the morning, the solar panels will gather enough energy from the sun, which will power up the bulbs at night. This setup helps in saving money that could have gone in paying for high electric bills.

Northern Luzon Roads

Northern Luzon is a pretty diverse region, which encompasses multiple provinces and a lot of tourist destinations. Like in any other part of the Philippines, the people living in the Northern Luzon region require proper lighting at night to keep them safe from crimes and accidents. That’s why lamp posts must be erected, and street lights should be installed on the roads in the whole region.

Ecoshift was involved in illuminating some parts of Northern Luzon. Our company supplied the local government with high-quality lamp posts, along with durable and long-lasting street lights. The solar-powered lighting products that we provided them are all energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

Coastline Lighting Project

Taking a long walk along the shorelines can help relieve stress and make you feel less moody. However, this won’t happen if you’re constantly fearing like you’re going to trip and fall because you can’t see the road you’re walking on. This is why coastlines must have enough street lights to illuminate the road and keep everyone safe, especially at night.

Here at Ecoshift, we once completed a project that involved supplying and installing more than 200 units of street lines along a coastline. LED solar street lights were chosen for the project because they offer a wide range of advantages. They last for around 50,000 hours, so they don’t have to be replaced unless they get broken. Additionally, these fixtures withstand harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds on the coasts.

Rural Area in Davao City

Davao City might be relatively prosperous, but there are still areas there that don’t have enough sources of light at night. Ecoshift helped supply and install 700 pieces of solar-powered street lights in a rural area in the city. These lighting products are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and they’re perfect for illuminating roads and helping keep Davao residents safe from accidents and crime incidents.

Brgy. Cabinuangan, New Bataan, Davao 2020 

Just recently, Ecoshift delivered 16 pieces of solar street lights to a barangay in New Bataan, Davao de Oro. Barangay Cabinuangan isn’t urbanized yet, so there aren’t too many sources of light at night. That’s why our company helped them by supplying and installing high-quality lighting products to illuminate their streets and make their roads safer and more secure.

Brgy. Poblacion, Hagonoy 2019

Barangay Poblacion in Hagonoy uses traditional street lights to illuminate their roads. These fixtures do the job well, but they consume too much energy, increasing electricity costs. The best way to solve this problem is to replace them altogether.

In 2019, Ecoshift installed 17 units of premium solar street lights in the barangay. These new lights are more cost-effective because they help save electricity. In the morning, the solar panels will harness energy from the sun, and everything that’s gathered will be used to light up the bulbs at night.

Brgy. Poblacion, Hagonoy 2020 

Here at Ecoshift, we always strive for customer satisfaction, and that’s why some of our clients get back to us to request our services again. Barangay Poblacion, for example, partnered with us for a second time to supply them with more solar-powered street lights and help with the installation. This time, a total of 35 units were delivered, which is more than twice what they asked in the previous year.

Brgy. Naboc, Monkayo 2018

Monkayo is located in Davao de Oro in Mindanao. However, even though it’s a first-class municipality, there are still barangays that don’t have adequate lighting, especially at night. Barangay Naboc is one example. They contacted us at Ecoshift to supply them with high-quality street lights and then help with the installation.

Our company delivered and installed 27 units of solar-powered street lights to the barangay. These fixtures are essential in illuminating the roads and keeping pedestrians and motorists safe.

30W Integrated Solar Street Light Supply and Installation

Traditional street lights are effective in illuminating roads and walkways, but there’s a reason they’re not popular anymore. They’re quite fragile, so they get damaged easily. Additionally, most of them are not LED-powered yet, so they consume a lot of energy. Switching to solar-powered LED street lights is a great way to save up on electricity costs while providing road users with the proper illumination they need. That’s what three barangays in Mindanao did when they partnered with us at Ecoshift.

Our company supplied them with 90 units of integrated solar LED street lights. Because these fixtures are energy-efficient, they help the barangays save funds that they could use for other projects that benefit their residents.

LED Integrated Solar Street Lights Installation 

Mindanao is rich in many natural resources, but it doesn’t mean that all of its towns and cities are also prosperous and already highly urbanized now. There are still rural areas in the island group, and some of them didn’t have any street lighting installed. It becomes very dark when the night falls, so it’s pretty dangerous for residents to go out of their homes and walk around after sundown.

One barangay in Mindanao requested Ecoshift to put up street lights in their area. Our company used LED integrated solar street lights for the project because they’re durable and cost-effective. They don’t use too much electricity, and they’re extremely environment-friendly. A total of 20 units of 15-watt LED bulbs were supplied and installed in that barangay.

Add Your Project to Ecoshift’s Growing List of Successful Installations

Ecoshift aims to deliver customer satisfaction. That’s why more and more clients are requesting our services to supply and install solar-powered street lights or any other luminaires. If you want to partner with us, feel free to contact our team today! We will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with the high-quality lighting fixtures you need.


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