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Know Your Options: Learn About the Factors Affecting LED Lighting Prices Today


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LED lights are the perfect luminaires for people who want to save on electricity costs because of their inherent energy efficiency. Although, when you do some window shopping or browse through the internet, some tend to cost more than others. The pricing may cause you to rethink if this is the best option for your house, office, or commercial space.

You might think that any bulb will work as it still provides light. Yes, it will illuminate your room, but it may not be the best for the activities you would want to do there. Despite the many kinds of LED lights available on the market, not all products function well for every setting. For example, some can only be used for indoor use, while others are more appropriate for outdoor areas.

If you want to know which fixtures work best for your lighting project, you must first learn what affects LED lighting prices in the Philippines. Fortunately, Ecoshift Corporation, one of the leading suppliers of luminaires in the Philippines, has listed factors that may make these items cheaper or pricier. Here are some of them:


In the Philippines alone, there are many manufacturers who make LED lights. Each company has suppliers that provide them with quality materials the company uses to create their bulbs. The prices of these components may differ from one supplier to another, making some companies sell LEDs at higher prices.

Another factor that may raise the cost of lights in brands is if they are well-known. When buyers trust companies, these customers recommend their products to others, increasing demand for them. As the demand increases, there is a need to increase production speed by adding more machines or more people, resulting in more expenses for the business.


There are many styles of LED lights you can choose from to match the specific aesthetic you want to achieve for your area. Each luminaire design goes through different manufacturing processes and uses varying materials that could affect its price.

When picking lights, you can choose from functional, decorative, or a combination of both. Here are some examples of LED luminaires and where you can use them:

Dimmable Lights

If you are the type of person who is comfortable sleeping with a bit of illumination in your room, these lights are the ones for you. You can brighten them with a remote control to illuminate your room and dim them at night before going to bed.

Tube Lights

These bulbs are elongated and provide a wider lighting coverage for areas. Unlike the regular round light bulb, you usually need a specific housing or ballast to power them. You can use them for lighting up rooms like offices or dining areas.

Strip Lights

If you follow some influencers or video game streamers, some have low lighting in the background that creates a nice ambiance. Those are strip lights, which are small LED lamps connected and attached to a flexible circuit board. These fixtures often come in a wide variety of colors.

Fairy Lights

These are tiny bulbs in a circuit that resemble fairies, which is why they are called fairy lights. They look like Christmas lights but smaller. These lights are perfect for those who want to add a subtle yet elegant aesthetic to a portion of the room.

Drop Lights

If you need decorative lighting that provides good illumination, go for drop lights. These luminaires hang from the ceiling and usually come in many designs. The versatility of these lights makes them perfect for cafés, bars, and residential kitchens.

For the prices of strip lights, dimmable lights, and other fixtures listed above, check out our products at Ecoshift. You may also request a quote for your entire lighting project.


One of the things you should consider when buying lights is the lumen level. The higher the number, the brighter the light. Bulbs with higher lumens usually cost more because of the amount of light you get from the product. Before buying bulbs, determine the brightness you need for a certain area. Here’s a simple way you can estimate how many lumens you need for a room:

  1. Measure the size of your room.
  2. Get the square footage of your room by multiplying the length and the height.
  3. Multiply the square footage by the footcandle requirement. Here are the recommended footcandles per room:
    • Hallway: 5 to 10
    • Bedroom: 10 to 20
    • Living room: 10 to 20
    • Dining Room: 30 to 40
    • General Kitchen: 30 to 40
    • Kitchen Stove: 70 to 80
    • Kitchen Sink: 70 to 80
    • Bathroom: 70 to 80

If you need assistance determining how much light you need, you can ask for help from experts, like our team at EcoShift, to help you decide how many lumens you need.


The wattage of lights also affects their pricing because this determines how much electricity they consume. Sometimes the higher the wattage, the brighter the light. However, there are cases where the wattage is lower but provides better illumination. That is why you must always check both the number of lumens and watts since they are not equal. Additionally, considering lower wattages can help reduce electric costs.

Color Temperature

When you purchase bulbs, you may be asked what color temperature you want. You can choose from warm white, cool white, and daylight. These color temperatures have different uses that make rooms more comfortable. Usually, people choose daylight bulbs for indoor spaces because they mimic natural outdoor light, which is pleasant to the eyes.

There are many stores online that sell warm white and daylight bulbs for the same price. However, some offer the latter for a higher price because of its demand in the market.


Bulbs come in different sizes, affecting the coverage of light they provide in an area. Smaller bulbs are perfect for smaller or low-ceilinged areas, while large ones are better for bigger spaces. When you purchase bulbs, the big ones usually cost more because they have higher wattages and lumens than the smaller ones.

Then again, other brands can have larger lighting but are priced the same as smaller ones sold by well-known companies. To choose the right bulbs, you can always compare their durability through online reviews to determine which one is worth your money.

Special Features

People have different functions for their lights. Some special features people look for in bulbs include water and dust resistance, dimmable and remote-controlled functions, and solar components. When looking for these kinds of lights, they sometimes cost more than traditional light bulbs because of the additional materials used to make their special functions.

Bulk Orders

Another factor that may affect the price of lights is buying them in bulk. This option is best for large companies or commercial buildings where it is necessary to have good lighting. By purchasing these items in large quantities, the seller may give you a discounted price because you were able to decrease their stock and make money flow again in their business.


When buying lighting products, there are many stores you can choose from. Some are known for their quality, which makes their items expensive. On the other hand, some stores offer the same high-quality lights but only supply them to large corporations.

Suppose you are buying from a well-established brand in the Philippines. LED lights for rooms may be priced around ninety pesos for an 11-watt bulb, but if you buy them from a smaller store, they may cost only eighty pesos.

In that example, it does not necessarily mean that the quality of the cheaper bulb suffers. Instead, it may mean that the company has found a supplier that offers the bulb’s components at a lower price or they discovered a way to cut production costs.

Sales or Promos

You should always look out for sales and promos when purchasing bulbs. From time to time, a company decides to make the price of its products cheaper. It does not necessarily mean that their item is not selling well. We have listed a few reasons why brands might go on sale:

  • Make cash flow for the next production
  • Convert their products into cash
  • Sell old stock to refill with newer ones
  • Get people to try out their product

Sales and promos are advantageous for the company and its customers. The business earns a profit and gains potential repeat clients while existing customers can get quality items for a lower price.


Many factors may affect the price of LED lights in the Philippines. It is important to know what they are to get your money’s worth. Even the smallest details matter for anyone planning to buy lights.

If you’re wondering where to buy LED luminaires like strip lights in the Philippines, turn to none other than Ecoshift. We offer an extensive selection of the highest-quality products at reasonable prices.

Purchase your lighting products from us today! Feel free to contact us for more information


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