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Properly Illuminate Your Space With High-Quality LED Bulbs


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Short for light-emitting diode, LED is one of the latest innovations in the lighting industry. In many aspects, this technology is leagues better than any of its predecessors, including incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps. LED bulbs, after all, are well-known for offering plenty of benefits to their users, such as energy efficiency, durability, and longevity. Because they provide all these perks, it’s not surprising for LED light bulbs to be the top choice for many homeowners and company managers.

Here at Ecoshift Corporation, we have already installed LED bulbs for a great number of businesses that have partnered with us. Check out some of the past projects we’ve accomplished by reading through the rest of this blog.

Ecoshift’s Past Projects

Many businesses, both big and small, have partnered with us at Ecoshift and asked us to supply and install LED bulbs for them. Here’s a list of some of our recently completed projects:

PLDT Head Office


The Philippines Long-Distance Telephone Company, more popularly known as PLDT, is the leading internet provider in the country. Like any other large business, they have a spacious main office that requires plenty of lights to help their employees finish their day-to-day tasks.

PLDT partnered with us at Ecoshift to supply them with different lighting fixtures, including LED bulbs. Our company delivered the products they ordered and then helped them with the installation.

Sun Life Philippines


As one of the most prominent life insurance service providers in the country, Sun Life Philippines aims to help their clients attain financial security. The company has been operating for a long time already, so it’s not surprising that they’ve become big enough to have an expansive office at the Bonifacio Global City.

Like any other commercial establishment in the premier business hub, Sun Life Philippines’ head office requires plenty of lights to illuminate the whole space. People need a reputable life insurance firm to take care of their financial security needs. In the same vein, Sun Life Philippines requires the help of a trusted lighting company to provide them with the high-quality services they deserve.

They partnered with us here at Ecoshift to supply them with the fixtures they needed. We provided them with LED bulbs, along with other types of lighting products, and assisted with the installation process.

Monde Nissin Office


Monde Nissin Corporation is a global food company based in the Philippines. They are a huge company that prominently manufactures biscuits, snacks, noodles, and other foods that are well-loved by a lot of Filipinos. Their office is pretty spacious and requires numerous lighting fixtures, so they partnered with us at Ecoshift to provide them with some products.

Ecoshift delivered the items they ordered and then helped install them in their designated locations. Many high-quality lights, including LED bulbs, were supplied to Monde Nissin Corporation for their lighting project.



Owned by the SM Corporation, Savemore is a grocery that has plenty of branches nationwide. To make their products noticeable and more enticing to the customers, their stores must be properly illuminated. That’s why it was a good move for their management to partner with us at Ecoshift.

Our company supplied over 15,000 pieces of LED bulbs on top of thousands of other lighting fixtures to almost all of their branches nationwide. We also helped with the delivery and installation of the products in their respected locations.

Newly Constructed Call Center Building


Like any other commercial establishment, call center offices require adequate lighting for their employees to do their jobs more efficiently. This is especially so because most call center businesses operate at night when there’s no natural light coming in from the windows.

A call center firm partnered with us at Ecoshift to illuminate their newly constructed facility in 2018. Our company honored our part of the deal by supplying them with over 1,000 pieces of lighting products, including LED bulbs. Once the installation was finished, the whole area became livelier and more conducive to working.

Tapa King Branches


Known for serving Filipino home-cooked dishes, Tapa King is a large restaurant chain that caters to all sorts of customers. Like any other food establishment, their branches need to be properly illuminated to make the place more enticing to people who are looking to satiate their hunger. Installing the right lighting fixtures is crucial in inviting more customers and making their food products look more appealing.

The fast food chain signed a deal with us at Ecoshift to provide them with the lighting products they need. Our company supplied and installed LED bulbs, along with other fixtures, to all their restaurants nationwide. As part of the partnership, Ecoshift will deliver more lighting products to them if they build more branches in other parts of the country.


Quantum is a popular gaming facility in the country. Similar to other entertainment hubs, Quantum branches require proper lighting to become more appealing, especially to kids and kids-at-heart who are looking to have some fun. That’s why they partnered with us at Ecoshift to give them the lighting products they need for their gaming hubs.

Ecoshift supplied them with over 3,000 pieces of LED bulbs, along with thousands of other lighting fixtures. Everything they ordered from us was delivered and installed to their branches all over the country.

Fun City Ever Gotesco Commonwealth

Fun City is considered one of today’s best indoor playgrounds in Metro Manila. It’s located in Quezon City, and it houses plenty of amenities that kids enjoy using. As an establishment that mostly caters to children, it’s necessary for the whole area to be well-lit. This is a way to keep the kids safe and prevent them from getting into accidents while playing.

Ecoshift provided Fun City with the lighting fixtures they needed to illuminate their facility. LED light bulbs, along with other fixtures, were supplied and installed in the indoor playground.

Mang Inasal Fast Food Chain


As one of the most prominent fast food chains in the country, Mang Inasal requires proper lighting to make their restaurants more appealing to customers. One of their branches partnered with us at Ecoshift, and we provided them with lighting fixtures, such as LED bulbs. Our company also helped with the installation of the products they ordered from us.

What To Consider When Choosing Light Bulbs

More and more companies are partnering with us at Ecoshift and purchasing the LED bulbs and other products we offer. If you wish to add your business to our growing list of clients, feel free to contact our team today. However, before you reach out to buy the items you want, there are some factors you might want to consider. When getting new LED bulbs, be sure to take note of the following:

Color Temperature

Color temperature is a technical term used in the lighting industry to describe the tone of a bulb’s glow. In layman’s terms, however, it can be defined as the natural appearance (or color) of the light that a fixture emits. Traditional incandescent lamps are popular for their naturally yellowish glow, but LED bulbs have a wider range of colors, such as:

  • Warm White – This color is typically yellow, resembling the classic appearance of old incandescent bulbs. Warm white LED bulbs are often associated with a relatively cozy and inviting ambiance. For homes, fixtures that emit this specific color are placed in bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. In commercial spaces, however, warm white LED bulbs are typically placed in lobby areas, employee breakrooms, dining halls, and corridors.
  • Cool White – Perfect for boosting productivity and increasing focus, cool white LED bulbs are often placed in kitchens and reading rooms. In an office setting, these fixtures are typically installed in the main work area where employees do their tasks. There’s a good reason for that. Light bulbs that emit a cool white glow are usually considered a balance of relaxing and invigorating. The crisp color of the light helps improve vision and prevents people from feeling too comfy or sleepy.
  • Daylight – This name is very apt because many people consider this color to be the closest to the natural light that comes from the outside during the day. The bluish tinge of light that it produces resembles the color of the sky. In some cases, the glow emitted by daylight LED bulbs is crisp and sharp, so it’s perfect for enhancing details in everyday objects. It’s advisable to use these fixtures in workshops, basements, garages, and other areas that require the highest visibility.

Voltage and Wattage

When purchasing a new appliance for your home, it’s necessary to check its wattage and voltage before paying for it. The same goes if you’re buying a new light bulb. Taking notice of its wattage and voltage helps you decide whether it fits your requirements.

Many people confuse the two terms, but they’re not exactly the same. Here’s how they differ from each other.

  • Voltage – This refers to the electric output a light bulb can sustain. A higher voltage count means it can support a larger electrical current from a power outlet. If an LED bulb gets a higher electrical current than it’s supposed to receive, it can get damaged and lead to safety issues.
  • Wattage – The bulb’s energy use is measured by its wattage. All LED bulbs tend to be energy-efficient, which means they don’t consume too much electricity. However, it doesn’t mean that all LED-powered fixtures come with low wattage. Bigger and brighter bulbs tend to use up more power than smaller and dimmer ones.

Shape and Base

LED bulbs come in different shapes, but the most popular ones are globes with a spherical design. Apart from that, there are decorative options for you to choose from. Filament shapes, for example, are elongated to mimic the shape of candle flames. There are also tubular options that are popular for their tube-like appearance. It’s best to ask experts to give you advice on which shape is best for your needs.

Another important factor to consider when buying an LED bulb is its base. The most popular options are screws because they fit perfectly into the receptacle. Light bulbs with screw bases don’t move when they’re properly fastened, so there’s a low risk of them accidentally falling. Today, there are also twist-and-lock options, such as GU10 bulbs. They are easier to use and are just as safe as their screw counterparts.


It’s only imperative for people buying a light bulb to check how bright the fixture is. If it glows too intensely, it can damage the eyes of the user. When it’s installed inside a room, the whole space might become too uncomfortable to stay in. However, if the bulb is too dim, it might not be able to fulfill what it’s intended to do, which is to illuminate the whole area. For this reason, it’s highly necessary to determine the brightness of an LED bulb before paying for it.

There are at least three ways to determine the brightness of a light bulb you’re going to purchase. Here they are:

  • Manual Checking – If you’re in a store, you can ask an attendant to turn the light bulb on for you. Be sure to purchase an item that isn’t too dim or too bright for your eyes.
  • Lumens – The standard unit of measurement for brightness is lumens. Check the packaging of the LED bulb and look for the lumen output. The higher the number, the brighter the product is.
  • Wattage – This is supposed to measure energy use, but looking at it is also a good way to estimate a light bulb’s brightness level. A higher wattage count typically means that the item is brighter.


One of the most important factors to consider is the price of the light bulb itself. LED light bulb prices in the Philippines aren’t too low, but it’s a good idea to invest in such high-quality fixtures even though they’re pretty costly. Adjust your budget accordingly to accommodate for the right lighting fixtures to install in your company’s facility. Don’t worry, though, because LED bulbs have a pretty long life span, so you don’t have to be bothered about replacing them even after a few years.

Turn to Ecoshift if You Need LED Light Bulbs

In the past few years, Ecoshift has completed plenty of lighting projects in the Philippines that require the use of LED bulbs. Many businesses trust that our company can deliver the highest quality of service they deserve when it comes to supplying and installing lighting fixtures. Do you want to partner with us at Ecoshift, too? Don’t think twice about contacting our team today. We will be more than happy to assist you!




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