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SM Savemore: Grocery Store LED Lighting Project

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Ecoshift Corporation has again proven excellent LED lighting services for one of the popular grocery stores in the Philippines, SM Savemore! For over a decade now, we have been delivering world-class LED lighting solutions for top companies across the country. And when we struck a grocery store LED lighting contract with SM Savemore, we provided them with nothing but the best!

SM Savemore is a compact neighborhood store that provides last-minute shopping needs to spare customers from the trouble of traveling to the supermarket for smaller purchases, thus saving time, effort, and transport costs. Along with that objective, SM Savemore also wants to provide each Filipino with a more convenient shopping experience. And one effective way to do that is by installing high-quality grocery store LED lighting fixtures. Here are the following grocery store LED lighting solutions we have supplied and installed in almost all of SM Savemore branches:

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are undeniably essential to any space, whether residential or commercial. And through LED technology, light bulbs transformed into more energy-efficient and low-maintenance lighting solutions, making them the top choice of every space owner! So as part of SM Savemore’s grocery store LED lighting needs, we have supplied and installed them with E27 and 6W 3U LED bulbs in daylight (15,056 units) and 50W and 100W high-powered LED bulbs in daylight (16,267 units).

LED Emergency Lights

LED emergency lights are required in any establishment as they function during emergencies and power outages. These items are backed with batteries and will automatically provide adequate lighting during an emergency case or power outage to give people direction and visibility while making their way out of any establishment. And with that, we installed 5,063 units of LED emergency lights in SM Savemore branches to complete their grocery store LED lighting needs.

LED Exit Lights

LED exit lights are vital to any grocery store LED lighting project as they help people find the egress route during emergencies. They are usually on walls, ceilings, fire exits, exit doors, lifts, elevators, and restrooms. Also, these rechargeable LED exit lights can serve as the prime illumination source when the main power supply fails. So with that, we supplied and installed SM Savemore with 4,357 units of LED exit lights. 

LED Floodlights

Ecoshift Corporation supplied and installed almost all SM Savemore branches with 29,100 units of 100W premium LED floodlights in daylight150W premium LED floodlights in daylight, and 200W premium LED floodlights in daylightLED floodlights are ultra-bright grocery store LED lighting luminaires that are broad-beamed and can emit extensive illumination. Moreover, their high-intensity artificial lights can uniformly fill up a whole space and ensure an even flow of light.

LED High Bay Lights

Ecoshift Corporation supplied and installed SM Savemore with 6,180 units of 150W deluxe LED high bay lights in daylight. Our LED high bay lights are suitable for indoor spaces with 20-40 ceilings like grocery stores. These items are durable and bright grocery store LED lighting luminaires that can fill more areas uniformly.

LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are great general grocery store LED lighting solutions. They are enclosed slim-type puck fixtures that provide smooth and even lighting for small or large indoor spaces such as SM Savemore. Also, they have stylish and innovative features and designs, which add more aesthetics, especially when installed uniformly. Ecoshift Corporation supplied and installed SM Savemore with 22,034 units of 6W round LED panel lights in warm white12W round LED panel lights in warm white, and 48W 300x1200mm LED panel Lights in daylight.

LED PAR Lights

LED PAR lights are primarily for outdoor settings and stages. However, these lights are also functional for grocery store LED lighting projects! Their highly directional beams can generate different vibrant colors or shade effects and soft illumination with a more defined edge. Because of that, Ecoshift Corporation supplied and installed SM Savemore with 8,367 units of 16W COB LED PAR38 lights in daylight.

LED Strip Lights

Ecoshift Corporation supplied and installed 6,720 units of 14.4W 5050 commercial LED strip lights in 5m and daylight to SM Savemore. LED strip lights are decorative grocery store LED lighting products. They are also called tape lights or small linear lights soldered to a flexible printed circuit board, which can be suitable for any space or object. Additionally, our LED strip lights are also great accent, task, and exterior lights and are remote-controlled, allowing SM Savemore to configure the light colors they prefer.

LED Track Lights

LED track lights are flexible accent light sources. They can highlight significant decorations or products and provide adequate illumination for odd corners and critical workstations. Due to that, we recommended these light fixtures as part of the grocery store LED lighting needs of SM Savemore and supplied and installed their branches with 8,288 units of 7W LED track lights. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Grocery Store LED Lighting

Ecoshift Corporation’s eco-friendly grocery store LED lighting products are made with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. We use LED technology for all our grocery store lights. That is why they have different benefits that our clients can enjoy. Here are some of them:

Premium Quality

Our grocery store LED lighting solutions are meticulously manufactured and built with high-quality standards. They have high IP ratings, making them applicable for indoor and outdoor settings. Furthermore, because of LED technology, our grocery store lighting products are energy-saving, allowing users like SM Savemore to cut costs on electrical consumption. Aside from that, our grocery store lights can emit sufficient illumination for a long time as they have 50,000 hours of life expectancy!

Offers Different Grocery Store Lighting Design

Our grocery store LED lighting fixtures can help users create different grocery store lighting designs. Since they are available in various color renderings, dimensions, and shapes, users can easily and freely implement their preferred lighting style! Also, with their versatile designs and features, our grocery store lights are timeless lighting solutions that can effortlessly add life to any occasion.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Our grocery store LED lighting products are easily optimizable to become smart lighting solutions. Our grocery store lighting products are compatible with the latest technologies, which let users have more control over their light usage. And having manageable lighting allows users to experience more electric savings!

We at Ecoshift Corporation are committed to providing every Filipino with nothing but the best LED lighting products! So if you are looking for high-quality grocery store LED lighting solutions or working on a grocery store LED lighting project, go straight to the source, Ecoshift Corporation! And if you want to learn more about our exceptional services, check out our other lighting projects. Contact us and request a quote today to get the best deals on our grocery store LED lighting products. Switch to Ecoshift Corporation now!

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