SKU: IFL-100W-DL-010

Premium Led Floodlight 100W Daylight

IFL-100W-DL-010 Specifications
Wattage 100 Watts
Luminous Flux 10,000 lm
Light Source Led COB chips
Color Temperature 6000k – 6500k / Daylight
Working Voltage AC 100-277V 50/60Hz
Mounting With Built in Bracket
Material Aluminum Housing + Glass Cover
Beam Angle 120° Degrees
IP Rating IP 65, Excellent for Outdoor
Warranty 1 year


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Product Description

Industrial LED Flood Light 100 Watts Daylight 100 Watts | LED Floodlights outshine their conventional Halogen based counterparts in the outdoor lighting scape. While having the same durability and reliability you can expect from a flood light, ours is definitely a better choice. Our 100W LED Flood Light is more energy efficient as it is brighter than its alternatives. As with all LED products, this LED Flood Light have a long lifespan. 50,000 hours (13 times longer that Halogen lamps) and several times brighter than its predecessor without the need to consume as much energy. Having a sturdy built you can be sure it would withstand harsh conditions such as torrential rains and extreme heat. Perfect for your outdoor lighting needs! This could best fit in parking lots, parks, facade lighting, industrial yards, recreational areas, billboards and other general purpose areas. Each watt counts against your budget and an investment LED based lighting can never go wrong. Why? Because it has unparalleled energy efficiency among other alternatives in the market. With our product, Industrial LED Flood Light 100 Watts, you can be sure each unit is meticulously manufactured. Our LED Flood Lights are built with high quality standards. This item represents our commitment. We provide each and every household or businesses in the Philippines access to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting alternatives. Ecoshift Corporation set at reasonably low and affordable prices. For more items like LED Rechargeable Flood Lights with or without stand, Akron Lights, Canopy Lights, SMD Flood Lights, and more, checkout our LED Flood Lights category. Need Product Recommendation or Design Inspiration for your projects? Check out our projects with featured products in our Completed Project Lighting page for ideas.

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