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Factory Lighting

Safe & eco-friendly Factory Lighting for your industrial site in the Philippines. Ecoshift offers complete factory lighting supplies.


We guarantee that every item you purchase is made using premium materials.

Free Delivery

Free delivery for a minimum order of ₱5,000 (within Metro Manila) and ₱25,000 (outside Metro Manila: Bulacan, Rizal, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas).

Superior Warranty

Brand New Replacement Warranty if items are in correct packaging and in good condition and/or no damages are found.

Free Installation

We offer free installation services when you purchase our products or choose us as your official supplier. Installations are subject to approval.

LED Factory Lighting Products In Manila, Philippines And How They Improve Efficiency In The Industrial Sector

Product Description Of Factory Lighting Products In Manila, Philippines

LED factory lighting is critical to companies in the industrial sector. This is because they need to be reliable, stable, and consistent, particularly during peak operational times. In addition, the industrial sector requires energy to be able to operate for a much longer period of time than a typical business facility.

Fortunately, Ecoshift offers high-quality LED factory lighting products in Manila, Philippines. We make sure that you get the most bang for your buck while still maintaining the quality of lighting in your factory.

Product Benefits Of Using Factory Lighting Products In Manila, Philippines

Ensures Safety

Working in the industrial sector can be exhausting, challenging, and downright dangerous. This is why it is critical to install LED factory lighting products to improve visibility in the area and help reduce the possibility of accidents and hazards.

Lower Maintenance

Our LED factory lighting products are durable, and their operational life is at least 10,000 hours. These features make them an extremely low-maintenance lighting option. With our products, you can expect lower energy costs because they illuminate the area while consuming less energy.

Increase Productivity

Our LED factory lighting products can positively influence assembly efficiency and potentially help speed up operations. Because our lights emit bright lights, workers can have better vision and improved alertness during the assembly process. This could then result in a boost in the efficiency and manufacturing productivity of your business.

Factory Lighting Projects

Over the years, Ecoshift has completed a wide variety of lighting projects for big-name brands, streets and highways, government and corporations

LED Lighting Supplier – Builders’ Choice for 10 Years!

If you want to inquire further about these lights, contact us at Ecoshift Corporation or visit any of our branches for more information

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