SKU: LPL-42W-DL-038

LED High Powered 42W Daylight Large LED Panel Light

Product Code LPL-42W-DL-038
Wattage 42 Watts
Material Aluminum Housing + PC Cover
PC Cover Frosted
Dimension 1195mm x 295mm x 30mm
Cuthole 1175mm x 275mm
Working Voltage AC 175-265V 50/60Hz
IP Rating IP 40 Indoor
Warranty 1 Year
Luminous Flux 4200 lm
Light Source LED SMD Chip
Color Temperature 6000k – 6500k / Daylight
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Mounting Default Recessed Mount
Accessories for Surface and Suspended mount are purchase separately



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Product Description

LED High Powered 42W Large LED Panel Light are the general lighting alternative for those who want to incorporate cost-efficiency, brighter lighting, and elegant design. Available in different sizes, shapes and color temperatures the LED panel is your “go to” lighting solution for that classy feel at a low price. Built within a sturdy case the array of LED diodes emit light in unison as they are concentrated; And bounced through layers of material which enhance and diffuse the light in uniformity. The housing not only ensures protection from adverse environmental conditions; but also serves as a heat sink to minimize thermal output keeping the area cool. As with all LED products, LED panel lights have a long lifespan (42 times longer than incandescent bulbs). And, contain no harmful gasses or toxins like its fluorescent counterparts. Whether you want to give that savvy look to your office; ensure excellent lighting for your school or even light up your home (kitchen, common rooms / living space and/or study) and achieve that luxurious feel your friends will surely envy, our LED panel lights are the perfect cost-effective, eco-friendly and energy efficient solution for you. Above all, LED Panel lights are the great application for hotels, offices, balcony, and many more. Specifically designed so that you can easily transition to LEDs without necessarily revamping your current lighting setup. LED Panel Light have a wide range of applications from lighting households, schools, and offices, illuminating covered parking lots, warehouses, cold storage rooms and practically anything that can fit the standard fluorescent lamp ballast/fixtures. With our product, you can be sure each unit is meticulously manufactured and built with high-quality standards. This item signifies our commitment to provide each and every household or business in the Philippines access to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting alternatives set at reasonably low and affordable prices.

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