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Count on One of the Top Lighting Companies in Manila, Philippines


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When you’re designing a space, one of the first few things people think of is what products to buy to illuminate the area. Lighting products play a crucial part in interior design, especially since they can brighten dark spots in shelving or highlight artworks. Furthermore, proper lighting can also create the ambiance you want, ranging from welcoming to intimate. At Ecoshift Corporation, we take great pride in being one of the top lighting companies in Manila, Philippines. We have been a trusted provider of wholesale industrial, commercial, and architectural lighting products since 2011. When you choose us as your supplier, you can be sure that you will have a range of quality items to choose from.

Why Is Lighting Important?

The lighting of an interior or exterior space is essential as it contributes to various things, including:


Lights placed by a professional adds another dimension to space and bring an interior design project to life. They can create depth and height, emphasize certain spots, and draw attention to your most impressive areas. To achieve the perfect lighting, you need to consider the balance of artificial and natural light.


If you don’t have access to daylight, researchers at the University of Greenwich found that people they put under blue-enriched light bulbs reported feeling happier and more alert. By lowering melatonin, a hormone that puts us to sleep, blue light can keep people alert, just as coffee does. Lights increase work performance by boosting mental acuity, vitality, and alertness while reducing fatigue and sleepiness.


Lights are used to ensure security in urban areas. Although there have been conflicting findings regarding their effects on the crime rate within a specific area, they help reassure those who are outdoors when it’s dark. Street lights make people feel safer when walking at night since they can see more of their surroundings.

What Makes a Good LED Lighting Company?

Choosing the right supplier can be difficult. Here is a list of things you can consider before you make your decision:

Range of Products

There are various types of lighting products, and it can be challenging to find a store with everything you need. From LED and solar lights to wall and street lamps, Ecoshift has an impressive catalog for you to browse through. Rest assured that our team would be more than happy to procure it for you if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Quality of Items Provided by the LED Lighting Company

Not every company has a strict quality control policy in place. At Ecoshift, we make sure that each item is in excellent condition before offering it to you. Our employees carefully examine each product so that they can last as long as possible in your care.

The Lighting Company’s Pricing

Each person usually has a specific price range in mind when buying an item. Our company makes sure that our products are at an accessible price point so that everyone can attain what they need. Since we offer wholesale products, we will also be able to provide them at a much lower price point than buying them in bulk at retail price.

Customer Support Services of the Lights Company

It isn’t too uncommon for someone to raise a question regarding an item they’re planning on buying or bring up an issue they have with an item they just bought. Our customer support team will happily attend to any troubles you may be experiencing, whether you have inquiries or concerns.

The LED Lights Company’s Delivery Services

Some people can’t or prefer not to visit physical stores, so it is advised that most lighting stores have delivery services readily available for their customers. At Ecoshift, we offer free delivery to Metro Manila, Davao, and various areas in Calabarzon. We also offer free installation upon arrival.

Refund and Warranty Policies of the Lighting Company

Warranties give customers the right to ask stores to deal with any issues according to the terms and conditions they have in place. When you buy from our lighting store, you will have a one-year warranty period for your purchased product. It covers faulty or defective products with burnt-out LED chips, loose wiring connections, and detached soldering pins. If your claim is found valid and you were able to pr

What Sets Our LED Lights Company Apart?

As one of the top lighting companies in Manila, Philippines, Ecoshift has completed various lighting projects over the years. This includes the JP Morgan building in Bonifacio Global City, Clark International Airport Phase 1, PLDT head office, and more. We have built a reputation for providing quality products along with superb installation. You are in good hands when you choose us to be your lighting supplier for your next big commercial or residential project.

How Do You Choose the Best Product From a Lights Company?

Picking the best item from a lights company can be pretty tricky, especially if you have tons to choose from. Here are a few things to consider before making your decision:



When considering your bathroom lighting, you need to take into account your vanity and shower. Vanity lighting helps people see better as they prepare and groom themselves as they go out. It is advised for you to get vertical fixtures or sconces mounted on either side of the mirror so that it can fully illuminate your face and not cast any shadows. You can also mount them directly to the mirror, but keep in mind that this may cost more. The shower is a secondary area of task lighting. A dedicated fixture may not be necessary if you have a smaller bathroom with a stall that has a clear. However, if you have a medium- to large-sized bathroom, a recessed light with a glass lens will add a nice layer to your lights. For those who have freestanding tubs, similar recessed fixtures would also work well for your area. It’s easy to assume that a single overhead light or sconce will be enough to light a small bathroom. However, regardless of the room’s size, a single fixture is usually insufficient. A light at the center of the room isn’t enough to provide shadow-free task lighting when you’re fixing your hair or makeup using the mirror. To avoid this mistake, make sure to layer lighting and create a cohesive lighting plan for your bathroom.


The kitchen is the heart of the home as it provides a space for fun family activities, such as meal preparation. Aside from this, it is also a location that the entire family uses daily where you can come together and talk about your day. Whether you’re cooking or hanging out with your loved ones, you must have the perfect lighting for your task. Make sure to illuminate the critical lighting areas in your kitchen, which include over your island, under your cabinets, and room corners. Depending on whether your island is an area where you can cook or sit around, you’ll want to install task or ambient lighting. A mix of recessed downlighting and hanging lights are perfect for task-oriented islands, while mini-pendants will do for ambient hang-out islands. While ambient lighting is used throughout the kitchen, it often leaves shadows under cabinets, making it challenging to prepare meals or read recipes. You can adequately illuminate work surfaces and cabinetry by installing undercabinet task lighting. Strip lights are great for illuminating a cabinet’s interior, while puck lights can be used to light countertops. Lastly, the proper placement of accent lights to ensure that there are no shadows in your room corners can help emphasize your favorite elements. Recessed light fixtures are perfect for over cabinet spaces, open shelves, and glass cabinets, while toe kick lights can help distinguish your kitchen and illuminate pathways.


Before purchasing light fixtures from, make sure to decide what kind you need first. Bedrooms usually consist of ceiling fixtures as well as task and accent lights. Each of the lights listed needs to balance the natural light your room receives, which is why it is also essential to take note of how much sunlight passes through your windows. Overhead lights are usually situated at the center of the room or right above the bed. Consider a modern pendant or a classic chandelier depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. You also need to determine the right width and overall size of your fixture. This step is vital because you want it to be balanced with the space your bed occupies as well as the dimensions of your room. Add function to your bedroom by installing task lighting. Wall sconces on both sides of the bed provide ideal reading light. An articulating sconce can provide you with maximum movement and flexible light direction, while a simple sconce gives you a more minimal and classic look. Your fixture’s ideal height and placement would depend on your ceiling height, nightstand size, and bed height. Lastly, create a relaxing ambiance with the help of a few lamps placed around your bedroom. Accent lights typically feature fixtures that have a lower wattage than overhead lights for more subtle illumination. Using a table lamp on your dresser or a floor lamp in the corner, you can create a cozy reading nook or effectively illuminate and fill an empty corner.


Study your office layout and plan carefully before picking your lighting products. Poor positioning of lights may cause eye fatigue and headaches, which will negatively affect your or your employees’ productivity. Make sure to invest in bright, warm, and white-based lighting, as it correlates to energy and wakefulness, while dim lights can make you feel drowsy and lethargic. Your overhead lights shouldn’t have a glare to them, and they also shouldn’t be positioned directly above your desk. Additionally, make sure to install corrective lighting so that the balance between light and shadow is maintained. Natural light in the workplace is highly recommended as it can help boost your productivity. However, since not every office space is exposed to considerable daylight, your fixtures must provide you with a close replica. Color temperature plays a significant role in this mimicking, which is why experts recommend your lights to be between 3500 Kelvin and 5500 Kelvin to boost productivity.

Living Rooms

Light is a powerful thing, especially in interior design, since it greatly contributes to a room’s overall mood and aesthetic. You can start by choosing a decorative ceiling fixture that you can hang near the center of your living room. Afterward, plan out where you can position your task and accent lighting fixtures based on where you may have shadows when you turn on your ambient light. Task lighting includes table lamps next to a sofa or in the corners of the room as well as swing-arm lamps that can extend out close to a chair or table. Lastly, accent lighting can add subtle touches and bring your living room together. You can purchase accent lamps, spotlights, or up lights to add more flair to your space.


Video Calls

If you don’t have a natural light source near your work desk, purchase a lighting product that can sit just above or behind your laptop or computer camera. Desk or pendant lamps are adjustable, which makes them ideal for this task. They can also more thoroughly illuminate what lies in your camera’s field of vision.

Makeup Application

Your lighting, whenever you’re applying makeup, is essential to getting the perfect look. Without proper illumination, your makeup will be blotted out by shadows, and the colors you’ve just applied will lose their intensity. It would help if you positioned your lighting directly in front of your face so that you can apply your products evenly and in the right amounts.


Whether you’re a beauty, fitness, or technology vlogger, a ring light is perfect for you. Aside from making you look great on camera, it is also easy to set up. All you need to do is put your device in the center of the ring light and then point it towards your face.


Cinematic lighting mainly depends on the scene you’re filming. It is a filming technique that helps add drama, depth, and atmosphere to the story and goes beyond the standard three-point lighting setup. Furthermore, it uses various tricks, such as bouncing light, diffusing light, and adjusting color temperatures.


Traditional theatre and stage lighting utilized simple lights focused at a particular spot and dimmed when needed. In recent years, there has been an emergence of moving and automated lights, which has allowed professionals to control the position, color, shape, size, and strobing of the light beam created.

One of the Top Lighting Companies in Manila, Philippines

At Ecoshift Corporation, we have been providing lighting fixtures to various organizations since 2011. We offer our LED lights at wholesale prices, making them much more affordable than those offered by retail stores. Over the years, we have proudly built a reputation for the quality of products we offer as well as our reliable services. Here is a brief overview of our expansive catalog:



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