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Your Trusted Explosion Proof Lighting Supplier in the Philippines


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Explosion proof fixtures are lighting products designed to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. They can often be found in gas stations, refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial settings where harsher conditions or reactive substances are present.

If you’re looking for top-quality LED lights in the Philippines, Ecoshift Corporation has you covered. We have an extensive catalog that you can go through. You can also be sure that we will offer you the best explosion proof lighting prices.

Why Do Businesses Invest in Explosion Proof Lighting in the Philippines?

Lighting is important for any company because it provides safety and security within the workplace. Furthermore, it improves productivity and can be used to set a certain mood for various occasions.

In particular, explosion proof lighting is an excellent choice because it meets all safety standards required by the Department of Labor and Employment. It is an investment as it provides business owners peace of mind and security. Additionally, it will create a safe workplace for those employed in hazardous environments where the risk of explosion or combustion is relatively high.

Explosion proof lighting products are made from sturdy materials such as steel and aluminum to withstand high temperatures and pressure. Aside from this, they are usually sealed with a gasket or a glass faceplate to protect the light bulb inside from the external environment and any possible damage due to heat or dust.

Ecoshift’s Shopping Mall Project

 shopping mall project

customer’s experience in a mall is highly dependent on the lighting found within and around the complex. LED fixtures can create an atmosphere that makes or breaks a sale as it can increase visibility, create an indoor environment that attracts people, and improve security.

In the past, Ecoshift completed a shopping mall project where we supplied and installed the following:

  • 1,185 Pieces of LED COB Downlights
  • 76 Pieces of LED Exit Lights
  • 52 Pieces of LED Panel Lights
  • 58 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights
  • 128 Pieces of LED T5 Tube Lights
  • 28 Pieces of LED Strip Lights
  • 28 Pieces of LED 100w Power Supply
  • LED Explosion Proof
  • LED Integrated Solar Street Light

Characteristics of a Good Explosion Proof Lighting Fixture in the Philippines

If you’re planning to buy explosion proof lighting fixtures in the Philippines, make sure that the item you’re getting has the following qualities:


One of the most essential characteristics of an explosion proof lighting fixture is its durability. It needs to withstand the stresses and strains that it is exposed to when in use, such as heat, vibration, and shock. Additionally, it should be able to hold up against more than just one level of explosive force, which could happen during a blast incident.

To ensure that a lighting fixture is sturdy, take note of the materials it’s made from. This way, you’ll know that it won’t ignite or explode when exposed to flames or high temperatures. It is also recommended that the finish be UV stable and resistant to rust.

Energy Efficiency

When purchasing an explosion proof fixture, you should always choose LED lights because they last longer than traditional bulbs. They’re said to consume an estimate of 90% less energy than a standard lighting product and can last up to 100,000 hours after the day of installation. Since they allow people to save on operation and production costs, it’s no wonder why companies choose to install explosion proof lighting in their facilities.

Great Mobility

Whether you are looking for explosion proof lighting for your manufacturing plant or outdoor office area, the importance of your fixture’s mobility is not to be underestimated.

Most of these products are made with more robust frames and thicker tempered glass lenses, which can be easily transported from one place to another without getting cracked or dented.  On the other hand, standard LED lighting products can easily break or malfunction due to even the slightest bump or movement.

Despite the ease that they can be installed and moved around, it is always best to hire qualified personnel. They can help you ensure that each fixture is correctly installed according to the requirements of your project.

Thermal Stability

Aside from measuring how much heat a lighting fixture can withstand, thermal stability refers to the ability of the lighting fixture not to affect the temperature in an environment. It is an essential factor to take note of because it keeps the temperature of a room stable. Furthermore, it helps prevent any fluctuations caused by other machines in the room, such as computers, refrigerators, and engines.

However, if you want to determine how a fixture will hold up to heat, you need to figure out what material was used in its manufacturing. Steel, which is commonly used for such lighting products, retains heat better than other metals, making it ideal for constructing an explosion proof light fixture. However, aluminum makes for a less preferred LED light because items with this element will warp when put under the same conditions.


When it comes to eco-friendly lighting, one of the most important aspects is longevity. Eco-friendly explosion proof lighting fixtures are designed with a longer lifespan, which means those who have them installed won’t have to keep buying new bulbs and disposing of their old ones.

Turn to Ecoshift if You Need Explosion Proof Lighting

Light is a crucial component of any business, but it can also be a lifesaver in cases of emergency. This is why some business owners invest in fixtures designed to withstand the extreme heat and pressure of an explosion.

A perfect example of such are explosion proof lighting products. Their primary function is to provide facilities with sufficient illumination while helping ensure the safety of the building’s occupants in case of fire.

At Ecoshift, we can help you attain the LED lighting products you need. Feel free to browse through our website to see what we offer, and get in touch with us today to learn more about our delivery and installation process. We look forward to hearing from you!


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