LED Exit Light Acrylic Double Face

LED Exit Light Acrylic Double Face

Product Code DFA-EXT-GR-001
Design Label Exit Sign
Label Double Face
Wattage 3 Watts
Material Aluminum Housing+ Acrylic Panel
Input Voltage AC 220V – 265V 50/60 Hz
Battery Type ni-cd battery
Battery Protection Over-Charge and Over-discharge Protection
Light Source High Brightness LED SMD
IP Rating IP 40 
Product Description

LED Exit Light Acrylic Double Face | Hanging Exit Sign

LED Exit Light Acrylic Single Face is a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when experiencing a power outage. Above all, emergency lights are crucial to any commercial or residential establishments to comply with city regulations and fire safety codes. Our LED Exit Lighting is illuminated with extra-bright LEDs to ensure visibility along dark corridors and hallways. LED Emergency Lights are standard in new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings. Most building codes require that they be to install and in older buildings as well. LED Emergency Light illuminates the exit pathway in case of an emergency power outage. This Emergency Lighting is designed for indoor commercial use in all types of applications. The LED Emergency Light Twin Head Matte Black will provide minutes of battery backup powered emergency illumination. Reliability is a must for any emergency equipment and the use of LEDs ensure minimal maintenance. With all LED products, our LED Exit Lights have a longer lifespan than that of its fluorescent-based counterparts. That is to say, each wattage counts against your budget and an investment LED-based lighting can never go wrong. Why? Because it has unparalleled energy efficiency among other alternatives in the market. This item represents our commitment. We provide each and every household or businesses in the Philippines access to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting alternatives.

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