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Davao Main Road Lighting Project

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Main roads are where most of the vehicles run at a faster speed. Because of that, main road lighting is essential to give enough visibility for drivers and help them avoid accidents. And the best lighting solutions that can provide adequate lighting for main roads are LED lights from Ecoshift Corporation. Our LED lights for main roads have top-notch light quality and energy efficiency necessary for every main road!

We have been delivering high-quality lighting solutions for different companies, industries, and residential areas in the Philippines for over a decade now. And one of our successful lighting executions is our main road lighting project in Davao. To help Davao prevent accidents and provide safety and security for their motorists, we have supplied and installed them with 284 sets of our premium industrial-type LED solar streetlights.

Our LED solar streetlights are main road solar lighting products that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They help communities save from electrical consumption as they store solar energy during the daytime and light up at night when they are most needed. Additionally, they are suitable for outdoor areas because they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions present on main roads. Due to that, our LED solar streetlights are the best main road lighting solutions for Davao!

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Main Road Lighting

Ecoshift Corporation’s eco-friendly main road lighting products are made with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. We use LED technology for all our main road lights. That is why they have different benefits that our clients can enjoy. Here are some of them:


Our products are the best alternatives to traditional main road lighting products due to their cost-efficiency feature. Compared to conventional and other brands of main road lights, our LED lights for main roads allow users to conserve electricity since they use solar energy. Aside from that, our products have a life span of over 50,000 hours, letting communities save on their maintenance costs as our products do not need regular replacements.

Ensure Safety and Security

The primary purpose of Ecoshift Corporation’s main road lighting fixtures is to provide adequate illumination to ensure safety and security on main roads. The light quality of our main road lights offers sufficient visibility needed by the drivers. Also, our products provide comfort and guarantee motorists a safe road trip!

Positive Health Impacts

Aside from having positive environmental impacts, our main road lighting solutions also offer positive health impacts. They do not contain toxic materials like mercury which can jeopardize our lives. Also, they are the best alternative to kerosene lamps that are popular among Filipinos, especially in rural areas. Kerosene lamps are dangerous as they can cause respiratory problems and eye infections. Due to that, our LED lights for main roads are the best lighting options that can save everyone from the said health threats.

We at Ecoshift Corporation are committed to providing every Filipino with nothing but the best LED lighting products! So if you are looking for high-quality main road lighting solutions or working on a main road lighting project, go straight to the source, Ecoshift Corporation! And if you want to learn more about our exceptional services, check out our other lighting projects. Contact us and request a quote today to get the best deals on our main road lighting products. Switch to Ecoshift Corporation now!

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