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Learn All About the Basics of Street Lights and Road Lighting


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Street lights, lampposts, or street lamps are raised sources of illumination that can usually be found along the edges of roads or paths. These poles act as a beacon to help people navigate the area by enhancing visibility in locations with poor light conditions. Most of the time, they are used alongside other traffic safety equipment to further boost their effects.          

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When Were Street and Road Lighting Products Made?

The Utilization of Torches

The concept of using different tools and devices to illuminate roads has been present ever since the preindustrial era. Greeks and Romans used oil lamps to keep potential robbers at bay and prevent themselves from losing their footing on a particular path due to it being dark.

Since this was the period before incandescent lamps, people were limited to the use of candles. Lamplighters were tasked to go around the town at dusk and light each lamp situated in different positions. Linkboys also used to carry a flaming torch to help light the way for pedestrians at night, escorting people from one place to another as they travel through the medieval town.

Normalizing Street Lamps

In the 16th century, people found a way to improve the quality of light. They started enclosing candles in a simple glass cage. Wolfgang Schivelbusch, a German scholar and historian, shared that lanterns were “hung down in the very middle of all the streets, about 20 paces distance, and 20-foot high.”

In 1667, Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie, the founder of the first modern police force in Paris, issued an ordinance regarding public lighting. He stated that this would “end the saga of nighttime thefts and [other crimes] throughout the fall and winter.” By the end of the 17th century, their city had more than 2,700 street lights.

Continuous Improvement

As the years passed, people slowly started discovering new sources of energy that can help them produce light. From gas lamp street lights in 1735 to incandescent lamps in 1879, towns always made it a point to set up sources of illumination to ensure that people have a way of seeing their surroundings regardless of how late it was.

Modern Street Lights

Nowadays, street lamps use high-intensity discharge lamps, creating a brighter light than fluorescent and incandescent lamps. These LED lampposts have a lens on each panel, designed to cast light in a rectangular or circular pattern.

Aside from this type of road illumination, solar street lights are slowly starting to gain popularity. These raised light sources are powered by solar panels usually mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the pole itself. They are ideal for areas where setting up electrical wires may be challenging since they can absorb sunlight and transform it into electricity with little difficulty.

How Does Street and Road Lighting Work in Manila, Philippines?

Lampposts in Manila, Philippines automatically turn on when photocells detect that illumination is needed. These sensors are light-sensitive, which is why they can send commands to the computing unit within the street light to trigger the flow of electricity during dusk or whenever the sky is overcast. Alternatively, when they identify that there is too much light, photocells will deactivate the street lamp.

What Is the Importance of Street and Road Lighting?

There are various benefits to installing street and road lighting products within a specific area. These include:

Deters Crime

Better lighting will discourage offenders who benefit from the cover that darkness provides. In areas with better illumination, criminals are more likely to be seen by someone who may intervene or call the police. People will also have an easier time recognizing lawbreakers and provide the needed details to the authorities.

Increases Sense of Security

Installing lampposts make people feel safer when walking at night. Since they have better visibility, researchers Steve Fotios and Holly Castleton shared that pedestrians can “conduct trip hazard detection and evaluate the intent of other people.” However, it is essential to note that they also specified how one’s surroundings (i.e., cleanliness) heavily affect a person’s perception of safety vis-à-vis road illumination.

Reduces Vehicular Accidents

Driving outside of daylight hours is proven to be more dangerous. Although only a quarter of automobile drivers travel from 7 PM to 8 AM, this specific period still accounts for 40% of fatal vehicular accidents in a year. Installing an adequate amount of street lights ensures that people behind the wheel can see the road ahead of them and any obstructions.

Furthermore, exposure to light during this time of the night has a positive effect on driver alertness. Researchers from the National Safety Council shared that 40% of people have admitted that they have fallen asleep as they were on the road at least once. By emitting enough light to boost people’s alertness, lampposts can help prevent this type of accident.

Improves Quality of Neighborhood Life

Terri Cornwell and M. Joseph Sirgy conducted a survey that showed how social features of an area play a significant role in the community’s happiness. By having street lights installed, community leaders or public policy officials help improve the quality of life in an area. These lighting products aid in promoting interaction among neighbors by providing them with a safe space to convene in and eventually strengthening their ties with other people in the district.

Furthermore, people tend to relocate in pursuit of a better quality of life. If the social, economic, and physical attributes of a subdivision are up to par, these characteristics will help prevent residents from leaving the area. Ultimately, Cornwell and Sirgy express that these contribute to a person’s life satisfaction, which is why they hold such importance.

How Far Apart Should Street and Road Lighting Products in Manila, Philippines Be?

The Department of Energy in Manila, Philippines has clearly stipulated how far apart each luminaire should be. The spacing would change depending on the type of road you are on, be it an expressway, a rural highway, or a major, collector, or minor road.

On the other hand, the position of each street light would depend on the width of the road. Some areas would need a single-sided arrangement, while others would require a zigzag or staggered one.

Where Can You Buy Street and Road Lighting Products in Manila, Philippines?

At Ecoshift Corporation, we take great pride in offering an extensive catalog of fixtures to our customers. Our lighting products include ones that you can have installed in your home, office, factory, restaurant, and more. Reach out to us today to learn more about our company and what we offer.

What Are the Different Street and Road Lighting Products You Can Buy?

Here are the different types of street and road lighting products you can get from Ecoshift Corporation in Manila, Philippines:


Street and road lighting in Manila, Philippines is essential because proper illumination helps improve the quality of neighborhood life. It deters crime, reduces vehicular accidents, and increases the residents’ sense of safety. By ensuring that these fixtures are properly installed in your area, you can prevent people from relocating and even encourage others to move into your district or subdivision.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we can provide you with what you need. We have been a trusted supplier of industrial, commercial, and architectural lighting products since 2011. Furthermore, we ship out your products in two to three days to ensure that you receive them as soon as possible. Get in touch with our team today!



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