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LED Solar Street Lights, an alternative to the traditional streetlights. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly as it stores power from the sun. Used for backyards, highways, and other outdoor lightings.

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LED Solar Street Light Philippines

What is LED Solar Street Light in the Philippines?

Solar power has been popular lately as a dependable source for lighting across the world. In line with this, technological innovations paved the way to the birth of LED solar street lights proven to be cost-effective and environment-friendly to light up the road and public spaces.

The LED Solar Street Light is known for its energy conservation because of its reduced dependence on conventional energy and less reliance on the national grid. With its long-lasting and maintenance-free features, it became well-suited for both commercial use and domestic lighting applications.

LED Solar Street Light is a solar energy-powered, modern, innovative, and multifunctional street lighting solution that will revolutionize the way we light up our planet.

With Ecoshift's LED Solar Street Light, we will be able to illuminate highways, streets, parks, parking lots, corporate and university campuses made from high-quality components in our facilities in the Philippines. Not only will it promote renewable energy sources by creating appealing and modern visual environments, but these LED Solar Street Lights in the Philippines will also reduce your installation, energy, and maintenance costs.

Why Choose LED Solar Street Lights?

Minimal Risk Accidents

LED Solar Street Lights are less reliant on the utility grid, meaning these are wireless lights dependent on the sun's heat energy. Because of that, places that experience an abundance of sunlight would benefit the most from it. Aside from that, these also have lower chances of overheating and risk accidents since these require less maintenance and do not have external wires, unlike the traditional streetlights.


Since LED Solar Street Lights are highly dependent on the sun, it helps lessen carbon footprints' contribution. This makes it a delight for the environmentalists because they see LED solar street lights as a perfect green lighting solution to save our planet.

Positive Impact on Health

One of the problems here in the Philippines is the low supply of lighting in remote rural areas. Residents in those areas have no choice but to rely on kerosene lamps and lanterns (or even from candles) hazardous to our health. With the convenience of LED Solar Street Lights, they won't have to worry about walking around with a lamp or candle, which can cause respiratory problems or eye infections.

You would expect a traditional street light while having the same longevity and efficiency. As it has unprecedented energy efficiency than that of HPS based lighting, LED solar street lights are undoubtedly a safer choice. Consuming even less wattage, as some of our models have, paves the way for alternative energy sources like solar power.

Our LED Solar Street Light in the Philippines has a good structure, so you can be confident it can withstand harsh conditions such as torrential rain and extreme heat, which makes it ideal for your street lighting requirements.

Product Description of LED Solar Street Lights in the Philippines

Make the switch to Ecoshift's Best Quality LED Solar Street Lights! With a built-in solar energy rechargeable Li-ion battery, LED Solar Street Lights are guaranteed energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and of high quality that is perfect for your lighting plan and requirements. The LED Solar Street Light also has a motion sensor with a road stud and light pole that makes it suitable for commercial and domestic places.

You may also select from available wattages between:
15 Watts • 20 Watts • 25 Watts • 30 Watts • 50 Watts • 60 Watts • 150 Watts

Product Benefits of LED Solar Street Lights in the Philippines

Save energy and costs without sacrificing style with Ecoshift's wide selection of LED Solar Street Lights.

The LED Solar Street Light has a life of over 50,000 hours, with its light several times brighter than its predecessor without the need to consume as much energy.

Product Application of LED Solar Street Lights in the Philippines

LED Solar Street Light is excellent for outdoor lightings such as parks, backyards, highways, and other outdoor lightings.

This is also used for Architectural lighting design, which helps the field of architecture, interior design, and electrical engineering concerned with lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

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