SKU: SSE-150W-DL-014

Economy Integrated Led Solar Street Light 150W Daylight

Product Code SSE-150W-DL-014
Wattage 150 Watts
Body Materials Abs Housing + Acrylic Cover
Dimension Lamp 620mm x 240mm x 55mm
Working Mode Fully Automatic, Auto ON/OFF
Human Body Sensing Built in Motion Sensor
Remote W/Remote
IP Rating IP 65
Warranty 1 Year
Lumens 80lm/W
Led Source 3 Layer SMD Led Module
CCT 6000k – 6500k / Daylight
Beam Angle 120deg
Solar Panel
Solar Panel Type Polycrystalline
Output Voltage 6VDC
Power 20 Watts
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Output Voltage 3.2 VDC
Battery Capacity
Charging 6 – 8 Hrs, W/ Good Sunlight
Discharge Time ≤10hrs, 100-0% Brightness
Mounting Accessories Set With Arm and Solar Panel Bracket Only
Insert Arm 48mm Dia
Installation Height
Installation Space


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Product Description

Economy LED Solar Street Light 150W SMD

Economy LED Solar Streetlight 150W SMD – LED Streetlights to outshine the popular conventional High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) based counterparts in the outdoor lighting scape. Introduced in the 70’s HPS lights known for producing bright lights while minimizing power consumption, but over time, modern lighting has vastly improved and LED-based Streetlights greatly outdoes its predecessor where it previously excelled and in so many ways. While having the same durability and reliability you can expect from a conventional street light. LED streetlights are definitely a better choice as it has unparalleled energy efficiency than that of HPS based lighting. Consuming even less wattage, this also paves the way for the use of alternative energy sources like solar power as some of our models have. Has a sturdy built, you can be sure it would withstand

  • Harsh conditions such as torrential rains
  • Extreme heat making it perfect for your Street Lighting needs.

As with all LED products, LED Streetlights have a long lifespan and several times brighter than its predecessor, in fact, white light from LEDs is known to double driver peripheral vision and increase brake reaction time by 25%. With our product, you can be sure each unit manufacture meticulously and built with high-quality standards. This item signifies our commitment to provide each and every household or business in the Philippines. Access to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting alternatives set at reasonably low and affordable prices. For more LED Street Light, check out our LED Solar Street Light category. Need Product Recommendation or Design Inspiration for your projects? Check out our projects with featured products in our Completed Project Lighting page for ideas.

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