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Things You Need To Know About Factory Lighting in Manila, Philippines


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The lighting needs of every location differ due to the varying nature of each environment. Some establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, may require fixtures with a warmer color temperature to promote relaxation within their premises. On the other hand, particular spaces, such as offices and warehouses, need cooler visible light to help people feel more awake.

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What Is the Importance of Factory Lighting in Manila, Philippines?

You must create a space with lighting that is neither excessive nor lacking. High-intensity illumination may cause migraines and headaches, while poor lighting may affect your eyesight. This is why you need to find the right balance to ensure that everything goes smoothly within your facility.

Here are a few more benefits of having good lighting in your factory or warehouse:


One of the best sources of illumination is natural lighting. However, since the architecture of some establishments doesn’t allow the passage of sunlight through windows, it would be best to have fixtures that can adequately replicate daylight. Install lighting products with the color temperature of natural light (5,000k to 7,000K) to improve your employees’ performance and increase their alertness.


Dim lighting can make it difficult for your employees’ eyes to focus, causing them to experience short-term eyestrain. If illumination in their workspace isn’t improved, they may slowly start to feel the effects of eye fatigue, such as sore, tired, burning, or itchy eyes, in addition to headaches and migraines. This is why you must install the appropriate fixtures in the recommended areas to ensure that everyone in your staff is working in optimum conditions.


Since illumination affects your workers’ sight, having poor lighting can affect the quality of their work. They may accidentally not meet the level of precision required because they can’t properly see what’s in front of them. A single mistake or misplacement can cost you a hefty amount of money in the long run, which is why it would be wise for you to invest in good factory lighting.

Trust our team at Ecoshift Corporation to provide you with the LED fixtures you need to ensure that all the processes in your factory are followed. We offer wholesale prices and have a 24-hour after-sales service. Feel free to get in touch with us today for additional information.

How Do You Improve Your Factory Lighting in Manila, Philippines?

Keep the following tips in mind when constructing or renovating your warehouse:

Utilize Your Windows

Having natural light will boost your employees’ productivity and help you reduce costs. Make sure that your skylights and windows are free from any obstructions to ensure that sunlight can pass through them. Additionally, it would be ideal if you had them cleaned regularly to remove contaminants, pollutants, and debris that have stuck to the glass, preventing natural light from penetrating inside your facility.

Choose Your Wall Colors Carefully

Paint your walls and ceilings with light or pale colors to make your space instantly look bigger and brighter. Since these shades are more reflective, they maximize the natural light’s effect and make any area feel open and airy. This is also why darker walls tend to absorb light, making rooms feel smaller.

Find the Best Places To Install Your Fixtures

Your fixtures should focus the light on your employee’s work and not directly into their eyes. This is especially important for manufacturing facilities where workers are required to accomplish detailed work, such as sewing or assembly. Additionally, your lights must be positioned in ideal places so that employees don’t adopt poor working postures while they’re on the job.

Reduce Glare

Glare is light that enters your eyes and interferes with your vision. It has three different kinds, namely:

  • Disability Glare – This can impede an individual’s vision and possibly cause accidents. It is caused by too much light entering the eye.
  • Discomfort Glare – More common in work environments, it can cause discomfort, strain, and fatigue. It is the result of the direct vision of a bright light source and background.
  • Reflected Glare – This is the bright light reflected by shiny surfaces into one’s field of vision.

You can invest in shades, blinds, or curtains in cases where the sunlight is too bright, and you want to decrease the illumination in your space. Furthermore, the correct positioning of lights helps staff members avoid glare discomfort while ensuring that their workspaces are free from shadows. Lastly, changing the layout of your staff’s workstations can also be beneficial as you can ensure that they aren’t seated in places where they may be exposed to glare.

What Are the Recommended Illumination Levels for Factory Lighting in Manila, Philippines?

Here’s a list you can refer to for the best lighting intensities required for different types of work:

  • 20 Lux – This amount is best for lorry parks, corridors, and circulation routes where numerous people and vehicles pass by.
  • 50 Lux – If you have a construction site, loading bay, excavation spot, or any other hazardous area with various people, machines, and vehicles, this is the best light intensity for you. Please note that this amount is only recommended for locations where work doesn’t require much attention to detail.
  • 100 Lux – For kitchens and factory assembly lines, you should have this much amount of light. It is also suggested for other establishments where you need to create detailed work.
  • 200 Lux – This is best for offices as well as factories where employees do sheet metal work. The higher amount is attributed to the work that requires a perception of detail.
  • 500 Lux – Lastly, any area where you need to pay close attention to your work is recommended to have this much light intensity. This is applicable for drawing offices, textile production plants, electronic assembly factories, and more.

How Do You Know if Your Factory Lighting in Manila, Philippines Needs To Be Improved?

These questions can act as guides to help you determine whether the lighting in your factory is ideal or not:

  • Is there quality general illumination (with no glare) throughout the facility?
  • Do you regularly clean and maintain your lighting fixtures as well as your windows?
  • Are your windows or skylights whitewashed or shaded to avoid glare?
  • Is there local lighting for close and detailed work to help reduce your employees’ eyestrain and eye fatigue?
  • Do you replace flickering lights as soon as possible?
  • Are your walls and ceilings painted in light colors and kept clean?
  • Is there enough emergency lighting in your factory?
  • Are outdoor areas satisfactorily lit for safety and security?

If your reply to any of these was no, you might need to take action to improve the illumination levels in your facility.

Where Can You Buy Fixtures for Factory Lighting in Manila, Philippines?

Finding a reliable supplier for industrial lighting fixtures in Manila, Philippines can be difficult since you must make sure that their products are of high quality and that their services are reliable. At Ecoshift Corporation, we offer free shipping as well as fast delivery. All our items are also available at wholesale pricing with a warranty of up to five years. Get in touch with us today for more information.

What Are the Best Products for Factory Lighting in Manila, Philippines?

Here is a list of things you can get from Ecoshift Corporation for your warehouse:


It is essential that your factory or warehouse in Manila, Philippines has proper lighting since it affects the health of your workers. It would help if you built an environment beneficial to their well-being to ensure that they can produce quality output. Aside from regularly cleaning your windows and painting your walls a light color, investing in high-quality factory lighting products is the best way to achieve optimum illumination levels.

This is where Ecoshift Corporation can help you. We offer various eco-friendly lighting fixtures that have a superior warranty policy. Furthermore, we also have delivery and installation services that you can benefit from. Contact us today to learn more!


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