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What You Should Know About LED Flood Lights in Manila, Philippines


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Using LED flood lights is among the most common ways to illuminate outdoor and other large spaces. These lighting fixtures are specifically designed to scatter light beams over a wide area. This is why they are often installed in lawns, backyards, parking lots, and even in sports stadiums and concert halls. There are many types of flood lights to choose from, but LED is among the most recommended by experts.

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What Are LED Flood Lights, and What Are Their Applications?

LED flood lights are aptly named because they were specifically developed to “flood” wide spaces with adequate lighting. They used light-emitting diodes (LED) to emit broad light beams toward a single direction. These lighting fixtures are highly effective in illuminating a certain area, so they are used by many kinds of businesses for their day-to-day operations. Here are a few examples of industries that require LED flood lights:


Miners often have to go deep under the ground to extract minerals and other precious materials. They work in incredibly cramped and dark spaces, so they are really at risk of slipping or bumping their heads due to unforeseen events. To prevent most accidents from happening, LED flood lights are used to illuminate the whole area. The lights do not eliminate all hazards, but they are significantly decreased due to proper illumination.


Buildings, road networks, railways, and other infrastructures sometimes need to be built or repaired fast. In these cases, construction workers are required to continue doing their job even at night. LED flood lights are the perfect outdoor lighting option to help illuminate construction sites after the sun has set. With enough LED flood lights in place, you can prevent accidents that are bound to happen in dark workspaces.

When purchasing LED flood lights in Manila, Philippines, be sure to speak only with a trusted supplier. This ensures that the products that you will buy are durable and high-quality. Ecoshift Corporation is a reliable distributor of various kinds of lighting fixtures. Get in touch with our team today if you are ever in need of energy-efficient LED flood lights for your construction site.


Shipping ports, where vessels dock to deliver or collect goods, are among the places that are open almost 24/7. At night, they need to be properly illuminated to maintain security and safety in the area. With enough LED flood lights in place, workers in ports can rest assured that the whole area will be well-lit.

Sports and Other Events

Believe it or not, the very first flood lights were actually used during a sporting event. Flood lights have greatly evolved since then, but they are still used in different sports tournaments, such as football, cricket, polo, tennis, and baseball.

During matches, plenty of LED flood lights are affixed to a tall post to keep the whole field bright. These fixtures allow players, referees, and viewers to see clearly, so accidents are prevented, and games can continue even after sundown.

Aside from sports tournaments, LED flood lights are used in other kinds of events, too. Concerts, for example, need these fixtures to keep the stage properly lit. Theater plays use LED flood lights, as well, for the same reason.


Even retail stores require the use of LED flood lights, too! Shops that are open until late at night need to keep their pathways well-lit, so customers going to the store can see where they are walking. Parking areas need to be properly illuminated, as well, to prevent accidents and theft.

Even after they close, large retail shops need to keep their LED flood lights on. These lighting fixtures are used to brighten up the store’s name from outside of the building. If you wish to purchase LED flood lights for your retail shop, feel free to get in touch with Ecoshift Corporation. We are a trusted distributor of various kinds of lighting fixtures in Manila, Philippines. Contact us for more information.

Additional Applications

LED flood lights are extremely versatile, so the list of their applications in various industries will be incredibly long. Aside from the ones mentioned above, these lighting fixtures are also used in hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. These buildings need to operate at night, so they have to keep the whole area well-lit for the welfare of their customers and employees.

Private homes use LED flood lights, too. They are usually installed in lawns, gardens, and backyards provide adequate lighting when it is nighttime. LED flood lights in residential spaces can be mounted on the ground or poles, depending on the area intended to be illuminated.

In public spaces, you can also find LED flood lights being used. In the absence of streetlamps, LED flood lights can provide enough lighting to walkways and minor roads. These lighting fixtures are also used to illuminate statues, monuments, fountains, and other structures that must be visible even at night.

History of LED Flood Lights

Flood lights have been in existence even before Thomas Edison could get a patent for his electric light bulb. Here is a summary of how it all started:

Flood-Lit Sports Events

The first recorded use of flood lights was in July 1878, during a game of polo. Electric lights at that time were not as powerful as today, but they were enough to provide illumination until early in the evening. A few months later, in October, a football match was held with flood lights illuminating the field. It was pretty much successful at that time because about 12,000 people went to watch the game.

Metal-Halide, Sodium-Vapor, and LED Lights

In a nutshell, flood lights develop along with the available technology for electric lamps. So, when metal-halide lamps became widely available, flood lights made of them were also designed. Metal-halide flood lights are very bright, and they can emit as much as 100 lumens per watt.

Sodium-vapor lamps also became pretty popular because they are more energy-efficient compared to their metal-halide counterparts. For every single watt, a sodium-vapor lamp can produce up to 140 lumens. Soon, sodium-vapor flood lights were developed and used.

Today, LED lamps are considered the most energy-efficient lighting options, and LED flood lights are widely used across various industries. Technological developments in the lighting industry do not stop. Many years from now, there might be other types of flood lights that will eclipse LED options in terms of brightness or luminous efficacy.

Solar-Powered Flood Lights

To get the energy they need, LED flood lights either have batteries or are plugged in power outlets. Today, there are LED flood lights that are solar-powered. These options harness energy from the sun during the day, so they can stay on for hours-on-end at night. Solar LED flood lights help users conserve more energy and save money from their electric bills.

If you need solar LED flood lights, feel free to contact us at Ecoshift Corporation. We supply high-quality lighting fixtures to commercial establishments and Manila, Philippines. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our solar LED flood lights and other lighting products that we offer.

Solar LED Flood Lights vs. Other Types

When you go to a store to purchase new flood lights, you will have plenty of options to choose from. However, LED flood lights are among the most popular because of the wide range of benefits they offer. For starters, they have an incredibly long lifespan. If properly installed and maintained, LED flood lights can last for a maximum of 50,000 hours (or almost six years).

Additionally, LED flood lights do not generate too much heat, which makes them safer than other options. They are also very eco-friendly because they do not contain any toxic products. There are also solar LED flood lights that help you save on your electric bills while also protecting the environment. Lastly, these lighting fixtures have an instant-on feature because LED bulbs do not need to warm up before turning on.

There are still a few drawbacks to using LED flood lights, though. After all, these lighting fixtures usually have a high upfront cost. The bulbs are also prone to gradual discoloration after being used for a few years. If these downsides bother you, do not worry because there are other types of flood lights available, such as:


High-intensity discharge (HID) flood lights are not as energy-efficient as their LED counterparts, but they can still help you save energy. These lighting fixtures also last for a very long time, so they will not require any replacement even after a few years.

However, HID flood lights can be pretty toxic because they contain mercury. Extra precaution is needed when throwing them away in case they get broken. They also emit ultraviolet radiation, which is very harmful to humans.


Sodium-vapor flood lights are quite durable, and they require very little maintenance. Like HID and LED, they are also energy-efficient have an incredibly long lifespan. The downside, however, is that they take a bit of time before they reach maximum brightness. Additionally, they produce a yellowish glow, which appears a bit dimmer compared to white.


As the name suggests, halogen flood lights contain halogen gas in their bulbs. When powered with electricity, this gas reacts to the tungsten filament and produces an intense beam of white light. This makes halogen flood lights one of the brightest options available in the market.

Halogen flood lights do not last too long, though. They will die out after being used for a few years, which means that users will have to buy new bulbs to replace the burnt-out ones. Additionally, these lighting fixtures can sometimes produce a lot of heat. There is always a risk that they will overheat and cause a fire.


When it comes to energy efficiency, fluorescent flood lights come really close to LED options. These lighting fixtures are also quite durable and long-lasting, so users do not have to purchase replacements after just a few years. Another advantage of fluorescent flood lights is their price. Their upfront cost is not too low, but they are still relatively more affordable than LED.

Fluorescent flood lights come with one major drawback, though. They contain mercury, so they can be pretty toxic to humans and animals. When they break, be sure to handle them with care to avoid having health problems.


Incandescent lights have been around for over a century now. There are flood lights made of them, but they are not that popular. In fact, they are starting to become obsolete for a variety of reasons. Compared to other options, incandescent flood lights are dimmer, and they produce high heat and waste plenty of energy when they are on. Additionally, they do not last very long, so they need to be replaced after a few years.

Things to Consider When Purchasing New Solar LED Flood Lights

Because of their cost, solar LED flood lights can be quite a significant investment. So, there are many things to think about when buying them, such as:

What You Will Use Them For

Before you purchase new solar LED flood lights in Manila, Philippines, be sure that you already have plans on where to use them. For example, if you will use them to illuminate parking spaces, driveways, and alleys, consider purchasing fixtures with a motion sensor feature. These lights will automatically turn on if they detect that cars or people are nearby.

Where You Will Install Them

Solar LED flood lights need to be installed outside to ensure that they will receive adequate sunlight. However, they also need to be waterproof so they will remain working even if they are frequently left out under the rain.

If your LED flood lights are intended to be used indoors, you can still purchase solar-powered options. You can simply “charge” them outside in the morning when they are not in use, and then turn them on at night. Indoor fixtures should also produce “cool” colors, so their lights need to be bright white or bluish.


LED flood lights are incredibly versatile, and they have plenty of applications in different industries. However, even though these lighting fixtures boast plenty of benefits, there are still a few downsides to buying and installing them. If, after analyzing the pros and cons of LED flood lights, you realize that you need them, be sure to get them from a reliable source.

Ecoshift Corporation is a trusted supplier of various kinds of lighting fixtures in Manila, Philippines. If you ever need solar LED flood lights, be sure to contact us. Our friendly staff members will be glad to assist you with your purchase. 


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