LED Louver

LED Louver

LED Louver or LED troffer fixtures, provides protection that are either portable, recessed or surface ceiling mounted. Paired together with LED tube lights to create a lighting fixture in an office ceiling.


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What Are Louver Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines?

Since the past, a light has always added dimension to domestic interior spaces, a fundamental aspect of architecture that is important to customers today. Proper lighting dictates what a space “feels” like.

In fact, with a little touch of effort, we can transform any space and convey a very specific feeling using lights. Regardless of what others say, all kinds of light intensify emotions, whether they are negative or positive.

We have evolved not only to enjoy light, but to require light: we see better in the light and have poor sight in the dark; regular exposure to light keeps us safe, and light is now used in a variety of therapeutic applications; and since the beginning of time, light has helped us to live fruitful lives, kept the darkness away, and meet practical needs that are needed to live on.

Because of LED manufacturing, more unconventional light shapes and colors, which were considered unlikely in previous years, are now on the market. Moreover, personalized lighting that imitates natural daylight allows Filipinos to have cleaner, individualized areas. With LEDs, public spaces, homes, all kinds of stores, and malls shine.

In the past two years, the advent of LEDs has changed the approach to lighting entirely. We also observed that hotter LEDs have certainly enabled residential customers to welcome incandescent or halogen transition.

For starters, an LED Louver or LED troffer fixture provides protection that is either portable, recessed, or surface ceiling mounted. It is paired together with LED tube lights to create a lighting fixture in an office ceiling.

In terms of lighting terminology, a louver lighting fixture is a type of optical assembly that is utilized to control light distribution. It can range from small-cell plastic to the large-cell anodized aluminum louvers that are used in parabolic fluorescent fixtures.

If you’re interested in Louver Lighting Fixtures, then you won’t be disappointed. A nice place, one to which a person has the opportunity to return, is undoubtedly equipped with excellent efficient lighting.

Light is, possibly, one of design’s most elegant and fundamental elements. That’s why customers today ask that this peace and well-being be introduced into their households.

Why Do You Need Louver Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines?

Every person needs light, no matter how old or where they are. The only question to be asked is, “what kind?”

Every person prefers a distinct kind of light. Some want to lighten their places in certain directions, and the rest prefer to illuminate the whole area with beaming brightness. What kind of preference do you want? Have you decided already? Or are you having trouble with what to pick?

When lighting fixtures are used correctly, they will create a fantastic environment to relax from an overly stressful day. We all need time to get away from our day to day life and take a break in a nice place. Light creates more than just visual effects as it also has biological and psychological effects that can impact our health and well-being.

Would you want a lighting fixture that is compatible with modern energy-saving and ecological lighting of closed space? Louver Lighting Fixtures are designed to eliminate glare rendering to have a more precise light distribution. In that way, the fixture can provide a better contrast and image definition that will enhance color rendition of merchandised products.

Whether it is used in personal or public areas, proper lighting makes all work tasks easier. Without a doubt, appropriate lighting reduces eye fatigue and headaches that are essential to prevent workplace disturbances and other safety hazards.

Also, good quality lighting also reduces the chance of incidents and injuries from “momentary blindness” that can generate even more problems in the long run.

Does your place get enough daylight to eradicate the need for proper lighting? If yes, then would you expect to last a night without any illumination at all? Louver Lighting Fixtures are ideal for prominent places and other commercial spaces.

Louver Lighting Fixtures can reduce heat radiation to any area, keeping a more convenient temperature on blisteringly hot days. Their functionality and other extensive capabilities mean that these kinds of technology are becoming a popular choice for renovators in the Philippines.

Remember, not enough light can also be a problem in your daily routine. It is always essential to have a good electric lighting system wherever you may be.

Luckily, there are hundreds of LED suppliers and manufacturers in the Philippines that can help you with your demands and requirements. All you have to do is search for them online or contact us right away. We’d be happy to assist you with lighting requirements at any time of the day.

Always cherry-pick the ones that will lead your public space lighting to a favorable outcome! Enquire now.

Product Description of Louver Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines

Ecoshift’s LED Louver Light Fixtures are designed to eliminate glare rendering for more precise light distribution. This provides better contrast and image definition, which enhances the color rendition of merchandised products.

Compatible with T8 Tube Lights with the principal element of modern energy-saving and ecological lighting of closed space, like offices and municipal lighting. For LED 2×4 troffer fixtures and 2×2 led troffer fixtures.

Ecoshift is one of the top LED Louver Light Suppliers here in the Philippines. Feel free to choose between Recessed, Surface Mounted, and with a G13 Holder.

Best Fits with: 600mm Tube • 1200mm Tube.

Retrofit Kit: 600x600mm (2×2), 600x1200mm (2×4).

Available Louver Light Size and Dimensions:

2×20 (12”x24”) • 3×20 1×40 (12”x48”) • 2×40 (12”x48”) • 2×40 (24”x48”) • 3×40 (24”x48”) • 24”x24” • 12”x48” • 24”x48” • 2×40”

For Inquiries Call :
Manila Tel: +(632) 8725 8154 / 8531 6371 / 8370 0103
Globe / TM: (0927) 562 4371 / (0917) 888 0722
Smart / TNT: (0949) 418 3260 / (0961) 758 3260
Email: [email protected]

Product Benefits of Louver Lighting Fixtures in the Philippines

Louver Lighting Fixtures are a daylighting system that has many advantages beyond existing passive lighting technologies in the Philippines. Check out the following information!

Efficient Brightness

Louver Lighting Fixtures are ideal for large spaces with their efficient brightness. They serve as a daylighting solution for deep plan building spaces, such as offices, public buildings, schools, and universities, by creating a unique solution for diffusing direct light and managing glare.

Incredible DayLighting Solution

Louver Lighting Fixtures are an incredible daylighting solution that provides low-glare passive daylighting to occupants of office buildings. If you have a large space that is in need of a light, consider it achieved with this type of lighting fixture.

Affordable Lighting Fixture in the Philippines

Louver Lighting Fixtures are affordable in the Philippines. Making a space so aesthetically pleasing requires you to get money from your pocket. Although there are a lot of things to consider, choosing Louver Lighting Fixtures won’t put any burden on your finances.

Louver Lighting Fixtures outperform the other daylighting systems in terms of the amount of illumination, depth of illumination, and glare control. Worth the price, worth the use!

If you’re looking for affordable ones in the market, consider putting EcoShift on the top of your list. We offer Louver Lighting Fixtures with exceptional quality at the most affordable prices for Filipinos.

Incredible Products from EcoShift

Built with lightweight, durable, and high-quality fixtures that are perfect for any LED Louver Fitting. EcoShift Corporation has been specializing in end-to-end LED lighting solutions since the year 2010. Our services include customized design, layout planning, production, conversion, installation, and industry-leading after-sales service, repair, and warranty.

Product Application of Louver Lighting in the Philippines

Louver Lighting Systems are ideal for deep plan building spaces in the Philippines. Truth be told, such architects and interior designers would benefit from this technology as it manages to provide efficient lighting effortlessly.

Light has allowed human beings to live such productive lives. It has also kept the darkness away, has met practical needs like providing warmth, and allows us to see things clearly.

Selecting the right Louver Lighting Fixtures might be confusing to some people. With that, do not hesitate to ask for help, especially here at Ecoshift. Check out categories more your options! We have a lot to offer for our customers!

Ecoshift Corporation is one of the largest LED Lighting Fixtures here in the Philippines. We are the most complete lighting supplier in the country, with over 2,000 products available in stock! Check out our website for more information!

LED Louver

LED Louver or LED troffer fixtures, provides protection that are either portable, recessed or surface ceiling mounted. Paired together with LED tube lights to create a lighting fixture in an office ceiling.

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