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LED Panel Light, a slim type puck fixture enclosed. One of best lighting options for indoor settings with its sleek look and innovative features or design, comes in square and round, recessed and surface mounted.

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LED Panel Light Philippines

What is a LED Panel Light in the Philippines?

LED Panel Light is available in various formats, weights, wattages, colors, and configurations, with high-quality materials and advanced technologies. The sleek and stylish concept of LED
Panel Light is a new alternative to conventional grid-based fluorescent trunks. The slender profile helps them blend effortlessly into every workspace in the Philippines.

LED Panel Light helps companies to dramatically minimize their running costs without reducing the efficiency of their lighting. LED lamps are designed to replace conventional fluorescent and modular fittings. This LED panel is an ultra-slim and cutting-edge light source that provides solutions for any lighting use.

Ecoshift Philippines provides a wide variety of LED Lamps, available in various styles, measurements, wattages, colors, and configurations with high-quality materials and advanced technologies. LED panel lights consume much less energy and last for longer, resulting in several benefits over devices that have traditionally been installed in almost any application.

Product Description of LED Panel Light in the Philippines

Make a Switch to Ecoshift LED Panel Light in the Philippines. A better choice as it is more energy efficient! With built-in solar energy rechargeable Li-ion battery for the best quality at Best Prices. Safe, durable, and high-quality LED Solar Powered Lighting products to provide the best LED Solar Lighting System and Solar Lighting Kit. Ecoshift is one of the top suppliers of LED Panel Lights here in the Philippines!

IP 67 Outdoor (Water Resistant, recommended for outdoor use.)

Select from available wattages between:
10 Watts • 25 Watts • 40 Watts • 60 Watts • 80 Watts • 100 Watts • 150 Watts

Product Benefits of LED Panel Light in the Philippines

For commercial buildings or warehouses, panel lights are typical bay light fixtures found in ceilings. Compared to the individual light bulbs, the panel lights have a mixture of lights to create an even light spread. If it's time for new or better panel lights for your company, we strongly recommend using LED Panel Light in the Philippines.

Read on to discover why LED Panel Lights in the Philippines are a favorable choice for the workplace.

Excellent Quality of Light

Next, LED lighting eliminates fluorescent lighting's physical and emotional side effects due to its superior light intensity. LEDs have a healthy, equitable distribution of light through the whole room or region. Most notably, LEDs for all lighting solutions are secure as well. UV illumination from LED lamps is innocuous relative to incandescent light bulbs.

Plus, LED lights emit less heat and do not contain mercury. Workers would be more efficient, less anxious, and more comfortable with modern LED lighting panels.

Going Green Means Saving Green
There is no happier feeling than saving—whether it benefits the world or contributes to investments. LED Panel Lights in the Philippines will make the company greener and more ecofriendly. LED lighting is also more energy effective than fluorescent lighting.

Also, with a higher quality of light, LEDs waste less energy and consume less power. Plus, energy savings are related to saving money. Overall, installing LED panel lighting will save your company up to 90% of your energy savings. Save in the right way!

Long-Lasting, Durable
In addition to saving money, the improved lifespan of LED bulbs is one of the best parts for installing LED light panels. There will be little upkeep and concern about LED light panels when they have lifetime between 30,000 hours and 60,000 hours.

Compared to other less effective light bulbs, LEDs last 100 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and nearly 12 times longer than compact fluorescent lighting solutions. As a result, LEDs have less depreciation of the lumen. As a result, the level of light can decline over a prolonged period, instead of suddenly failing to function like most light bulbs.

Smarter Lighting Solution with LED Panel Lights
Finally, take care of your working environment by changing the lighting as necessary. Will you need to change the light to various environments or places in the workplace? LED Panel Lights may include smart technologies to monitor lighting and time-consuming use.

Product Application

Panel Light for Ceilings, Homes, Office, Store or any Commercial uses. It’s also used for Architectural lighting design which helps the field of architecture, interior design and electrical engineering that is concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

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