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3W • 4W • 5W • 7W • 9W
MR16 • GU10 • E27

LED Halogen Spotlight, used as accent lighting for paintings, food warmers or in rooms that needs a bit of flair. LED Halogen Spotlight is perfect for providing ample, classical and attractive illumination.

LED Spotlight Philippines

Product Description

LED Spotlight for Sale!

Make a Shift to Ecoshift LED Halogen Spotlight. Much brighter than traditional Spotlight while saving energy at Best Prices. From Edison Bulb, High-Powered, Pin Light, and Candle Bulb. We also offer different kind of bulb holders which are MR16, E27, and GU10. Ecoshift is one of the top LED Halogen Spotlight Supplier here in the Philippines.
LED Spot Lights or spot lamps are the “spot on” replacement for halogen lights if you want to go for brighter, low energy consumption (specifically 75% less) and budget-friendly lighting.

LED Spotlight Wattage:
3W Spotlight • 4W Spotlight • 5W Spotlight • 7W Spotlight • 9W Spotlight

Product Benefits

  • Ecoshift LED Halogen Spotlights are the best replacement for its predecessors improving on lower wattage at the same brilliance and longer life spans perfect for any Ceiling Spotlights Design.
  • Save energy and costs without sacrificing style with Ecoshift’s wide selection of LED Halogen Light for home and offices.
  • LED Halogen Light Bulbs has life over 50,000 hours
  • Its lights are several times brighter than its predecessor without the need to consume as much energy.

Product Application

Ecoshift Corporations LED Spotlight is perfect for track lighting, recessed lighting, desk lights, display case lighting, trade show lighting, indoor or outdoor fixtures with weatherproof housings.

It’s also used for Architectural lighting design which helps the field of architecture, interior design and electrical engineering that is concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

Services Offered

24/7 Customer Service, Free Shipping, Guaranteed Warranty, Lighting Products, Supply and Installation, Lighting Consultation. No. 1 Supplier in Philippines.

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