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Enhance Your Building’s Interior and Exterior Aesthetics With LED Strip Lights


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LED strip lights are versatile forms of lighting that are typically 16 feet or 5 meters. They contain individual LED emitters attached to a narrow, flexible circuit board and operate on low-voltage DC power. Due to their flexibility, these reels can be placed in various locations and used for different purposes.

If you’re looking for LED strip lights, count on Ecoshift Corporation to be your LED strip light provider. Rest easy knowing that our company offers one of the best LED lights strip prices in the Philippines. In addition, we have a team of professionals that will assist you in selecting the ceiling LED strip lights suitable for your space.

What Makes Outdoor LED Strip Lights Different?

Here is a list of qualities that make outdoor LED strip lights stand out from the rest:

Low Cost

Although outdoor LED strip lights are generally considered more expensive than their incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen counterparts, the low energy consumption of these products will offset the initial cost. They can help you reduce your monthly electricity bill and save more money.

In addition, outdoor LED strip lights are made with durable materials, meaning you won’t have to invest in frequent maintenance and replacement. This keeps the overall expenses down, making them one of the most cost-efficient lighting products in the market.

Water Resistance

The materials used for outdoor LED strip lights are intended to withstand cold and wet conditions. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about them getting easily damaged from the harsh weather.

If you doubt whether a fixture can withstand outdoor conditions, you can always check for the IP rating at the product’s information label. This categorization is a two-digit number identifying an item’s level of protection against the ingress of solids and liquids. If the indicated IP rating of the LED strip light is IP65 or IP67, it means that it is suitable for the outdoor environment.


One of the central features of outdoor LED strip lights is their flexibility. There are dozens of ways you can install these lighting fixtures. Unlike LED bulbs, you can attach them to curved surfaces, corners or mold them into almost any shape. You can even purchase outdoor LED strip lights based on your preferred length to ensure that they are an exact fit for your establishment.

How Can Outdoor Strip Lighting Help Improve Your Business?

Installing outdoor strip lights can help boost your business as these fixtures can:

Catch the Attention of Potential Customers

You can use outdoor LED strip lights to highlight some parts of your building’s exterior, effectively drawing the viewer’s attention to the establishment. For instance, you can install these lights to highlight your building signage and attract potential clients.

Differentiate Your Store From Competitors

Outdoor LED strip lights are available in different colors, which is why you can take your time experimenting with what type is suitable for your business. Choosing a different shade of light can make you stand out, especially when nearby establishments use the same warm or cool white light.

Illuminate Your Facade

If you want to highlight your exterior building facades, outdoor LED strip lights are one of the best options. These lighting products are highly versatile and bendable, making them easy to install on the edges or contours of buildings.

Ecoshift’s Previous Projects That Used LED Strip Lights

Ecoshift Corporation has been one of the reliable providers of LED lighting products in the Philippines since 2011. We have partnered with a wide range of companies from different industries to deliver numerous fixtures that would enhance the aesthetic of their establishment. Our team has even installed LED strip lights during some of our projects, which are:

Shopping Mall

shopping mall project shopping mall project

One of the top shopping malls in the country expanded to a newly constructed building, providing people with more places for their social gatherings, entertainment, product launches, and promotions. It is an honor for Ecoshift Corporation to have closed an agreement with this shopping mall and supply them with LED lighting products for their newly constructed building.

The following lighting fixtures used for the project were:

  • 1,185 LED COB Downlights
  • 76 LED Exit Lights
  • 28 LED Strip Lights (Indoor Premises)
  • 28 LED 100W Power Supply (Indoor Premises)
  • 52 LED Panel Lights
  • 58 LED Emergency Lights
  • 128 LED T5 Tube Lights
  • LED Integrated Solar Street Light (Perimeter Lighting)

GMA Network

GMA Network LED Install and Supply by Ecoshift Corporation Philippines 

GMA is also known as the Kapuso Network, one of the Philippines’ leading broadcasting companies that bring superior entertainment and accurate news and information to viewers and listeners worldwide. Aside from their television and radio businesses, they own other media-related entities engaged in film production, music publishing, new media, etc.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we take pride in partnering with one of the most popular TV networks in the Philippines for their facade lighting needs. We supplied and installed outdoor LED strip lights for their building logo. Our team also delivered LED lighting fixtures for their interior, such as industrial LED tube lights and LED spotlights.

Savemore Market


Savemore Market has become a household name because it helps address people’s last-minute shopping needs, sparing customers the hassle of traveling to the supermarket for smaller purchases. Originating from the idea of SM Supermarket, Savemore helped address a need as Filipino shopping habits change throughout time.

Ecoshift Corporation closed a deal with Savemore to provide almost all their branches nationwide with only the best LED lights in the market. We understand that proper illumination is essential in shopping at stores, so we provided them with cost- and energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

Retail Stores 

The opening of two retail stores, Levi’s and Yves Rocher, in a shopping mall has provided consumers with more options on where they could purchase some of their clothing items and personal hygiene products.

At Ecoshift Corporation, our team knows that lighting is crucial to customer experience as it sets the store’s mood and helps draw attention to highlighted products of the store. In line with our client’s needs and demands, we have made successful contracts to supply them with high-quality LED products.

These are the following LED lighting fixtures we have installed for the project:

  • LED Strip Lights
  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Track Lights
  • LED Down Light
  • LED Emergency Light
  • LED Exit Light

De La Salle University Manila 

De La Salle University-Manila is home to local and international students who seek quality education for a brighter future. The university is known nationwide for its academic excellence, committing to building a community of competent professionals and leaders who will actively improve the quality of life.

Ecoshift Corporation has signed an agreement with De La Salle University-Manila to supply them with high-quality LED lighting fixtures. Since they were planning to renovate some of their classrooms as well as their facility and conference rooms, we made sure to assist them in choosing architectural lightings that would enhance the interior. For this project, we delivered and installed 350 units of LED linear lights and 15 meters of LED strip lights.

Tapa King Branches

Ecoshift Project Tapa King Branches Wholesale Prices and Discount LED Lighting Store in Philippines Ecoshift Project Tapa King Branches Wholesale Prices and Discount LED Lighting Store in Philippines

Over 30 years, Tapa King has established itself as the only specialized fast-casual restaurant that upholds the authentic cooking of tapa in the Philippines. The restaurant’s core is to provide real Filipino comfort food that reminds customers of home.

In the last seven years, Ecoshift Corporation has been in agreement with Tapa King to supply and install LED lights to all existing and succeeding Tapa King branches nationwide. One of our primary goals is to help them attract more customers to their establishments. To achieve this, we installed bright LED lighted signages, complete with LED strip lights and LED modules, in Tapa King stores.

Ansaldo Logistics  

Also known as Ansuico Inc. or Red Ball Express, Ansaldo Logistics has been one of the country’s top transport and logistics companies specializing in transport services since 1965. Over the years, the company has taken on different projects with their transport cargoes to suffice their clients’ objectives.

Ecoshift Corporation has provided Ansaldo Logistics with end-to-end services, including supply and installation of LED lights as well as after-sales services. For their newly constructed office, we have decided to showcase the versatility of LED panel lights and ceiling LED strip lights in various areas, such as their inside offices, conference rooms, lobby, and warehouse.

iMall Antipolo 

Opened on October 18, 2019, iMall Antipolo is one of the largest malls in Antipolo. The commercial establishment is a neighborhood-friendly establishment that is for shopping. It is also envisioned to cater to the immediate needs of the community.

Ecoshift Corporation offers services to different establishments, including airports, office buildings, or malls. For this project, we focused on helping our clients make the lighting plan that they deserve. We have installed the following LED lighting items:

  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Strip Lights
  • LED Halogen Spotlights
  • LED Downlights
  • LED Rope Lights



Children and adults benefit from playing games. These activities can help them use their creativity while nurturing their imagination, cognitive, emotional strength, and proficiency in various skills. In addition, they help reduce one’s stress from studying or working all day. That’s why Quantum, one of the country’s entertainment and amusement centers, has become a go-to for many people.

Ecoshift Corporation has closed a deal with Quantum to provide seven different LED lighting products and signages for their indoor lighting needs. One of our goals is to illuminate the place and set a brighter mood to attract customers to play and have fun inside.

We have installed the following LED lights in all of their branches nationwide:

  • 1,000 rolls of 5 meters of LED Strip Lights
  • 3,000 LED Panel Lights
  • 10,000 LED Modules
  • 10,000 LED Tube Lights
  • 2,000 LED Flood Lights
  • 3,000 LED Bulbs
  • 50 LED Track Lights

How Can You Use the Best LED Strip Lights?


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