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How To Select a Lighting Store That Can Provide You With the Fixtures You Need


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The type of lighting products you will use should not be the last thing on your list when you construct your house or business establishment. It is important to plan what fixtures you want to install ahead of time to maximize their function and add style or mood to the space you are building.

Choosing a reliable lighting store can make your lighting project easier, ensuring that it is done in no time. Their staff members can be your go-to people when you need to decide what lighting works best in your office area, kitchen, lobby, living room, and bedroom. These are the common spaces where people usually need better and appropriate lighting. Additionally, these are where people often commit lighting mistakes, making some rooms underlit and others too bright.

Before partnering with lighting stores in Manila, you should first learn how to choose one that can provide you with outstanding services and superior lighting fixtures. There are certain factors you should consider, and Ecoshift Corporation, a top lighting store in the Philippines, will help you identify them all.

Why You Should Choose a Trustworthy Lighting Supplier in the Philippines

Like any other person, it took you a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and countless sacrifices to have enough savings to construct your house or business. To make the most of your money, you should make the right choices every step of the way—from the construction plan and interior design to the lighting fixtures and furniture.

Having a trustworthy lighting supplier in the Philippines as a partner is definitely a must. They can bring a lot to the table and give professional advice based on their years of experience supplying, installing, and servicing lighting fixtures. Furthermore, they can help you with any questions or concerns  about the products you have purchased.

Here are more reasons you should partner with LED lighting suppliers in the Philippines:

Long-Lasting LED Lights

At Ecoshift, we are 100% sure that the quality of our products is superior as they last longer than others. Most of our lighting fixtures have a life span of 50,000 hours and are engineered to give out brighter light without consuming as much energy as other lighting products. This is made possible by the eco-friendly and energy-saving features they have.

In addition, our LED light fixtures have proper Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. This means that our products were tested to know their resistance against various kinds of external elements like heat, dust, water, and others. Knowing the IP rating of a product will give customers confidence that they are safe when they use our fixtures.

Convenient Warranty Claiming Process

Lighting stores in the Philippines have good warranty policies. In fact, for most of them, you can easily connect with your supplier if you are not satisfied with the products or services they gave you.

The process is also quite easy since all you need to do is send an email, then a representative will contact you. If your complaint includes having to refund or acquire fixture replacements, most of these stores will even volunteer to do everything for you, so you don’t have to undergo a complicated process.

Wholesale Lighting and Lighting Fixture Prices

There are many benefits to purchasing your lighting supplies from a single lighting store. One of those is getting your fixtures for a lower price. When you purchase in bulk from a wholesale supplier, the cost per unit could be lower since they can apply promos or discounts depending on how much you get.

You aren’t exactly getting the best deal if you purchase from retail stores since they also buy from wholesale lighting suppliers in the Philippines. Meaning, they are placing an additional amount to the original price you could be getting if you buy from the wholesaler.

What To Look For in a Reliable Lighting Store in the Philippines

The competition among LED lighting suppliers in the Philippines is tight. There are a lot of stores that offer great value, service, and products. This is why you should be aware of what to look for when you decide to approach one. Here are some factors you should consider:

Years of Experience

It is not bad to partner with a start-up lighting company. However, if you have the option to hire an experienced one, you should grab it. Having years of experience enables company owners and employees to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

Aside from becoming knowledgeable about LED lights, these professionals become more aware of what products they should recommend according to the needs of their customers. Additionally, they can serve you better because they have worked with many customers over the years, so they most likely already know how to assist you.

Skilled and Knowledgeable Employees

A responsible lighting store owner would not hire just anyone. They have already established the standards, skills, and knowledge their potential employees should have.

As a sign of commitment to their product and service claims, lighting stores are strict when it comes to screening their employees. This is because they understand that their employees will uphold their company’s values. Rest assured that the people who will serve you during your lighting project are knowledgeable in the field.

Additionally, some retail stores sell various types of products in addition to lighting fixtures. In this case, their workers may not have as much experience recommending the perfect lighting solutions for your needs because of their expansive catalog.

Cost-Effective Product Prices

When choosing a partner lighting store, it is best to review their product prices. Not everything that has a low price is worth buying. Make sure to look for products with energy-saving and eco-friendly features to save on electricity bills in the future. Additionally, find stores that highlight the life spans of their lighting products so you can gauge if you are paying the right amount for each unit.

Why Ecoshift Is Your Go-To LED Lighting Supplier in the Philippines

As the most complete lighting store in Manila, Ecoshift is undeniably one of the top choices for customers searching for a lighting supplier. If you are planning to work with us, here are some things you can expect:

Range of Products

If you have elaborate lighting plans for your house or business, you will need a one-stop lighting shop. At Ecoshift, we have 70 lighting categories to choose from and more than a thousand lighting products.

We have all the illuminating solutions you need for indoor and outdoor lighting. For your indoor lighting, you can purchase LED panel lights, pendant lights, downlights, and so on. You can also order outdoor lighting fixtures, such as street lights and high bay lights.

We even have the best solar lights in the Philippines that are perfect for your façade or garden areas. With our products’ solar features, you wouldn’t need an electricity source to power them up.

Delivery Services

When you order bulks of lighting products from Ecoshift, you wouldn’t have to worry about partnering with shipping couriers. We offer free delivery services to selected areas in Metro Manila, Calabarzon, and Davao. However, there will be a minimal shipping fee if you are located outside these areas. Of course, this is still negotiable, depending on how many products you purchase.

Free delivery services like these are important when you buy fragile lighting products as they require the utmost care during transport. Our delivery staff are well-trained in handling and installing them, so you can be sure that you’ll get our products in their optimum condition.

24-Hour After-Sales Services

To ensure customer satisfaction, Ecoshift established a 24-hour after-sales service. Here, you can call any time of the day and expect an Ecoshift representative to answer you. It does not matter if you have concerns you want to report or just have a simple question. As long as you are our customer, our lines are always open for your inquiries.

Warranty Policy

Ecoshift has one of the best warranty policies for lighting stores. As soon as you receive your products, you get up to five years of warranty for your products. This means, if you have problems with the products’ quality, you can easily submit a warranty claim containing your complaints. If our staff verifies that you have a valid reason, we will immediately refund or replace the products.

Fixtures With Zero UV Light Emissions

Too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can be harmful to our bodies. Some lighting products are reported to emit this. Luckily, Ecoshift offers LED lights that have zero UV light emissions. We are committed to prioritizing our customers’ safety while providing them with the best illumination products.

Ecoshift’s Most Notable Projects

GMA’s Facade Lighting


GMA is one of the leading television networks in the Philippines, and they have chosen Ecoshift as their lighting store partner.

We have supplied them with various LED fixtures, including 200 industrial flood lights and outdoor strip lights for four of their building logos. Additionally, they ordered 3,000 units of 9W industrial tube lights and 1,000 pieces of the 18W type for their studios, offices, and parking areas. Lastly, they purchased 350 units of 21W industrial tube lights, 500 spotlights, five high bay lights, and 100 emergency lights.



Savemore grocery markets have been growing in number because of the convenience they bring to their shoppers. In line with this, they have partnered with Ecoshift to illuminate their stores properly.

We supplied them with the best lighting materials we have, including LED bulbs, industrial flood lights, emergency lights, industrial high bay lights, exit lights, panel lights, strip lights, par lights, and track lights.

Monde Nissin Office


Monde Nissin Corporation is already a known brand to Filipinos. They have been committed to producing quality snacks for more than 30 years. To continue crafting the best products, they have built and maintained offices for their employees. Ecoshift was chosen to supply those spaces with lighting solutions.

They purchased 142 pieces of LED panel lights, 40 units of weatherproof fixtures, 40 LED tube lights, two elevator shaft fixtures, two LED bulbs, 74 LED emergency lights, and 16 pieces of LED exit lights.

Capitol Medical Center

capital medical center project

Capitol Medical Center has been healing and taking care of Filipino patients since the 1970s. To further improve their services, they have done a number of renovations on their facilities.

Ecoshift became their partner in doing so. We have supplied them with 600 pieces of LED panel lights to illuminate their hallways, lobbies, operating rooms, and other spaces inside the hospital.

The lighting project with Ecoshift was a big success, resulting in another agreement that once they finished the construction of their other building, they would tap us again to be their LED lighting supplier in the Philippines.

Contact Our Lighting Store Today

If you’re set to hire a supplier for your lighting needs, you can rely on Ecoshift Corporation. We have extensive knowledge and experience in indoor and outdoor lighting, and we can definitely guide you when choosing the perfect fixture for your space.

Additionally, we have completed many lighting projects with different companies, and we have a continued partnership with most of them because of the high-quality service we offer.

Contact us today, and experience working with superior lighting stores in the Philippines!


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