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LED Emergency Lights To Ensure Your Employees’ Safety


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Business owners have the responsibility of investing in different safety programs to ensure that their workers are protected during emergencies. LED emergency lights are among the items they can purchase and install in their office areas to provide their employees with ample illumination during blackouts. These lights can act as a guide during these situations, showing people the passageways that they can go through to get out of the building safely.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, “work-related accidents were reported by about 16.3 percent of the total 32,288 establishments employing 20 or more workers in 2017.” They also stated that “46,283 cases of occupational injuries were recorded” within the same year. With the number of mishaps that could occur within your establishment, it is essential that you invest in items that can help safeguard your guests and employees.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we can supply you with numerous lighting fixtures that can help illuminate your property. Our team also takes great pride in offering impressive LED emergency light prices in the Philippines. To learn more about our products, feel free to get in touch with us today!

How Are LED Emergency Lights Different From Other Fixtures?

Emergency lights are different from other ones as they are battery-backed, which means they are independently powered light sources. They are usually used as exit signs, emergency light fixtures, and similar types of lamps. Compared to other regular lights and bulbs, they are also brighter, more durable, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient.

It is important to note that these lighting products are not just for your employees’ safety but also for your customers’. Whether you have a large company or small business, you should take all the steps needed to ensure that everyone is safe at all times.

Why Do You Need To Install Emergency Lights in the Philippines?

Here are a few reasons why you must have LED emergency lights in your commercial establishment:

Constant Lighting

It is essential to install emergency lights in your establishment to see what is happening around you when the electricity is cut off. Emergency lights can provide you with constant lighting during these times, making it easy for you to see your surroundings. This can also prevent panic from arising as it’ll be much easier for you to communicate with others and confirm the situation at hand.

Safe Evacuation

Emergency lights provide safety during an emergency by improving visibility in dark spaces. If a stampede happens, people would see the lights and know that the exit way is just ahead. These fixtures also help prevent injuries caused by falling objects, in addition to making it easier for first responders to find you when they enter the building.

Regulatory Compliance

As specified by the Bureau of Fire Protection, building owners are required to install emergency lights in areas that are a means of egress. These fixtures are required to have the specified degree of illumination for at least one and a half hours after the failure of standard lighting. This includes various situations, including the interruption of public utility or other outside electrical power supply, opening a circuit breaker or fuse, accidentally turning off the switch controlling standard lighting facilities, and more.

Past Projects Completed by Ecoshift Corporation

Over the years, Ecoshift Corporation has installed high-quality LED emergency lights for our various projects, which include:

Shopping Mall


Nowadays, there are a variety of emergency lights in malls to help improve the security and safety of the premises. These fixtures have improved from simple red and white bulbs to more sophisticated LED systems that are also energy-efficient.

Today, these LED lights have become an essential part of any mall construction, especially since every business must place products that help illuminate the areas near exit ways. These emergency lights play a significant role during any crisis as they automatically turn on when electric power is cut off.

In the past, Ecoshift had the privilege of installing eco-friendly LED lights into a newly constructed shopping mall in the Philippines. Our fixtures have a life span of more than 50,000 hours from the installation date, which means you won’t have to replace your lights for years to come. We supplied and fitted the following items during this project:

  • 58 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights
  • 1,185 Pieces of LED COB Downlights
  • 76 Pieces of LED Exit Lights
  • 52 Pieces of LED Panel Lights
  • 128 Pieces of LED T5 Tube Lights
  • 28 Pieces of LED Strip Lights
  • 28 Pieces of LED 100w Power Supply
  • LED Explosion Proof Lights
  • LED Integrated Solar Street Lights

Monde Nissin Office


As one of the most well-known food and beverage companies in the Philippines, Monde Nissin has a spacious office where employees work and accomplish their daily tasks. Since their establishment more than 40 years ago, they have created various brands that each distribute different items to stores nationwide. Some of their products include instant noodles, biscuits, baked goods, and more.

Ecoshift Corporation has had the pleasure of partnering with them to supply and install the best LED lighting products on the market to their newly built office. Some of the fixtures they requested are:

  • 74 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights
  • 142 Pieces of LED Panel Lights
  • 40 Pieces of 1×40 Weatherproof
  • 40 Pieces of LED Tube Lights 18W
  • 167 Pieces of LED Panel Lights Round Recessed
  • 283 Pieces of LED Panel Lights Round Surface
  • 26 Pieces of LED T5 Tube Lights (18 Watts)
  • 2 Pieces of Elevator Shaft Fixture
  • 2 Pieces of LED Bulbs (9 Watts)
  • 16 Pieces of LED Exit Lights

GMA Network

GMA Network LED Install and Supply by Ecoshift Corporation Philippines 

A leading broadcast company in the Philippines, GMA is a free-to-air television and radio network that is a household name. Based on the studies of Nielsen Philippines, they “reached 97 percent of total TV households in the country with an estimated 82 million viewers nationwide.” They broadcast their first-ever show in 1961, and since then, they have been producing numerous films and television series.

Our team at Ecoshift Corporation was ecstatic at the opportunity to provide them with quality lighting fixtures for their network center in Quezon City. This high-rise building is where they film their various shows. It also houses props storage rooms, garage areas, rehearsal spaces, talent dressing and makeup rooms, and administrative and production offices.

We supplied them with numerous LED lighting products, which we installed within their premises. These items included:

  • 100 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights
  • 200 Pieces of Industrial LED Flood Lights
  • Outdoor LED Strip Lights for 4 Building Logos
  • 3,000 Pieces of Industrial LED Tube Lights (9 Watts)
  • 1,000 Pieces of Industrial LED Tube Lights (18 Watts)
  • 350 Pieces of Industrial LED Tube Lights (21 Watts)
  • 500 Pieces of LED Spotlights
  • 5 Pieces of LED High Bay Lights


SM Supermalls is one of southeast Asia’s most prominent mall developers and operators, with over 72 malls in the Philippines as well as eight malls in China. They have branched out as the years passed and have created SM Supermarket. Down the lane, they eventually formed Savemore, a more neighborhood-friendly version of the larger grocery stores found in their shopping centers.

These branches catered to people with last-minute shopping needs. Savemore stores are also typically found in areas closer to residential homes, helping people save time, effort, and transportation costs if they need to make smaller purchases for their households.

Ecoshift Corporation proudly struck a deal with Savemore to supply and install top-of-the-line LED lighting products to almost all of their branches nationwide. The items we provided them with include:

  • 5,063 Pieces of LED Emergency Lights (Daylight)
  • 15,056 Pieces of LED E27 Bulbs and 3U Bulbs (6 Watts; Daylight)
  • 16,267 Pieces of High-Powered LED Bulbs (50 and 100 Watts; Daylight)
  • 29,100 Pieces of Industrial LED Floodlights (50, 100, and 200 Watts; Daylight)
  • 4,357 Pieces of LED Exit Lights
  • 6,180 Pieces of Industrial LED Highbay Lights (150 Watts; Daylight)
  • 22,034 Pieces of LED Panel Lights 6W (Round) 4″ Warm White, 12W 6″ 12W Warm White (Round) White Body, and 48W 300×1200 Daylight
  • 6,720 Pieces of Indoor LED Striplights (5050; 14.4 Watts; Daylight)
  • 8,367 Pieces of E27 LED Par Lights COB (16 Watts; PAR38; Daylight)
  • 8,288 Pieces of LED Tracklights (7 Watts)

Retail Stores

Emergency LED lights are a must-have in retail stores. These fixtures can illuminate dark spaces and help improve visibility in various areas, including backrooms, stockrooms, dressing rooms, and more. Additionally, these lights are highly cost-effective because they don’t require much power to operate and maintain.

In the past, our team at Ecoshift was able to come to an agreement to supply certain retail stores with LED lights. Some of the shops we helped illuminate included Levi’s and Yves Rocher. These establishments are known for providing high-quality clothing and beauty products, respectively.

During the project, some of the items we provided and installed were:

  • LED Emergency Lights
  • LED Down Lights
  • LED Exit Lights
  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Strip Lights
  • LED Track Lights

Where Should You Place Your LED Emergency Lights?

Here are some of the spots where it is recommended for you to place emergency lights:

Escape Routes

People can get trapped in a room during crises if they don’t know the location of the exits. This is even more likely to happen if there are no signs above escape routes. To prevent this from happening, the Department of Public Works and Highways required every building to have the appropriate lighting for these situations.

LED emergency lights are a popular solution for illuminating escape routes in dark buildings. They are a great way to help people find their way out during emergencies. Additionally, these lights should be placed on the ceiling at specific intervals to highlight the escape route.


One of the most overlooked areas to install emergency lights is the bathrooms. No one ever knows when an emergency could happen, and it isn’t too unlikely to possibly find yourself in the washroom when one occurs. LED emergency lights are an excellent way to ensure that you never have to worry about finding your way in the dark.


Setting up LED emergency lights in staircases is an excellent idea, as these fixtures can help guide people down the stairs to a safer location. Since the flooring in these areas is uneven, installing fixtures is even more critical to ensure that no one accidentally trips or loses their footing.


When it comes to safety, many business owners usually overlook the importance of a well-lit corridor. This is a major mistake as having emergency lights in these areas can help identify any potential hazards in the dark.

The placement of the emergency lights must comply with all safety regulations. It is essential to follow these regulations because it is critical for people’s safety. Furthermore, since some buildings can be large and spacious, having these fixtures at specific intervals can help them figure out where they need to go to escape.

Fire and First Aid Points

A fire point is where you can find a fire extinguisher, while a first aid point is a small compartment attached to the wall where you can find basic first aid materials. Placing LED emergency lights above these areas is critical as the items found in them can help people prevent fire from spreading or improve the condition of someone injured.


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