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Lighting Ergonomics 101: Why You Should Properly Layer Your Lights in the Philippines


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Lighting is a part of many locations people go to—from offices to homes. It always plays an important role in providing illumination for these areas. Despite its usefulness, it may also cause negative effects if not installed correctly. Improper positioning of lights, excessive glare, and wrong color temperatures have been known to cause headaches and make people less productive.

Fortunately, there are plenty of lights available in the Philippines that can be utilized to improve the lighting ergonomics in your space. You can choose bulbs with daylight or warm white color temperatures, which typically provide better eye comfort and create a better ambiance in a room.

If you are looking for high-quality luminaires to create a pleasing environment for your lighting project, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We provide different kinds of LED lights in the Philippines at affordable prices. With our selection of functional and decorative fixtures, you can achieve proper illumination today!

To further help you create the best atmosphere for your space, we’ve listed some tips you can follow when layering and installing lights.

Create a Warm and Welcoming Environment

If you’re adding lights to living rooms, hotel lobbies, or restaurants, make sure to use the right fixtures to ensure guests or customers always feel welcome. Using a combination of decorative and functional lights in the Philippines will allow you to create a comfortable ambiance in any space.

When choosing lights, always consider the brightness of the product you plan to buy so you don’t worry about glare. You can also use luminaires with different color temperatures to create depth and highlights for the room.

One way to do that is by placing some downlights around the area as the main source of illumination. You can then install strip lights in a drop ceiling for an ambient effect. As a final touch, add a ceiling fan with bright lighting at the center of the room.

Make Your Rooms Appear Bigger

The right lighting fixtures can make rooms appear bigger, especially if they have light-colored walls. This is a result of the brightness bouncing on the walls, creating a light effect in the room, which makes it seem wider. Additionally, good illumination removes shadows that can make the space look small.

How do you apply this in your home? You can place a rectangular linear light on your ceiling to spread the brightness across the room, then add track lights pointing in directions where there is little illumination.

Highlight Specific Decor or Architecture

Sometimes, lights can be used to highlight attractive pieces in your room. You can enhance the beauty of the space by directing a luminaire, like a downlight, toward decorations or architectural masterpieces. By doing so, they stand out and catch people’s attention.

When setting up lights for this purpose, make sure to study the brightness level and color temperature that would best fit your display. A lighting fixture with too high or too low lumens may make the details of art pieces look unclear. The color temperatures of your lights may also alter the various colors of the artwork.

Subtract or Add to the Overall Color of a Space

The color of a room affects its overall look, and lighting plays an important role in making it appear better. These factors can create a gloomy or bright feeling in the space. When you use the right kinds of fixtures, you can either increase or decrease the lighting contrast in the room.

For example, if you were to set up lights in an area, bulbs with warm white color temperatures can make the color of the room pop because of the clear tone it gives. However, if you use a lamp with high lumens, it may be too bright, which causes the room to look pale.

Enhance the Appearance of a Certain Area

It may be quite hard to make a space more attractive, but it can be done with proper lighting ergonomics. By correctly setting up lights in certain areas, you can enhance the appearance of the room and make it a more comfortable place to be in.

If you want to do this for your space in the Philippines, try placing pin lights around your room to serve as main light sources. You can then add some pendant lights in specific areas to add task and accent lighting in the room.

Improve Your Body Clock

Long ago, early organisms developed internal timing mechanisms called circadian rhythms to protect themselves against UV radiation from the sun. Lights, both natural and artificial, still greatly affect our internal body clocks, which in turn affect our sleep. With advancements in technology, we are exposed to more artificial light than ever before, disrupting many people’s circadian rhythms.

To address this and get better sleep, you need to be exposed to natural light daily. If you want to regulate your body clock even more while indoors, you can do this effectively by reducing excessively bright light sources in your bedroom. You can also add dimmable lights to adjust the brightness in your room, depending on your needs.

Prevent Accidents

Proper illumination can spell the difference between safety and danger in certain facilities. Industrial plants and factories, for example, require the right amount of light on the production floor to ensure that workers can see what they’re doing. If lights are too dim, they might not be able to properly operate heavy machinery or see potential hazards in their way.

The right amount of illumination is also necessary in residential spaces because it can help prevent accidents, such as trips and falls, and protect the people you care about. Good lighting is especially essential in areas, like kitchens and garages, where sharp and potentially harmful tools are often used.

Increase Productivity

Dim lights can make people feel sleepy because they often signal that it’s time to rest. These fixtures are good for areas meant for relaxation, but they don’t help with productivity during the day. To improve your ability to work, add luminaires that provide bright and crisp lighting to your room. Doing so can make you feel more active and alert, allowing you to perform your job optimally.

If you want to increase productivity while at home in the Philippines, increase the number of lights in the room or choose those with higher lumens. However, it is important to note that bulbs with higher brightness levels can give off glare, so make sure to find fixtures that provide just the right amount of illumination for your space.

Help Deter Crime Incidents

Lighting fixtures inside and outside the house can help us see things at night when there is no illumination from the sun. Lighting alone can help deter crime incidents in dark areas because it provides more visibility. If you want additional protection for yourself and your family, install more lights that provide decent lighting inside and outside your house.

Lighting only inside the property allows others to see what’s happening inside, which may be advantageous and disadvantageous. Some use outdoor lighting, like flood lights, pointed towards the area surrounding their house to see if someone is lurking around. This may help increase safety as you can call them out for being in your space or immediately report them to the authorities.

Reduce Eye Fatigue and Headaches

Are you experiencing eye fatigue and headaches? The cause of this problem may lie in the way your space is lit. It may be too bright for your eyes to handle or a bit dim for them to see things clearly. If you are looking for a way to reduce these kinds of issues, choose to invest in lighting that gives the best illumination for areas where you usually work.

One way to avoid eye problems is by adding more lights around the room that are not too bright but still provide good lighting for your workspace. For example, you can use an LED tube light to serve as the primary luminaire of the room, then get some downlights that direct illumination toward your desk.


Ensuring good lighting ergonomics provides many benefits for people on any property. It can help individuals see things better or relax in a comfortable atmosphere at any time of the day.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of durable and eco-friendly luminaires, turn to none other than Ecoshift! We have a wide range of products, so you can be sure that we can provide you with the right fixtures for your lighting needs. Feel free to contact us today for any questions you may have.


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