LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light

LED Tube Lights, also known as LED fluorescent tube, is an energy efficient, environmental friendly and low maintenance product. Shaped horizontally that is easy to install in batten fixtures, troffers or louvers.


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LED Tube Lights Philippines

If you’re making a light plan for your home, you most likely have already encountered LED tubelights as one of the essential lighting fixtures you must install for your home.

What is are LED Tube Lights in the Philippines?

An LED tube light is among the most popular and versatile lighting solutions available in themarket. The reason behind this is because LED tube lights are particularly well suited to applications and install environments where the goal is to achieve a flexible variety of modern, clean-looking indoor lighting in rooms and displays.

You’ll most likely find LED tube lights in the Philippines being used to provide even lighting acrosswider or more open spaces like commercial displays, workshops, laboratories, kitchens, hallways, foyers, factory floors, gymnasiums, car parks, and any other communal, multipurpose, or high traffic areas.

You can also use the smaller version of LED tube lights to make accent lighting for cabinets,worktops, and other items of built-in or freestanding furniture, as well as many different signage assembly types and other important display areas.

Today, LED lighting technology has come to a point where it’s hard to justify keeping your oldfluorescent or incandescent tube lights since a huge number of homes, business premises, and civic facilities have already transitioned from the traditional fluorescent/CFL tube lights to LED tube lights.

So why should you make the switch to LED tube lights?


One of the downfalls of fluorescent lighting is that each bulb contains mercury which is harmful to our health and once you’re exposed to it, it may cause skin irritation, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and insomnia. You don’t have to worry about LED tube lights because they are designed with non-hazardous materials so it is safe to use in your home.


One of the many reasons why some people prefer fluorescent tube lights because they are way cheaper than LED ones. What they didn’t know is that they have to replace the bulb 2 or 3 times during the lifespan of an LED tube light. LED tube lights may be expensive at first but they will pay for themselves over time.


LED tube lights can achieve the same brightness as fluorescent ones, but at a far lower rate of energy consumption, heat generation, and day-to-day running costs. This makes it the ideal lighting fixture for air-conditioned rooms because the low heat generation of LED tube lights cut on the air conditioning energy consumption.

Color Rendering

LED tube lights are now available between very warm to extremely cool temperatures which makes them so versatile to any room you want them to install on. Aside from that, they are also dimmable depending on the mood of the room. For example, your home is the place where you relax so you might prefer a low and warm color temperature of LED tube lights.


Lastly, LED tube lights are built with a durable plastic housing that should even be able to withstand a drop from a low height. This makes it different from fragile fluorescent tube lights where you have to pick it up with a broom and dustpan once they hit the ground.

Product Description of LED Tube Lights in the Philippines

Make a Switch to Ecoshift LED Tube Lights. Save energy by replacing your old standardfluorescent lamp. Check available sizes at Best Prices

LED Tube Lights, also known as LED Tube is designed as a retrofit for the standard fluorescentlamp fittings, has better energy efficiency and long service life compared to its predecessor. This translates into cost savings in terms of lower electricity bills and maintenance costs.

Powered by light emitting diodes and circuitry, another advantage is that it does away withdangerous chemicals found in your typical fluorescent tubes making it nonhazardous and likewise Eco-friendly. The ultimate efficiency product. Save more than 60% in electricity costs, improve lighting by 40%, and improve overall employee productivity.

Available Tube light sizes:

  • 1FT or 300mm, 2FT, 3FT, and 4FT
  • T8 Tube
  • T5 Tube

Product Benefits of LED Tube Lights in the Philippines

Save energy and costs without sacrificing style with Ecoshift’s wide selection of LED Tubes fromT8 Tube, T5 Tube, Industrial, and Plastic.

LED Tube Light has life over 50,000 hours.

Product Application of Led Tube Lights in the PhilippinesLED Tube Light can also be placed in Weather Proof Batten-Type Housing, Recessed or SurfaceMounted Louver and other Lighting Fixtures.

Product Application of LED Tube Lights in the Philippines

It’s also used for Architectural lighting design which helps the field of architecture, interior designand electrical engineering that is concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

LED Tube Light

LED Tube Lights, also known as LED fluorescent tube, is an energy efficient, environmental friendly and low maintenance product. Shaped horizontally that is easy to install in batten fixtures, troffers or louvers.

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