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Why Partner With Top Lighting Companies in the Philippines


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Whether it’s for your own house or a new business establishment, lighting is something that you should plan for. A lot of time is dedicated to thinking of the best furniture, appliances, and design elements to place inside an area. Still, most people don’t plan what lighting fixtures are most suitable for a space.

Interior designers and lighting experts suggest that one should create a functional lighting plan before buying lighting products. In this plan, you should be able to consider the parts of the area and the direction where the lights come from, as well as identify where sockets and switches are located.

Aside from creating an effective plan, you should consult top lighting companies in the Philippines like Ecoshift  Corporation. We offer various top-notch products, so you can trust that we will help you illuminate your place properly.

Reasons To Get Your LED Lights From Top Lighting Companies in the Philippines

When you choose to construct a building, you wouldn’t just create the floor plan yourself. You hire engineers, architects, and interior designers for the planning. In addition, you employ construction workers, plumbers, carpenters, and other people to construct the place properly.

This should also be the case when you are on the stage of construction where lighting fixtures are installed. Sure, you can just choose LED strip lights or other luminaires to use in your newly built property, but you can’t be truly confident that you are selecting the right lighting solutions for your space.

Partnering with a reputable LED lights supplier in the Philippines is the best thing to do in this case, and here are the reasons why they are worth hiring:

Enjoy Superior Warranty Policies

Unlike purchasing your products from a random lighting store, every time you order from top lighting companies in the Philippines, like Ecoshift , your warranty starts once you accept the products you ordered. We offer different warranties depending on the lighting fixture you purchased.

Generally, we have one to five years of warranty per product. If you are not satisfied with the items you’ve received, you are free to submit your complaints by making a warranty claim to an Ecoshift  representative. Our staff is dedicated to giving you the best service, and thus, we will look into your concerns as soon as possible.

Get Only the Best Products

Here at Ecoshift , providing you with top-tier lighting products is our favorite thing to do. We have 70 categories and over a thousand lighting solutions that are always in stock if you need them instantly for a big lighting project.

We can supply you with outdoor lighting products—from LED garden lights to LED high mast lights—that can illuminate airport taxiways and facades. Moreover, we offer excellent interior lighting products, like LED linear lights and LED bulbs, that are perfect for offices, hospitals, warehouses, and other indoor areas.

Rest assured that all of our products have gone through extensive quality checking and have been used and installed in big projects and businesses all over the country.

Experience Top-Notch Customer Service

We have dedicated and knowledgeable staff members who can assist you with your lighting needs for your next project.

Ecoshift  has set up a 24-hour after-sales service so we can attend to your concerns any time of the day. This serves as proof of our commitment to giving you top-notch customer service. Moreover, our partnership does not end after our products are delivered to your doorstep; it goes beyond. You can rely on us when you have questions about maintaining our products or operating the fixtures.

Additionally, when you order your lighting products from us, you can get them delivered for free. This is a great benefit, especially when you have no connection to a logistics company that can move fragile items safely. However, it is best to note that a minimal shipping fee will be charged if you are not in Metro Manila, Davao, or Calabarzon.

What Affects LED Lights Prices in the Philippines?

Believe it or not, choosing a lighting product isn’t just about picking what you think looks best or what seems the brightest and most durable. There are many factors that affect how LED lights are priced, and here are some of the important ones:

IP Rating

If you haven’t heard of ingress protection, then you should probably partner with top lighting companies in the Philippines to help you purchase the right lighting products.

IP rating affects the price of LED lights in the Philippines because it shows the durability of the lighting product you choose. Fixtures like LED lights and flood lights are exposed to various elements like water, dust, heat, and other debris that can damage or affect the performance of the items.

It is best to ask the experts what IP rating range your lights should have to ensure that they can last longer once installed on your property. Choosing the wrong IP rating means that the product will not be protected adequately, and thus, will result in breakage or malfunctions.


Wattage affects the price of lights since it dictates the amount of energy it will take to produce a certain intensity of illumination. All lights have designated wattage, may it be incandescent bulbs, LED lights, or fluorescent tube lights.

Your trusted LED lights supplier in the Philippines knows exactly what wattage is best for your lighting needs. The more energy-efficient you want to be, the less wattage you should choose when buying lighting products.

Many LED lights produce the same level of brightness for lower wattage, just like the ones we sell at Ecoshift . With these fixtures, you can cut your electricity bills without sacrificing the quality of the lighting solutions you will use.


When you are decorating a certain place, you must visualize how bright the lights should be to complement the purpose of the room. For instance, bedrooms are meant to have dimmable or low-intensity lights for better sleep and to avoid straining the eyes when resting. On the other hand, offices and study rooms should have bright lights to improve productivity. Studies show that cool lights can trigger our brains to be more alert and improve our overall mood.

All the things mentioned above have something to do with lumens. They indicate how much light output a lighting product makes. Thus, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light produced, and the more expensive they can be.

Size or Length

There are more light sizes and lengths now compared to before. This is because more and more people are getting creative when it comes to designing their homes or offices with lighting fixtures.

Size and length affect the price of LED lights in the Philippines because they are specially made to fit certain base types and housing fixtures. For example, decorative lights like chandeliers are quite pricey compared to other lighting products because they are usually massive and intricately made to pull together the whole ambiance of a certain space.

There is also a rule of thumb when choosing the size and length of the ceiling fixture you will install in an area. To properly determine it, you should measure the total length and width of the room, add those together, and convert the sum into inches. The total number should be the length of your light.

Smart Home Integration

Home automation is becoming popular nowadays. Our amazing technology now allows us to have control over our house from miles away by just using our phones or tablets. Smart home integration usually uses programmable devices like thermostats, sprinklers, appliances, electrical outlets, and lights.

When it comes to smart lighting, there are smart light bulbs on the market that can be easily connected to a WiFi network. With this, you can effortlessly turn lights on and off even if you’re away from home, and you can dim and change their colors depending on the ambiance you want to have.

Ecoshift ’s Lighting Projects

Being the Philippines’ most complete lighting supplier, Ecoshift  has been trusted by different companies to become their partner for their lighting needs. We are confident that each of them has experienced our top-notch services, and some even came back to us for more deals.

Here’s a list of some of our successful lighting projects:

Clark International Airport Taxiway


Clark International Airport is one of the biggest international airport complexes in the Philippines, containing two four-kilometer runways. As they strive to be a premier airport in the country, they continuously make improvements to their facilities.

To provide better illumination, the management of Clark International Airport struck a deal with Ecoshift . We have supplied them with 324 pieces of LED high mast lighting, 26 sets of motorized poles, and 52 pieces of LED obstruction lights. These were all installed in the taxiway of the airport last July 2020, ensuring safer flights to and from the airports.

De La Salle University Manila


Renowned for its academic excellence, De La Salle University Manila is one of the leading universities in the Philippines. As their way to further improve the environment of their students, they decided to renovate some of their classrooms, facilities, and conference rooms.

Ecoshift  was their first pick among the top lighting brands here in the Philippines. We supplied them with 350 units of LED linear lights and 15 meters of LED strip lights, helping illuminate their rooms and increase the productivity of their students and employees.

30th SEA Games 2019

Philippines 2019 30th SEA Games Lighting Project Philippines 2019 30th SEA Games Lighting Project Philippines 2019 30th SEA Games Lighting Project

Last 2019, the Southeast Asian Games were held in the Philippines. The games in this prestigious sporting event were spread in competition venues in 23 cities located on the island of Luzon.

This event was a great opportunity for Ecoshift  to be a part of history. We were chosen to be a partner, and we supplied them with numerous LED high mast lights and high-density LED flood lights that illuminated the Rizal Memorial Basketball Coliseum in Metro Manila.

The Shoppes

The Shoppes

An additional lifestyle hub called The Shoppes was constructed in Angeles, Pampanga, by the AC Beautiful Island Realty & Development Corporation. They partnered with Ecoshift  to provide different lighting solutions such as festoon lights, bollard lights, LED garden lights, and surfaced mounted downlights.

These lighting fixtures helped further accentuate the fresh nature-inspired ambiance they were going for. Furthermore, the lighting products we supplied were all energy-efficient to help them consume less electricity.

PLDT Head Office


PLDT, one of the leading telecom companies in the Philippines, chose Ecoshift  to be their lighting supplier.

We have sold them over 500 units of LED linear lights and 200 pieces of six-inch beehive housings with LED bulbs for their training rooms. Additionally, they ordered 20 units of LED spotlights for their lobby and 15 units of LED T5 tube lights for their cove lighting.



Seaoil Philippines is the largest Filipino-owned and independent fuel company with over 350 stations all over the Philippines.

They have tapped Ecoshift  to supply and install eight pieces of 100W LED canopy lights to properly illuminate their gas stations and help drivers and riders to see their signages from afar.

Get in Touch With Ecoshift for Top-Notch Led Lights in the Philippines

Choosing the right lighting products is vital when it comes to building a functional area. Simply designing and picking random lights is inefficient and will likely cost you more in the long run. With this, it is important to know your choices so you can determine what works best for you. You’ll only get that when you work with top lighting companies in the Philippines.

Ecoshift  Corporation is a trusted and competent lighting supplier in the Philippines. You can rely on us to provide you with LED lights, such as strip lights and flood lights. We also offer excellent after-sales service, so you don’t have to worry about malfunctioning items and other concerns.

Visit our website now and contact our team if you’re ready to plan your next lighting project with us.


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