LED Ceiling Lights for Living Room

Room Illumination 101: Install the Most Ideal LED Ceiling Lights

Room Illumination 101: Install the Most Ideal LED Ceiling Lights


The right lighting fixtures can transform your rooms into the best spaces. They can help give each area a bright and warm feeling—two qualities that contribute to comfort. Good lighting not only creates a soothing ambiance but also helps people become more productive. You get to see things more clearly without strain caused by dim illumination, making it easier to move around.

If you’re wondering what luminaires can help you achieve good lighting in your living room, bedroom, and other spaces, the answer is LED ceiling lights. These are lighting fixtures installed into the ceiling that provide illumination to nearly every part of your room. The best way to utilize them is by installing several fixtures to ensure that every dim space is brightened.

Achieve the best lighting by installing LED ceiling lights in your spaces today. You can purchase durable ones from Ecoshift Corporation, the leading supplier of luminaires in Manila, Philippines. By choosing us, you can choose from our extensive catalog of sturdy ceiling lights with simple and unique designs that will surely fit any interior.


The Rules of Lighting a Space

Finding the right balance for lighting plans may be challenging and overwhelming. After all, there are many LED ceiling lights available on the market, each with its own style and functionality. It’s a problem many people have, so we listed down some basic rules you can follow when brightening your space:

  • Use Multiple Lighting Fixtures – Lighting up a room requires more than one bulb to make it look better. By purchasing several luminaires, you can ensure that illumination is evenly distributed throughout the room. Lights with lower lumens can be placed in the corners, while a brighter one can be installed at the center.
  • Try Mixing and Matching – If you want to enhance the look of your room, you can use other types of luminaires, like drop lights and wall lamps. This combination of ceiling lights with different lighting fixtures works for almost all rooms, including bedrooms.
  • Brighten the Corners – People usually overlook corners when creating lighting plans despite them being important aspects of the room. Although you can only do a few things in these spaces, leaving them dim can affect the room’s overall look. Brightening them can make the room seem bigger and more spacious.


Ceiling Lights for Different Areas

To ensure safety and productivity in the various rooms of your property, we’ve listed the best places you should consider installing ceiling lights:


People typically sleep and wake up when it’s dark out. That’s why it’s important to set up ceiling lights to give you enough visibility to move around and accomplish your daily routines. Aside from this, ceiling lights may also function as night lights, as long as only one with low brightness is turned on.

Living Rooms

This universal space is used for many purposes—working, studying, having fun, entertaining guests, and resting. Because there are many things you can do here, it requires good lighting. You can have a circular LED ceiling light placed at the center of your living room as the main lighting fixture, then have smaller round ones at the sides of the room to brighten up spaces the primary light cannot reach.

Dining Rooms

Since visuals play a crucial role in taste, properly installing ceiling lights in the dining room can improve your meal times. This space is also where you socialize with your family or visitors over dinner, so having balanced lighting in the area is ideal. You don’t have to worry about it looking plain because there are many aesthetic designs for ceiling lights you can use in dining rooms here at Ecoshift.


These rooms may have wet floors, which can be unsafe if you aren’t aware of them. Bathrooms also have items like razors or personal care products in glass containers, which may harm you if you accidentally hit them. To avoid any accidents, brighten up this area with ceiling lights. Place one for every corner that seems dark so you can move around the bathroom safely.


This is one of the spaces where lighting is most crucial. Workspaces need a decent amount of illumination to help you see the details of your work better. Even if you’re working on a laptop that produces bright light, having a well-lit room can help reduce eye strain and headaches while you do your job. Install a few lights near or above your table for a better working environment.


When walking around, it is important to see the path in front of you. Hallways aren’t typically used for many activities, but it’s better to see if there are items on the floor that may cause you to trip. Adding a few lights along the length of the space is enough to make the area more visible. However, you must ensure they are installed at regular intervals to avoid creating large, dark spaces.


Get Top-Tier LED Ceiling Lights From Ecoshift

Now that you know the importance of ceiling lights, you should consider purchasing some to improve the lighting in your residential or commercial properties. You can get the highest-quality LED ceiling lights for spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and many more at Ecoshift. Here’s why you should purchase them from us:


Our ceiling lights have many designs—from simple to intricate—so you can pick fixtures that suit the unique style of your space.


We only offer LED ceiling lights, which have been proven to produce bright lights for less power. This means you can take advantage of lower electricity costs.


You won’t have to worry about changing your bulbs often because we offer sturdy ceiling lights that last up to 50,000 hours.



Whether you’re illuminating your house or a commercial building, lighting is very important so you can rest comfortably and complete tasks efficiently. Aside from that, having enough lighting can prevent accidents that may lead to injury.

One of the best ways to get adequate lighting for your space is by installing LED ceiling lights. You can use large, decorative ones as accent pieces or small, simple ones as general lighting. No matter what fixture you’re looking for, you can rely on Ecoshift to provide you with the best products.

Illuminate your space today, and purchase LED ceiling lights from Ecoshift! Send us a message for inquiries.


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