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UV Disinfecting Germicidal Sterilizer light kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses within minutes. Be safe with your surroundings with standard and hand-held UV Lights.

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Product Description

Make a Shift to Ecoshift LED UV Germicidal Lights! Considered revolutionary, replacing not only conventional UV-C, but some conventional chemical cleaning and disinfection methods as well. It is an efficient way to disinfect surfaces, killing bacteria and other germs. Specifically, UVC light, which is the only type of ultraviolet light powerful enough to be germicidal.

Unlike chemical methods of disinfecting, UV light disinfection provides rapid, efficient inactivation of bacteria through a physical process. When bacteria, viruses and germs are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting.

Ecoshift UV Germicial Light does not produce bad ozone which means that even the wavelength below 254nm UV-C is safe because its glass was made to block the transmission of the 185nm wavelength.


  • During use, humans nor animal are not allowed to stay at the scene for 30mins. Please do not look directly at the light tube with naked eyes to avoid eye swelling or burns.
  • After disinfection, open the door and window for 10-15 mins. If using a sterillization lamp with ozone, wait 10 mins. After use, and then open the door for 20 mins. Before entering.
  • It is recommended to protect the calligraphy and painting, valuable collectibles, and items of important commemorative significance to prevent the discoloration caused by excessive ultraviolet rays.

Product Benefits

  • It is non-toxic. Unlike harsh chemicals that are sometimes used in cleaning and sanitization products, UV germicidal lamp are environmentally friendly.
  • UV Germicidal LED is safe for food and non-food items while killing wide array of harmful organisms.
  • Its lights are several times brighter than its predecessor without the need to consume as much energy.

Product Application

UV Germicidal Light Bulb and Germicidal UV Lamp Fixture are great for Air Sterilization, Surface Sterilization and Water Disinfection. It has numerous applications, but the most common are for Healthcare, Agriculture, Food Processing, Cleaning rooms and school labs.

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