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Recessed • Surface Mounted • G13 Holder • 600x600mm
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LED Troffer Fixture or LED louvers, provides protection that are either portable, recessed or surface ceiling mounted. Together with LED tube lights to create a lighting fixture that will be installed in an office ceiling.

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Troffer Fixture Philippines

What are Troffer Fixture Lights in the Philippines?

Troffer lights are among the most popular types of commercial and office lighting for lighting theinterior of a building or office room. When opposed to conventional fluorescents, our LED troffer lights have excellent lighting while saving our customers money on energy costs.

Premium materials are used for Troffer Fixture Philippines by Ecoshift to provide improved lightconditions in a modern troffer configuration, delivering the best light output while saving up to 60% on energy costs compared to standard fluorescents.

Troffer lights are an excellent alternative for any place that requires intense illumination over awide area but still wants the fixtures to be out of the way and hidden. They will guarantee that the room looks its best every day. This lighting style provides a focused light source and a pleasing appearance, making it suitable for almost any commercial or residential use. Troffers are often used for office lighting, general illumination, corridor lighting, bathroom lighting, and other purposes.

Why Should You Buy Troffer Fixture in the Philippines?

A troffer is a rectangular or square light fixture that usually fits into a modular lowered ceiling grid,also known as a "recessed" ceiling grid. Troffer fixtures have traditionally been constructed to fit regular fluorescent lamps such as T12 or T8 bulbs. Troffer lighting, on the other hand, is now available in LED. We'll go through three significant advantages of implementing this technology in your facility below.

Savings on energy
LED lighting will make a significant difference in lowering the building's or facility's energy usage. A standard 2x4 fluorescent troffer light will use up to 160 watts per fixture if we look at individual wattages. When we look at the same fixture using LED technology, we can see that it consumes between 30 and 50 watts per fixture. Merely switching to LED results in a 50% to 80% cost savings.

To put it another way, switching to LED lighting could save you money on fixtures per year inenergy costs alone. This will quickly add up depending on the scale of the facility.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
As opposed to traditional fluorescent troffer lamps, LEDs produce light and advance through their working life in such a manner that they have a much longer operating life. LED troffer lifetimes vary from 50,000 to 150,000 hours, with a factory warranty of up to ten years.

Maintenance costs are minimized in such settings where LED ceiling lights are used becauseLED light fixtures are not impaired by frequent on/off cycles. Over three years, end-users should plan to save a lot in repair costs for a standard factory lighting or industrial lighting room with numerous 2x4 LED troffers.

Performance of the Lighting
Although it's vital to keep companies competitive by lowering energy and repair costs, it's also critical to guarantee the lighting efficiency isn't affected.

LEDs are in a community by themselves in this regard. LEDs emit light in a certain way, resultingin a more even foot-candle on the floor below. LED troffers are also available in various CCTs (correlated color temperatures), allowing end-users to choose a particular aesthetic look for a given room. Anyone operating under LED lighting will be able to see what they're doing thanks to the high CRI (color rendering index).

In conclusion, we can see that using LED Troffer Fixture in the Philippines has energy savings,maintenance benefits, and overall lighting efficiency benefits. Contact us at Ecoshift Corporation if you're interested in learning more about the return on investment of a lighting upgrade. We'd be delighted to bring together a complimentary assessment for you and your team.

Product Description of LED Troffer Fixture Philippines

Make a shift to the Best LED Troffer Lights and Recessed Housed Lighting for Tube Light arebest applied for Commercial and Residential Establishment.

Compatible with T8 Tube Lights with the principal element of modern energy-saving andecological lighting of closed space, like offices and municipal lighting. For LED 2x4 troffer fixture and 2x2 led troffer fixtures. Ecoshift is one of the top Troffer Light Suppliers here in the Philippines.

Select between Recessed, Surface Mounted, and with a G13 Holder.
Best Fits with 600mm Tube • 1200mm Tube.
Retrofit Kit: 600x600mm (2x2), 600x1200mm (2x4).
Available Troffer Light Size and Dimensions:
2x20 (12”x24”) • 3x20 1x40 (12”x48”) • 2x40 (12”x48”) • 2x40 (24”x48”) • 3x40 (24”x48”) • 24”x24” • 12”x48” • 24”x48” • 2x40”

Product Benefits of LED Troffer Fixture Philippines

Built with lightweight, durable, and high-quality Troffer Light Fixtures perfect for any requirements.

Product Application of LED Troffer Fixture Philippines

LED Recessed Troffer Fixture is used for Architectural lighting design, which helps the field ofarchitecture, interior design, and electrical engineering concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

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