Top 7 Reasons You Need To Install LED Aluminum Profiles

Top 7 Reasons You Need To Install LED Aluminum Profiles


LED strip lights are some of the most popular LED lighting options today, which is understandable, given that they offer more than just illumination. For one, they’re aesthetically pleasing, coming in single-color and RGB variants. They also help save electricity since they use less energy than incandescent lights while lasting longer.

As beneficial as LED strip lights are straight out of the box, you can get more from them with the right accessories, like LED aluminum channels. LED aluminum profiles act as bases for strip lights and can be used in residential and commercial spaces.

Here are the top seven reasons you need to install LED aluminum profiles with your strip lights.

Reason #1: They Protect Your LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are more delicate than other lights, so it’s best to handle them with extra care to ensure they work correctly and last a long time. Here is where LED aluminum profiles come in. They serve as an extra layer of protection for your LED strip lights, keeping them safe from dust, debris, and other elements that could potentially damage them.

Other than that, LED aluminum channels allow you to install strip lights in high-traffic areas and the outdoors. Not all strip lights are waterproof, but you can make them weather-resistant with LED aluminum profiles.

Reason #2: They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

Many people install LED strip lights to enhance the look of their rooms, so the topic of aluminum channels may bring up some concerns about hindering the aesthetic appeal of the lights. This shouldn’t be the case, considering that LED aluminum profiles can actually add to the beauty of LED strip lights since they give the lights a more polished look.

In addition, LED aluminum channels are available in different styles, shapes, and diffusers, making them an essential component in numerous lighting ideas. For instance, you can opt for a circular aluminum channel if you want to use your strip lights as the main piece.

Reason #3: They Easily Blend With Their Surroundings

Space and cohesion are factors to consider when designing rooms, and LED lighting options can affect both if not chosen properly. LED strip lights work well because they take up little space while offering brilliant lights, so LED aluminum channels taking up more space than the strips is a valid concern.

Fortunately, most aluminum channels are designed to be low-profile and unobtrusive, so you don’t need to worry about them sticking out awkwardly. Take, for example, recessed aluminum profiles. These flush-mount aluminum channels seamlessly blend with their surroundings, providing a clean look. You can even find clear diffusers that make the LED lights appear to float, which is an excellent option if you don’t want your aluminum channels to be too noticeable.

Reason #4: They’re Incredibly Versatile

Every home features a unique aesthetic, and the look of LED strip lights might not blend well with it. The good news is that LED aluminum profiles come in a variety of styles and finishes, giving you the chance to find a variant that works for your home. You can go for anodized aluminum channels if you want something sleek and modern or paintable ones for a more rustic vibe.

Additionally, LED aluminum profiles give you more areas to work with, both indoors and outdoors. You can use them to line your stairs, create cove lighting, or highlight architectural details. Not only that, but you can also illuminate your patio or gates with LED strip lights if you choose the right profile type.

Reason #5: There Are Many Options To Choose From

LED aluminum channels are not a one-size-fits-all solution. You won’t have to settle for a profile that doesn’t meet your needs since because there are many options available on the market. There are profiles you can mount on the wall, install flush into a surface, and even hang like a pendant light. Moreover, you can change the diffuser material and finish to control the light output and appearance.

Let’s say you’re looking to brighten up your small pantry but don’t have the space for wall lights. You already have a ceiling light, but it doesn’t quite shine right on the shelves. With recessed LED aluminum channels, you can add LED strip lights without worrying about them getting in the way. Another application features the same type of profile, except you install them under cupboards to brighten counters without taking up too much space.

Reason #6: They’re Not Hard To Clean and Maintain

DIY projects with strip lights have risen in prominence, which isn’t surprising since these lights are easy to work with. You don’t need to be an experienced electrician to install strip lights; the same applies to LED aluminum channels. So long as you have the necessary equipment, you’re good to go.

For instance, surface-mounted profiles need brackets for installation. You then run the LED strips through the aluminum channels and snap on the diffuser to complete the process. As for recessed variants, you need to cut a hole that’s big enough to fit the entire profile before attaching it to the surface.

Another remarkable fact about LED strip lights and their aluminum channels is that they don’t require a lot of upkeep. You won’t have to worry about LED aluminum channels corroding or rusting over time, and the diffusers can be easily replaced if needed. Plus, you can easily clean LED aluminum channels with a damp cloth, making them low-maintenance options.

Reason #7: They’re Affordable and Easy To Find

LED aluminum channels are some of the most budget-friendly lighting accessories you can find, especially if you consider what they have to offer. They’re easy to work with, long-lasting, and versatile. Even better, the right profile can turn LED strip lights into captivating light fixtures.

You should also note that LED aluminum channels are easy to find because they are available online and offline! Local hardware stores carry them, as do online retailers, like us at Ecoshift Corporation. We feature a wide range of LED aluminum channels, each designed to meet specific needs. We also have a team of experts who can help you pick the right items for your lighting ideas.


LED aluminum channels are a fantastic way to upgrade your LED strip lights and take your lighting ideas to the next level. They offer many benefits, including but not limited to aesthetic appeal, easy installation and maintenance, and flexibility. These are some of the best items you can use to upgrade your DIY strip lights project.

Still not convinced? Why not talk to one of our experts so that they can answer questions you have about LED aluminum channels? You can also browse our shop to see all the LED aluminum channels we have in stock! We’re confident you’ll find the perfect LED aluminum channel for your needs.

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