Top 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Installing Street Lights on Any Private Property

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Installing Street Lights on Any Private Property

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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Installing Street Lights on Any Private Property


Installing street lights on your land can be an excellent way of deterring trespassers and improving the look of your property. However, there can be plenty of expenses involved with this type of project that could have you paying more than you intended.

By keeping a few things in mind to ensure you are being frugal and resourceful when making these investments, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits outdoor illumination offers without breaking the bank. At Ecoshift Corporation, we are dedicated to helping you save as much money as possible. This is why we provide reasonable LED street light prices in the Philippines.

We also compiled a list of things you should remember before browsing through street light pole prices. Read on to learn more.

Tip #1: Research About the LED Street Light Prices in the Philippines

When buying LED street lights in the Philippines, you must first do your research. This will help you understand the different types on the market. It is essential that you take your time to compare each one and take note of their prices and model specifications to ensure you are getting good value for money when buying these lights.

There are many types of LED street lights available in the Philippines. Depending on your needs, you can choose models with a single bulb or multiple bulbs. It would also be best to consider whether you want your luminaire light to be solar-powered or wired into an electrical outlet.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best price on street lighting, you should make sure that you are comparing apples to apples when shopping. There are many different types of these luminaires available, and depending on where and how they are used, some may be more expensive than others. You should also consider maintenance costs and expected lifespan when making your decision.

Tip #2: Prioritize the Important Areas

You need to be strategic about where you put your LED street lights if you have a large outdoor space. When planning the design, think about how it will be used and how much light is needed in different areas. For example, a path leading from the front door to the driveway might not need as much light as a seating area near the back door or patio.

It’s also important to consider what kind of light will be needed in each area. If it’s going to be used at night, be sure to put LED street lights in a place that can provide enough light for safety and security. Make sure to consider the height of your fixtures and their light cones since these factors affect how much brightness they can add to your space. It is recommended that the distance between two lamps is 2.5 to 3 times the height of the pole.

Try not to put too many LED street lights on one circuit so they’re not all powered by the same circuit breaker. This can cause an overload, damaging your system and causing a section of your property to be devoid of illumination for an extended period.

Tip #3: Hire a Professional Outdoor Lighting Designer

Ensuring the lighting in your outdoor space is as functional as it is aesthetic can be difficult. If you need help achieving the perfect balance between the two, turn to designers. These experts can help you with everything—from planning and designing your outdoor space to installing and maintaining the lighting system once it’s up and running.

Outdoor lighting designers will create a plan for your home or business based on your needs and preferences. This will include how many fixtures are needed, where they should go, and how much power they consume. They’ll also consider the cost of installation, maintenance, and repairs when creating this plan to meet your budget requirements.

However, designing outdoor lighting requires expertise in more than just electrical wiring or equipment installation. It also requires knowledge of aesthetics and design principles so that everything works well together without looking cluttered or messy. Luckily, landscape or outdoor lighting designers understand what colors look best with various styles of architecture and how to use lights and shadows to highlight specific features of your property.

Tip #4: Use Solar- and LED-Powered Street Lamps

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about LED street lights in the Philippines is their price. Compared to other outdoor lighting solutions, such as HID lights or halogen bulbs, LEDs are usually more expensive. However, over time they prove themselves much more cost-effective than other models because they last longer and consume less energy.

LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than traditional street lamps and use 75% less energy. This means they can reduce your electricity bill quickly and easily. In addition, LED street lamps are great because they don’t emit any UV or infrared radiation, which can cause skin cancer and eye damage.

If you want to save money even further, you can also consider solar LED lights. They may have higher upfront costs than traditional options, but they help save you money in the long run by consuming no electricity and requiring only minimal maintenance.

Tip #5: Find a Trusted Supplier of Street Lights

Lastly, one of the most important things you should do is find a trusted solar street light supplier. Before making a purchase, you should always check what other people say about each company.

If there are negative reviews, then you might want to consider a different store. However, if you know someone who has had a good experience with the company, ask them about their experience to determine if the comments left online are valid.

You also want to ensure that the company has an informative website that provides all the information about its products. This includes their warranty policy, model specifications, and more. Knowing all these will give you peace of mind about the products and services you will get from this company.


At Ecoshift Corporation, we provide LED solar street lights and other fixtures for sale. No matter what project you’re working on, you can rely on our experienced team to help you with your lighting needs. We’re also committed to providing value for our customers and helping them achieve their lighting goals. Reach out to us today to get a quote!


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