Are Exit Lights Expensive? Here Are 5 Factors That May Affect Their Price

Are Exit Lights Expensive? Here Are 5 Factors That May Affect Their Price


Are Exit Lights Expensive? Here Are 5 Factors That May Affect Their Price


Emergencies can occur at the most unexpected times. Even if you think you are in a relatively safe location, you can never be sure when a hazardous situation might arise and affect your property. That’s why you have to be prepared for these untimely events.

Installing exit lights in your building can help you be ready for times of crisis. These signs should be present near your building’s fire exit so they can illuminate the path toward safety. With these fixtures, you can ensure that everyone on your property evacuates as quickly as possible.


How Do Exit Lights Function? 

Exit lights act like emergency power supplies in times of emergency. They are connected to the building’s power grid so that the batteries fitted into each unit are constantly at full charge. When the main power in the building shuts off, the batteries deliver electricity to the lighting fixture to illuminate the area.

The batteries in exit lights should be able to power the unit for at least 90 minutes to ensure that everyone on the property can get out safely. Some models even have burn times of up to three hours so bigger establishments with plenty of people have more time to evacuate.


Factors Affecting Exit Light Prices in the Philippines 

Section of the Fire Code of the Philippines states:

“An emergency lighting system shall be so arranged as to provide the required illumination automatically in the event of any interruption of normal lighting, such as any failure of public utility or other outside electrical power supply, opening of a circuit breaker or fuse, or any manual act, including accidental opening of a switch controlling normal lighting facilities.”

Given this requirement, it is essential to get high-quality exit lights that meet the standards set by the law. You should have a budget specifically for the emergency lighting system you will install in your building. To do this, you must consider how many units you’ll need and what specific types of exit lights would best fit your property. Here are some factors to look out for:



The materials used to create exit lights play a significant role in the overall cost of the product. Models made of more durable materials, like aluminum or steel, will likely cost more than those manufactured with flimsier ones, like plastic.

You should also consider the different components of the unit to make sure the entire fixture can stand the test of time. If the housing is high-quality, but the panel isn’t, it might not be the best option. Exit lights with glass or acrylic panels are always good options.


Overall Quality of the Product 

Aside from the quality of materials, you have to consider the functionalities of the product. Durable housing materials will not matter if the inner circuitry and components are not up to par with safety standards.

One way to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality product is to test it before purchasing. If you plan to acquire products from an online store, you can buy a test unit first to see how well it functions before purchasing the rest of the fixtures needed for your building.


Add-Ons or Special Features 

When buying any kind of lighting fixture, it is always good to look out for special features that can provide you with more benefits. In the case of exit lights, try to find products that are waterproof and explosion-proof.

You can determine if a fixture is waterproof by checking its ingress protection (IP) rating. IP 65 fixtures are fairly common, and they are fully dust-tight and protected against water jets.

Additionally, explosion-proof lights are beneficial in more industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, construction sites, and chemical processing facilities. These fixtures are designed to contain sparks within the unit that might cause fire or an explosion.


Brightness and Size 

Exit lights must be easily visible from afar so that people inside the building can quickly navigate their way toward the exit. The brightness and size of each exit sign can spell the difference between an efficient emergency lighting system and a poor one.

Section of the Fire Code of the Philippines requires that signs be clearly marked with “EXIT” and an arrow pointing in the direction of the egress route. The letters must also be legible and not less than 150 mm in height.

In addition, it must be illuminated by a light source with at least 0.005 lumens per square centimeter on the illuminated surface. You can easily achieve these specifications by using LED exit signs.

While LED fixtures often have higher initial costs, the technology used for these lights allows for brighter illumination with less wattage. This means you can save more on electricity costs in the long run.


Type and Design 

Exit sign costs may vary depending on their physical appearance. This typically has to do with the assembly of each unit. Some models are lit from within, while others simply illuminate a separate panel from above. Because of how it is constructed, the former is likely more expensive because more internal components are required.

You should also consider whether to get single-face or double-face arrow exit signs. The latter is legible from either side of the sign, while the former only has words on one side. Double-face signs are typically more expensive since it is essentially like having two signs in one.


Purchase Exit Lights in the Philippines Today! 

To make sure that you get the best exit lights in the Philippines, you should only buy from a reputable supplier. This is where Ecoshift Corporation comes in! We offer the highest-quality lighting solutions, perfect for any type of establishment you may own.

With our extensive selection of products, you can be sure to find an item that meets your needs and preferences. We can also provide free delivery if you meet the minimum spend for the applicable locations. Additionally, our team offers free installations subject to approval.



Whether you own a small restaurant or a multistory office building, exit lights are essential to ensure the quick evacuation of all people on the property during an emergency. These lights can help individuals make their way to safety, essentially saving their lives.

If you are in need of high-quality exit signs in the Philippines, look no further than Ecoshift Corporation. We will assist you in choosing the right fixtures to install in your building so you can meet safety standards and protect your clients or customers.

To learn more about our exit lights, contact us today. You may also get in touch if you have any questions about our other products and services. We look forward to hearing from you!




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