A Quick Guide to the Best Known Applications of Ring Lights

A Quick Guide to the Best Known Applications of Ring Lights

A Quick Guide to the Best Known Applications of Ring Lights


Ring lights with stands have risen in popularity recently, with many finding their simple design easy to use, not to mention that they are highly accessible with their affordable prices.

Another attractive aspect of ring lights with tripods is their functionality. Those unfamiliar with these lighting solutions may wonder, “what is a ring light used for?” The answer: practically anything.

Ecoshift Corporation, a leading supplier of ring lights with stands, has listed several typical applications and benefits of these circular devices. Read on to learn how you can use them!

Common Applications of Ring Lights

Most ring lights with tripods consist of a few parts, namely the circular light made of several LEDs, the stand, and sometimes a mount for mobile devices. Smaller models are also referred to as selfie lights with stands since they are great for taking personal photos.

More professional applications include the following:

Video Productions

Using ring lights with tripods can significantly improve the aesthetics of videos. Their circular design helps spread light evenly across a subject, and the diffused glow ensures that no hard shadows form. In addition, the tripod provides stability so that the videos are not distorted due to inconsistent lighting.

A ring light with a stand can also be used in interviews with guests. The diffusion effect creates a pleasant atmosphere and makes the videos look professional. If you’re filming outdoors, the ring light also helps balance lighting and gives a unique look.

Macro Photography

Ring lights with tripods are popular among macro photographers because they can emit light at a close range. Photographers can adjust the direction of the ring light and its distance from the subject, allowing them to capture high-quality images of small objects.

Additionally, ring lights with stands provide adequate illumination when photographing in low-light environments, allowing photographers to achieve perfect results every time.

Aside from macro photography, ring lights with stands are useful for portrait photography. The diffused lighting can significantly improve the quality of photos, and the tripod stand helps to keep the light in place.

Live Online Selling

Becoming an online seller has become a viable career path for many, especially with the advent of new technology. If you pursue this route, you can do live selling streams to attract more customers. Moreover, you can effectively explain the features of your products, which can entice more people to buy from your shop.

One of the most important aspects of live selling is having a good setup. A modern phone can help capture and upload the stream to your chosen platform. However, if you have inadequate lighting, you risk turning potential shoppers away.

Knowing this, you should consider using a ring light with a tripod for your live online selling streams. These simple devices provide an even glow that you can direct, thanks to their adjustable stands. They’re also relatively inexpensive, so anyone can set up their own live-streaming room.

Benefits of Using Ring Lights

Now that you know what a ring light is used for, you can appreciate its other benefits.

The major benefit of ring lights with tripods is their portability. Unlike other lighting solutions, these are lightweight and easy to operate, making them ideal for those who need to take a lot of equipment with them when filming or photographing.

Of course, the advantages selfie light stands offer doesn’t stop there. Here are three more:

Even Light Distribution

If you have yet to notice, ring lights with stands can distribute light evenly across a given area. This feature is what makes these devices so ideal for those who require accurate and reliable illumination.

For instance, if you use a ring light with a tripod for live streaming, you can expect your face camera to get the perfect amount of light, allowing your viewers to see you properly. These devices also work well as task lighting, so if you need more illumination in your work area, you can use ring lights with stands to achieve the desired effect.

Fewer Shadows and Less Glare

The diffused beam emitted by ring lights with tripods helps reduce shadows and glare in the area. By utilizing this device, you can create a well-lit environment conducive to productivity. You can also have a better experience filming videos or capturing photos with ring lights, especially if you prefer to be close to the subject.

Let’s say you’re pursuing portraiture. With the help of a ring light with a stand, you can illuminate your subject’s face, highlighting their natural features without adding too much contrast. The soft glow also ensures that they won’t be washed out.

Better Focus

Lastly, the illumination provided by ring lights with stands can help you stay focused on important things. Many models come with adjustable tripods, so you can easily direct the beam toward what you want to look at.

Say you’re taking photos of your shop’s products. If you don’t have a lightbox, you can use a ring light to light up the items evenly. You can also use the stand to position the ring light for better results.

It’s the same for when you’re live streaming. You can hang the ring light above your laptop and adjust it to get the perfect angle. This setup also works for live selling since the focused beam can help emphasize what you’re selling.

In addition, ring lights with stands can help create a sense of professionalism and engagement with your viewers. With these devices, you can ensure that what you’re talking about or what product you’re selling looks appealing in your viewers’ eyes.

Buy a Ring Light Today!

Ring lights with stands are some of the most effective lighting solutions on the market. They offer diffused, even beams that can illuminate any space. They are also highly accessible, given their simple design and affordable prices.

Due to these reasons, you can easily use ring lights in various settings. Photography and live streaming are popular choices, but you can also use these lights in everyday activities.

If you need ring lights with tripods for any of the listed purposes, Ecoshift Corporation is the shop to visit. We have years of experience working with lights, so our team can easily help you find what you need. Moreover, we provide services like lighting installation and deliveries for our clients in the Philippines. Contact us today so we can help you out!


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