Premium Solar Stud Steady Yellow Round

Product Code SSR-ST-YE-007
Body Materials Cast Aluminum + Thick PC Cover
Dimension Lamp Dia 135 x H 50 mm
Cuthole Dia 120 mm
Working Temp -20°c to 70°c
Pressure Resistance ‘<30 Tons
Max Weight 750g
IP Rating IP 68
Warranty 1 Year
Light Source 6pcs Super Bright Anti Fog LED Chip
Light Color Yellow
Visibility ≥ 800 Meters
Display Mode Steady Light
Solar Panel
Solar Panel Type Single Crystal Silicone
Power 0.63W / 2 VDC
Battery Type NI-MH
Output Voltage 1.2 VDC
Battery Capacity 600mah
Mounting Flush / Recessed


  • Product specifications and prices may change without prior notice depending on availability.
  • SRP may vary per e-commerce portal. 

Product Description

LED Road Stud Solar Powered

LED Road Stud Solar Powered also known as Road Reflector is designed to guide vehicles and pedestrians for directions. Powered by Solar Energy, it is more environmentally friendly and with a light feeling function, it automatically lights up when it turns dark. Guided by this light, people will be safe on the way. Our Road Stud  is rated as IP68 That is fully dust-tight and protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure, limited ingress protection. This item signifies our commitment to provide each and every household or business in the Philippines. As a result, access to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting alternatives set at reasonably low and affordable prices. For LED Strip Lights items, both indoor and outdoor, check out our LED Solar Street Lights and Street Lights product category. Need Product Recommendation or Design Inspiration for your projects? Check out our projects with featured products in our Completed Lighting Project page for ideas.

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