Want Inspiration on How To Illuminate Outdoor Areas? Here Are Some of Ecoshift’s Past Projects

Street lamps have been around since ancient times, but they weren’t as sophisticated as the lights used on public roads today. During the Roman era, wealthy people would put up oil lanterns to illuminate the front of their homes. This helped protect passersby from tripping accidentally over pebbles or from getting robbed by rogue criminals. The practice of manually lighting oil lamps that illuminate roads was in place for hundreds of years.

Nowadays, street lights are much more advanced. Most of them have state-of-the-art photosensors, so they can automatically turn on or off depending on the amount of light in their surroundings. Additionally, street lamps today use LED bulbs, which are more eco-friendly and durable.

However, even though these road lighting fixtures have evolved drastically over the years, their main purposes remain the same. Street lights are installed for a variety of reasons since they can help do the following:

  • Increase the safety of the roads by providing ample illumination during the evening.
  • Help people reach their destinations by shedding lights on the streets and pathways.
  • Offer a more comfortable ambiance while improving the aesthetic appeal of the highways, avenues, and other roads that people frequently use.
  • Reduce crime incidents that can happen when there’s poor lighting in an area.
  • Ensure people’s safety by preventing car crashes and other accidents or unfortunate circumstances that can occur because of insufficient illumination.

Here at Ecoshift Corporation, we can provide you with excellent street lamp pole installation anywhere in the country. Our company sells high-quality street lamp poles that will surely stand the test of time. We also offer LED light bulbs that you can attach to the posts. Feel free to contact us at Ecoshift today to learn more about our products and services.

Areas Where Ecoshift Helped Install Steel Poles

Over the years, Ecoshift has completed various lighting projects all over the country. Here are some of the places where we installed street lamp poles:

Top Poultry Facility

Ecoshift Project Top Poultry Facility Wholesale Prices and Discount LED Lighting Store in Philippines

Poultry farms require adequate lighting at night to keep the workers safe. Our team at Ecoshift was asked to install 300 lamp posts in a large poultry facility, and we accomplished the project with the exact specifications our client provided us with.

After completing the job, we were able to help their facility reduce carbon emissions while improving their lighting at night. Additionally, since we used LED lights, we are confident that they will most likely be able to keep their energy consumption at a minimum.

Clark Airport Tarmac and Parking Area

Clark Airport Tarmac or Parking 2021

Airport tarmacs require proper illumination to help with the navigation of the planes while landing or taking off. In the same vein, parking lots also need adequate lighting to prevent car crashes and other accidents. That’s why Ecoshift is proud to have completed a lighting project at the Clark Airport.

Our team installed mechanized lamp poles at Clark Airport’s tarmac and parking spaces. We take great pride in the fact that our lighting fixtures are made with advanced technology, making them easily configurable based on the lighting needs of the area.

Northern Luzon Roads

Ecoshift knows the importance of street lights, especially since they increase security at night and prevent accidents and crime. That’s why our team installed high-quality street lamps in different parts of Northern Luzon.

We used durable poles and long-lasting LED bulbs to ensure that the lamps we put up will stand the test of time. Additionally, solar-powered lights were chosen to help save funds on electricity.


Different Types of Street Lights Offered by Ecoshift

When installing new street lamps at any place, it’s imperative to understand the different street light bulb types available. After all, each of them has its own advantages, so be sure to do ample research on which kind best fits your requirements and preferences. Ecoshift offers the following types of street lights:

Cobra Street Lamps

These lighting fixtures are known for their unique appearance, which is typically oval with bulging sides. This shape particularly resembles the “hood” on the head of cobras, hence the name.

Many people believe that the distinctive appearance of cobra street lights is solely for aesthetic reasons, but that’s not entirely true. While the “cobra” shape is indeed crucial for making the fixtures look more appealing, it serves a deeper purpose than just that. In a way, this shape is highly effective in ensuring that the light beams are always pointing downwards where they are needed. The bulging sides are there to prevent the light from being spread upwards and being wasted.

Most cobra street lights are powered by LED, but there used to be other lighting options, including metal halide and high-pressure sodium. Cobra street lamps that use LED bulbs tend to consume less energy but shine brighter. They are also expected to last longer, even with minimal maintenance compared to the other options.

If you ever need cobra-shaped street lamps for your lighting project, feel free to get in touch with us at Ecoshift. We have a wide range of products to choose from, so there’s a high chance you’ll see one that suits your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

UFO Street Lamps

Short for unidentified flying objects, UFOs are well known for their circular dome structures and the wide glowing beams they are believed to emit. In the lighting industry, though, UFO lamps are a common type of luminaire with a round disc shape. These fixtures are usually installed outdoors or in high-ceiling spaces because they produce downward beams of light that can extend to about six meters.

UFO street lamps are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons. First, their shape provides a unique visual appeal to the place they’re installed in. More than that, though, UFO street lights are specifically designed to illuminate a wide area with just a single fixture. This helps save a lot of funds because you only have to use a few UFO street light units to cover a large space.

As with cobra-shaped street lights, UFO lamps are also powered by LED. This means these fixtures are incredibly durable and long-lasting. If properly taken care of, the bulbs can last for many years without becoming dimmer. Additionally, LED-powered UFO street lamps don’t use too much electricity and are quite eco-friendly.

Ecoshift is here to provide you with UFO street lights in case you need them. We have many products to offer, so feel free to browse through some of them to see if anything piques your interest. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today if you have any questions about the items we sell.

Rectangular Street Lamps 

A lot of street lamps today are rectangular because this shape is the simplest and arguably the easiest to manufacture. LED panels come in quadrilaterals, so light manufacturers no longer have to create unique-shaped housings for them. Additionally, rectangular lamps scatter light more efficiently, so a few of them can already help you illuminate a larger area.

Here at Ecoshift, we have quite a lot of options for rectangular street lamps. A few of the products you can buy from us are:

  • Traditional Street Lamps – The traditional street lamps we offer here at Ecoshift have LED bulbs. This means they consume less electricity than other bulbs, making them last for a long time, even with minimal maintenance.
  • Economy-Type Street LampsThese items are also powered by LED, so they’re already energy-efficient. However, economy-type street lights can even help you save more money because of their built-in motion sensors. With these devices, the lights will automatically turn on if there’s a person in the vicinity and then shut down when there’s no one around.
  • Premium Industrial Street Lamps – Like the economy-type lights, premium industrial street lamps are powered by LED and have built-in motion sensors. What sets them apart is the durability of their cases. The premium industrial street lamps we offer here at Ecoshift all come with aluminum housing, so they tend to be sturdier.

Ecoshift is here to provide you with high-quality LED products. If you ever need rectangular street lamps for your next lighting project, feel free to contact our team to learn more about our items for sale. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Solar-Powered Street Lamps

Solar-powered street lights are becoming more and more popular because they can help you save a lot of money. The solar panel is attached to the pole itself, and it will gather enough energy in the morning to keep the bulb properly lit up at night. This type of street light offers plenty of advantages, including the following:

  • Environmentally Friendly – Aside from being energy-efficient, LED solar street lights are environment-friendly. They transform light and heat energy from the sun into electricity, and they leave very little carbon footprint in doing so. After all, they emit no smoke or radiation, so they don’t contribute to the pollution.
  • Easy To Install – Most solar street lamps require no complex wirings during the installation process. However, even though these street lights are easy to set up, it’s still advisable to ask for assistance from experts. This way, you can rest assured that the units you put up around your area will function properly.
  • Durable and Safe – A lot of solar-powered devices, including street lights, have their energy regulator. This device prevents the influx of too much energy, which can sometimes cause the bulbs to break or malfunction. However, even though solar street lamps are quite durable, they still need proper maintenance. They have to be cleaned once in a while to prevent dust from gathering and causing problems. Also, it’s a good idea to call service technicians to check them from time to time.

If you want to install LED solar street lamps, contact us at Ecoshift. We have a wide catalog of products to choose from, and they’re all high-quality and durable. Reach out to our team today if any of the items available at our shop piques your interest.

Street Light Pole Designs You Can Get From Ecoshift

Ecoshift has different types of street lamp poles to offer. Here are some of the street light post designs you can use for your project:

Straight Type

The straight lamp poles we have here at Ecoshift are made of high-quality materials. They stand at 10 feet but, depending on your needs, they can be extended further to around 25 feet. It’s advisable not to stretch it too high if you’re only illuminating a small area. This way, the beams won’t be too diffused when it hits the ground that it’s supposed to shed light on. The straight type street lamp poles are the perfect option for rectangular or UFO lights since you can connect the wires and easily attach the luminaires to the post.

Single-Arm Type

Street lamps with a single arm are the right option if you have cobra-shaped lights. The fixtures can simply be fastened to the tip of the arm after connecting the necessary cables.

Single-arm street lamps are perfect for highways, wide avenues, and other main roads. The pole can be installed far from the street because they have a long arm protruding from the side. This way, cars and people passing by won’t accidentally crash into the post.

At Ecoshift, there are two kinds of single-arm street lamps available. You can choose the curved or the bracketed type. They are mostly the same, so you can pick which one is more visually appealing to you.

Double-Arm Type

As the name suggests, these street lamps have two arms protruding from either side of the pole. They are mostly installed on large highways, particularly on center islands, as they can illuminate both sides of the roads.

The double-arm street lamps we offer here at Ecoshift are 10-feet high, but they can be modified to around 25 feet. They are also made of high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that they’re durable and long-lasting.

Antique Type

If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing lamp poles, Ecoshift’s antique-type street lights might be the perfect option for you. They come in at least ten unique designs, and each of them is visually appealing and can easily complement their surroundings.

Antique-type poles are best installed in gardens, parks, and other areas that people frequent at night. The pole itself is made of aluminum and stands at over three meters. These lighting products come with a 30-watt LED light. You can change the bulb itself in case it gets damaged or if you want to use a brighter fixture.

Trust Our Team at Ecoshift To Install Street Lamp Poles in Your Area

If you’re looking for high-quality street lamp poles in the Philippines, Ecoshift is the right company to turn to. We have already installed street lights in multiple locations, and we are trusted by our clients all over the country. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to purchase lamp posts or check out some of our products.

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