Replacing Your Old Downlights at Home? These Tips Can Help

Replacing Your Old Downlights at Home? These Tips Can 


People consider their homes as their safe haven. They keep the place well-lit, buy the most beautiful pieces of furniture, and maintain every room by doing general cleaning from time to time. Indeed, coming home to a pleasant space every day has its benefits.

One of the ways you can maintain a good home is by making sure the house is properly lit all the time. Having appropriate lighting inside a house affects the mood of the people living in it, their mental and physical health, as well as their productivity. So, if you think picking good lighting products is not a major concern, you are mistaken. It is one of the most crucial parts of designing a home, and homeowners should take the task more seriously.

If you want to have a pleasant space to come home to every day, you can start by learning when and how to replace your old downlights in the Philippines. Ecoshift Corporation is a trusted LED downlights supplier in the Philippines, and we have prepared several tips for you. Read on to discover them.

When Should You Replace Your Downlights?

Downlights are common indoor lighting products that you can see inside a house in the Philippines. They are installed in the surrounding ceilings of bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms, illuminating the spaces downwards. Homeowners choose them as they give adequate lighting, and their minimalist design allows them to blend well with different architectural styles.

If you have been using downlights for quite some time now, you might be wondering how long they’d last and when is the right time to replace them. Here are some signs you should look out for:

External Damage

The best-priced downlights in the Philippines are durable and can function properly despite exposure to external elements, like dust, heat, and moisture. However, they are not immune from obtaining external damage, such as chips on the fixture’s surface and fractures on its glass casing.

Once you see such damage, experts recommend replacing the LED downlights with brand new ones. Light-emitting diodes contain materials such as lead and nickel; they might not be fatal when touched due to their small amount, but it is still best to take precautions. Furthermore, broken downlights will not function, and they may be hazardous as they can cut you.


One of the best features of downlights in the Philippines is that they are flicker-free. Unlike traditional lights such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and halogen lights, when downlights are turned on, they do not have a delay.

Once you see your LED downlights flickering, try to turn them off first and see if they are installed correctly. If they are, and the lights continue to flicker, it might be time to replace them with the best-priced recessed downlights available in the Philippines.

Fading or Dimming

LED downlights often have a life span of 50,000 hours. Depending on how frequently you use them and where they are placed, this life span can be extended or cut short. For instance, the downlights in the kitchen, where someone cooks every day, may fade faster than the downlights installed in bedrooms, where lights are often turned off.

Once your downlights start to fade or dim, they will deliver less illumination to the space they are installed in. Take that as a sign that they need a replacement.

How To Replace Your Downlights at Home


Replacing your old and busted downlights is relatively easy. Ecoshift Corporation actually encourages our clients to learn how to do this so that they can stock up on downlights and replace the old ones by themselves once they maximize their lifespan.

Turn the Switch Off

If possible, experts recommend turning off the main circuit breaker to ensure that no power can reach the outlet once you start replacing the lights. Touching lights that are still connected to live electric wires might electrocute you and result in fatal accidents. Furthermore, there are also instances where lights are still hot when touched, so switching off the breaker to cool them down first is a must.

Don’t Forget To Use Protective Gear

It is true that replacing downlights is easy. However, this does not mean you must be careless when doing so. Wearing protective gear is important as they protect you from electrocution and other electricity-related accidents. For instance, you must have insulated gloves, which will prevent electric current from traveling to your hands once you encounter short circuits or wiring issues. It is best to wear protective eye gear, too, to shield your eyes from any debris during the replacement process.

Remove the Existing Fixture Carefully

Once you are geared up, you can now remove the existing fixture. Be careful when doing so, especially when there are broken pieces from the downlights. The sharp edges can cut you and result in bleeding. Furthermore, do your best not to touch any part of the LED lights with your bare hands as they contain lead and nickel.

Install the New Downlights

After successfully removing the busted lights, it is time for you to install the new ones. Do this by carefully placing the new downlights in the ceiling and tightening their grip. Make sure they are from reliable lighting suppliers like Ecoshift Corporation so that you are confident that they have excellent quality and will last up to 50,000 hours.

Check if the Lights Are Working

Once you are done installing the downlights, you can switch the circuit breaker on again and see if the lights are working. If there are no issues, like flickering or dimming, then you have successfully replaced your downlights and can now enjoy brighter illumination inside your house.

Purchase New LED Downlights From Us

Ecoshift Corporation is a reliable supplier of downlights in the Philippines. We have served different clients, from big corporations to individual homeowners. So far, they have been satisfied with the quality of products we have delivered, as well as the customer service we have shown.

Once you choose us as your lighting supplier, rest assured that you can enjoy all the perks we offer, such as wholesale lighting prices, 24-hour after-sales services, and the best warranty policies.


Now that you know how to replace your old downlights, you can finally keep your home well-lit in order to create a beautiful place to stay and rest. If you are still not confident about changing your lights by yourself, you can always call an electrician to do it or ask your favorite downlights provider for guidance or tips.

If you are interested in Ecoshift Corporation’s products and services, feel free to send us a message!


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