Let There Be Light . . . Even in Times of Emergency!


Automatic emergency exit lights are essential building safety features because they help prevent injury and save lives. These fixtures are usually near an entrance or exit door, stairwell, or fire escape. Often part of an automated lighting system, they also allow occupants to see and find their way out of an enclosed area during an emergency.

The primary function of automatic emergency exit lights is to alert people about fires, gas leaks, smoke from toxic chemicals, or other dangerous situations. Every establishment should have a few installed to make sure that everyone within the property is safe during any kind of disaster.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line automatic emergency lights at amazing prices in the Philippines. We offer our products at wholesale prices, which means you can get the products you need in bulk at a lower rate.

A Need for Automatic and Rechargeable Emergency Lights

The best emergency lights in the Philippines are a necessity for various reasons because they help building owners achieve the following:

Lead People to Safety in Case of Emergency

The invention of automatic and rechargeable emergency lights is one of the most important developments in recent history. These fixtures are designed to provide people with a guide to follow in case of an emergency situation, like a power outage or fire. One can say that the best part about these items is they can be recharged using solar or electric power.

Continue Business Operations if Necessary

Emergency lights are designed to provide light when the power goes out. They are also rechargeable and automatic, which means that they will immediately turn on without someone having to press a button or flip a switch. Although it won’t be as possible when natural disasters strike, these fixtures can help businesses continue with their operations when there are sudden blackouts or brownouts.

Comply With National Laws

All private or public buildings, facilities, or structures are required by law to have emergency lighting systems in place. The regulations specify that these lights need to illuminate the floors of all exit pathways to values of not less than 10.7 lux. This means these products will turn on when the power is cut off for any reason, providing enough light to ensure people’s safety and security.

Which Establishments Should Have Emergency Lights Installed

Many business owners are on the lookout for automatic emergency lights at the best prices in the Philippines. Some of the establishments they hold titles to include:

Hotels and Resorts

Due to their high occupancy rates, hotels and resorts have a lot of emergency lights. These businesses often house tourists unfamiliar with the area, making these fixtures even more vital as they lead people to where they need to go during emergency situations.

Retail Stores

Emergency lights are needed to ensure the well-being of retail employees. Aside from this, these fixtures help customers who need assistance during times of crisis. Some stores even use these products to keep their inventory safe and secure during power outages or when they have to close early due to an unexpected event.


Medical facilities need emergency lights for a variety of reasons. One is to make sure doctors and nurses can find their way to where their patients are when the power is cut off. In addition, hospitals need these fixtures to help improve efficiency whenever disaster strikes, which improves the safety of patients, staff, and visitors alike.

Where To Place Emergency Lights

After purchasing LED emergency lights at the best prices in the Philippines, here are some areas where you can install them:


Placing emergency lights in your workspace can save you a lot of time and money. These lights are highly efficient and can provide light even when power is out. They are also relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a good investment for your company.


Emergency lights are typically placed in hallways and corridors for safety reasons. They can be used for protection from fire, theft, and medical emergencies, depending on the type of establishment . Furthermore, they provide a sense of security to those who are walking through the area at night.

Fire Exit Doors

Fire exits are the primary way of escape in case of emergencies. If you have a place with multiple fire exits, it is important to place these fixtures above each one to make escape routes easier to spot. This way, people can head towards these pathways whenever needed.

Buy the Best Emergency Exit Lights in the Philippines

In recent years, there has been a shift in preference toward LED emergency exit lights. These lights have become more efficient and have a longer lifespan compared to their fluorescent counterparts. The best place to buy these types of illumination products is at Ecoshift Corporation. Simply reach out to our team today to get a quote. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


The power grid can go down and cause mass panic due to the darkness this may bring in times of emergency. However, if you buy automatic emergency lights at the best prices in the Philippines, this won’t be a problem for you. With these fixtures, you can ensure that everyone on your property can safely evacuate. Feel free to get in touch with Ecoshift’s team today to learn more about how these products can be beneficial for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!


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