6 Factors That Affect the Price of LED Panel Lights in the Philippines

6 Factors That Affect the Price of LED Panel Lights in the Philippines

6 Factors That Affect the Price of LED Panel Lights in the Philippines


More and more people are interested in installing LED panel lamps in homes, office buildings, and other residential or commercial properties. They have a lot of benefits, and since they shine brightly, you only need to install a few to illuminate large areas.

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LED Panel Lights and Their Versatility

The best thing about LED panel lights is they are incredibly versatile. They can be used in almost any building and application—from residential buildings with limited space to commercial facilities with sprawling common areas.

The price is a major consideration for those who want to use LED panel lamps in the Philippines. However, since these fixtures offer many benefits, they remain popular among homeowners and entrepreneurs.

Things To Consider Before Buying LED Panel Lights in the Philippines

When purchasing new LED panel lights for your ceiling, there are a few factors you need to consider. Here are some of them:

Efficiency and Brand

Energy efficiency is one of the hallmarks of LED-powered products. However, efficiency levels can still vary depending on how each fixture is manufactured. That is why, before purchasing any item, it is best to check its energy consumption to see how much electric power you can conserve when using the product.

It is a good idea to choose among manufacturers that are known to make energy-efficient fixtures. A little research on the internet will help you learn which brands offer the most energy-efficient products.

Antistatic Level

When purchasing LED panel lights for your ceiling, it is best to check if it has electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. ESD refers to the release of static electricity when two electrically charged surfaces come in contact or rub against each other.

On a small scale, ESD is not that dangerous, but it can still cause a bit of discomfort. Additionally, it can interfere with the circuitry of electronic devices (including LED panel lamps) and cause irreparable damage.

To check if a lighting fixture has ESD protection, all you have to do is look at the box of the product. Search for certain symbols or labels that indicate whether the item is protected against ESD. If you do not see any labels or symbols, do not hesitate to ask the staff.


Wavelength refers to the physical characteristic which determines the overall color of light. It follows the colors of the rainbow. If the wavelength is around 700nm, a red light will be emitted. On the other end of the spectrum, blue or blue-violet light can be seen if the wavelength is about 400nm.

LED panel lights that glow a different color are typically sold at a higher price than white fixtures. This is because colored LED products are harder to manufacture.


LED lamps are marketed to last about 50,000 hours or approximately 6 years. That life span is determined by the quality of the materials used in making the product.

If low-quality materials are used, the product might not last that long. However, on the upside, such fixtures can be bought at a more affordable price.

Chip Size

The type or size of the chip used in making an LED fixture affects the overall price of the product. One of the most common types is the 3528 chip, which is about 3.5mm in length and 2.8mm in width. LED lights that contain this chip are bright enough to illuminate small- to medium-sized spaces.

There are also products that have the 5050 chip, which is around 5.0mm in length and 5.0mm in width. Because it’s bigger, it can emit brighter lights, making it perfect for illuminating larger areas. The downside, however, is that it is more expensive and consumes more electric power.

There are other chip sizes available out there. When finding one that fits your needs, it is best to consider the overall area of the room you want to illuminate.

Other Accessories

The number of accessories you purchase can increase the overall price you have to pay for your LED panel lights in the Philippines. Some of the add-ons you can buy are:

  • Replacement Covers – Some LED panel lamps have translucent covers made of a thin sheet of plastic or acrylic. They help protect the fixture from getting damaged by blunt force or exposure to external elements, like dust and moisture. If the covers get broken, be sure to get a replacement for them right away.
  • Dimmers – There are LED panel lamps that allow you to control their brightness level. To do that, however, you have to purchase a dimmer, which can be in the form of a remote controller or a switch with a dial. LED fixtures with dimmers can be quite costly, but they help you save on electricity in the long run.
  • Remote Controllers – Sometimes, you want to switch the lights on or off, but you are sitting comfortably on the couch. If you have a remote controller for your LED panel lamps, you do not have to get up to flick the switch manually. All you have to do is press a button on the remote, and your fixtures will switch on or off.
  • Diffusers – Diffusers are like panel lamp covers specifically made to scatter the light in multiple directions. They help get rid of glare and control the brightness inside the space. 
  • Smart Connection – If you have extra funds to spare, you can purchase LED panel lamps that can be connected to your phone. This way, you can simply download an app that allows you to switch the light on or off using your mobile device. The app may also have features that let you control the brightness, color, and other options.

Purchase LED Panel Lights From Ecoshift

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